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New Start

Guest standbyme

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Title: new start

Type of story: long fic

Rating: A

Main Characters: new guy Llewelyn plus regulars


Spoilers: no

Warnings: adult themes

Summary: Llewelyn a seemingly sweet innocent young guy shows up in Summer Bay briniging trouble with him.


Llewelyn walked into school on his first day.

"Mr Tallis, i persume" Barlett called.

Lew looked him up and down

"I though Hitchcock was dead"

A couple of people giggled.

"You need a uniform, come this way now"

"You're not gonna take me somewhere lock me in a room and force me to wear a sex slave outfit are you".


Lew followed Bartlett to his office.

"Here's a school uniform. You're expected to wear it"

Lew snatched it and went to walk away.

"And mr Tallis"

Lew turned around


"Make another smart remark like those two before and you'll find out my bite is worse that my bark. Now leave" Bartlett told him

"Tosser" Lew whispered to himself as he walked out"


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Lew walked into his first class and saw Miles

"Sorry i'm late" Lew told Miles

"Just take a seat next to Nicole" Miles told him

She whistled and glided her tongue slowly across her top lip.

"Everyone get to work, i'll be back soon" Miles said as he walked out.

"Wai..." Lew sang out

"It's ok, i'll help you" Nicole said moving closer as the rest of the class started to talk.

"Thanks" he said as she handed him her book.

"Read up to page 22 if you need help just ask" she told him and he started to read.

She sat back for a few seconds then leaned foward again.

"So do you need help yet".

"No not with the first two sentances no"

"So what's your name?" she asked

He stopped reading and handed back her book.

"Llewelyn" he told her

"So Llewelyn, where are you frombecause it seems like your not used to being in a classroom like this".

"My last school was a secluded rich private school" he snapped at her

"Oh i went to a private school too" Nicole said and smiled.

"So how'd you end up in a hole like this?" she asked him.

"Kirsty Phillips"


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Here's Llewelyn's back story.

Llewelyn was born with the name Claude Casey. And grew up in the outskirts of sydney. With his family under constant survaliance because of his fathers drug lord ties. His family was also caught in between a war with two crime bosses one which his father worked for. He had no education and was banned from every school in sydney. On the night of october 26 2005 his family was brutally slaughted in cold blood, Claude managed to escape but was raped a brutally beated leaving him to flee and change his name and lie about his pas (this being know when he lied to Nicole about going to a private school). After meeting Kane and Kirsty in New Castle where he was living on the streets at the time. Kirsty told him about Summer Bay and when he arrived she enrolled in school and found him a place to live with Irene.


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Lew woke up in an uncomftable bed, he knew wasn't his own

"Hey" Kirsty said sitting on the end of the bed

"Want breakfast?" she asked

Llewelyn groaned and sat up shaking his head.

"It's just breakfast" she told him

"Yeah and last night was just sex"


"I'm gonna be late for school"

"Can we talk later" she called

"Maybe i don't know


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Lew knocked on Krsty's caravan door.

"Hey, you ok?" she said

"Guess you want an explanation for this morning huh"

"You don't need t..."

"Did you ever hear of the Casey murders?" Lew asked her.

"Yeah apparently it was Manson like it and not like any hollywood movie. Well at least that's what the newspapers said".

"Yeah" he replied

"Didn't the youngest child get awa..." she stopped

"Oh my god" she said as she put her hand over her mouth.

"I can still hear the sound of my mothers neck snapping. And i'll never forget running down the road witha broken leg screaming out for help while everyone just laughed".

"How did you get away"

"I had this friend who lived down the road. He was like 10 or something. I hid in his house".


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