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Love At Summer Bay High

Guest Jack+Martha4Eva!

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Chapter 11:

"Jack" Martha called out to him trying to get him to stop and give her a chance to explain

she ran asfast as she could to catch up to him on the beach

"Jack please just stop"

He turned around and looked at her in the eyes

"What Martha? What could you possibly say that would make any of this better?"

She looked deep into his eyes all she could see was how much he was hurting and it was all her fault

"Jack please i was upset about what happened between us i was drunk and it was nothing ok i never felt the way i feel about you with anyone else, i love you Jack"

Jack just looked at Martha before running off down the beach leaving Martha sad and upset with tears falling down her cheek.


"Mattie can we talk?" Belle asked as she walked up to her best friends locker

"What about?"

"I know about you and Aden and how you ended up pregnant"

"He told you"

"Yeh and i just want you to know that im not upset or angry or mad or anything at you but i just dont get why you didnt telll me why you didnt let me be there for you or anyone else for that matter, does Lucas know?"

"No and he never will so please dont tell him"

"I wont but i think you should"

"Listen Belle dont be upset at Aden about it just forgive him it wasnt his fault he really loves you"

"Yeh well anyway we got to get to class before were late c'mon" Belle said smiling and walking down the corridor to her classroom.


"Aden can we talk?" Belle asked walking up to him and leaning against the lockers

"Why? what could you possibly say that you havnt already?" Aden said angrily

"Listen i came to apologise im sorry i was out of line the other day it wasnt your fault..." but before she could finish Aden cut her off

"Save it i dont wanna hear it" Aden said and with that he slammed his locker shut and headed down the hallway leaving Belle standing there wondering what had happened.

"Hey taylor" Drew said watlking up to her "Whats got you so down?Aden again?"

"Shut up Drew, dont you have somewere else to be"

"Nope, so wanna catch up later maybe do what we used to do best" Drew said checkily as he walked closer to her

"My place eight o'clock?"

"I'll be there" Drew said as he watched Belle walk away he had a smile on his face one that wasnt going away


"Hey Babe" Lucas said as he came up behind Mattie and wrapped his arms around her waist

"Hey" Mattie said turning around and giving Lucas a long passionate kiss

"Wow, what was that for?"

"Listen we needa talk, i have to tell you something and i dont think your gonna like it" Matilda said noticing it was starting to rain "come inside and i'll tell you" Mattie

As Lucas followed her inside it started bucketing down and not to long after that the thunder and lightning started

Its gonna be a long night he thought


As Martha was opening up a container of ice cream to drown her sorrows in there was a knock at the door she walked over and opened it and to her suprise seen Jack standing there soaking wet from the rain and out of breath

"Jack what are you doing here?" Martha asked

"I ran all the way here because i love you to" Jack said and with that he pulled Martha in for a long and deep passionate kiss


How will Lucas react when he finds out and are Drew and Belle back on??

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Chapter 12:

She twirled around in front of mirror she has on a short black flowy dress with a long silver necklace and matching shoes she grabbed her clutch from her bed and walked out to the kitchen

“I’ll cya later Irene” Belle called out to her

“Not so fast girly where do you think your going looking like that?”

“I’m meeting Drew” Belle said innocently

“Drew I thought you two broke up”

“We did, we are where just going out as friends”

“Ok love well have fun and don’t be home to late”

“Thanks bye”


Leah’s House

Knock knock

That must be Belle he thought so he walked over to the door and he stopped and did a double take in the mirror and quickly fixed his hair as he opened the door

“Hey baby you look gorgeous” Drew said

She looked at him up and down his hair his normal curly hair was a bit spike and he had on blue jeans and a black top which showed off his muscled arms and toned abs he was still as hot as ever she thought.

“You don’t look to bad yourself” she smiled as she let him give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Do you want a drink?” he asked as he walked over to the kitchen

“Sure” Belle said as she sat on the couch

He brang back a bottle of wine and two glasses as he sat down next to Belle he poured them a glass each “Here you go” he said handing her a glass

“What if Leah see’s?” Belle asked as she sipped her wine

“So what were just having some fun” Drew said smiling “So what happened between you and Aden?”

“Long story short he told me about what happened between him and Matilda and I freaked out but I went to apologise and he wouldn’t have a bar of it

so I guess were over” belle sighed and then went for more wine she shook the bottle “there’s none left”

“I’ll get some more” Drew said smiling and he walked off into the kitchen to get another bottle and he came back and refilled their glasses

“I’m really sorry about what happened with Aden” Drew said sounding sincere

“Thanks” Belle said smiling as she drank more wine before Drew took her glass and the bottle away from her

“I think you’ve had enough” Drew said smiling as he put the bottle and glass in the kitchen

“I don’t think so” Belle said happily clearly she was drunk she got up from the couch and started walking over to the kitchen to get more but stumbled over the chair and broke her heel and was about to fall before Drew swooped in and caught her

“I think someone needs to sleep” Drew said as he carried Belle to his bed and put a blanket on her

“Or we could do something else” Belle said cheekily as she pulled Drew down on the bed with her “stay here with me”

“Taylor your drunk” Drew said pulling away “I’m sleeping on the couch you can sleep here and hopefully it will were off soon”

He picked up a pillow and walked out of the room to the lounge room and layed down on the couch to try and sleep and before new it a petite figure was walking up to him


"Shhh" Belle said as she put her finger on his lip and sat on top if him it wasnt to long before Drew gave in and they started making out his hands were running up and down her back before Belle pulled away pulling Drew towards his room and closing the door behind them


"I cant believe it" Lucas said as he stood up in shock and disabelief

"Lucas im sorry it was after we had broke up i was sad i...i didnt no what i was doing"

"I....i...i just dont no what to say or how to react, why didnt you tell me?"

"We where broken up" Matilda pointed out

"Yeh but it didnt mean that i stopped caring about you or that i wouldnt of been there to help"

"Im sorry" Matilda said looking down in shame


"Hey babe" Nicole said walking up to Geoff and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek

"Hey" Geoff said smiling

"Listen what are you doing tonight you free? i kinda have something planned for us" she said while playing with his school tie

"Just some homework, what time?"

"My place 7'oclock, dont worry Roman wont be home he's in the city for a while" and with that she gave him a kiss and walked off "dont be late" she yelled back


oh my god she couldnt believe it she had slept with drew she looked over at him peacefully sleeping next to her i've gotta get out of here she thought she quickly threw on her clothes and left quickly


She snuck in quietly hoping that Irene wouldnt see only to close the door and to turn around and see Irene standing there

"Where have you been girly?" Irene said crossing her arms

Belle jumped "I umm fell asleep at Drews"

"Well dont do it again and that better be all if i find out that you two were up to no good then your grounded, understood?"

"Yeh" Belle said nervously she hoped Irene wont find out the truth

"Good now you have a visitor waiting for you in your room"

"Ok thanks" Belle said as she walked to her room she was shocked to see who it was "Aden?What are you doing here?"

"I came to apologise listen Belle im really sorry"

"Well sorry doesnt cut it" she said closing the door and walking over to Aden

"I was upset the other day thats why i was angry when you came to talk to me, please Belle just give us another chance" Aden pleaded

She looked into his eyes how could she say no them? "I don't know Aden"

"I came to apologise last night but you werent home where were you?"

"I...uhh was at um Drews"

"Drew?" Aden said as his eyes light up "Did anything happen between you to?" Aden asked

"Do you really want to no?" Belle asked

"I guess not, i have an idea why dont we just put the past behind us and start fresh?"

"I dont know Aden" she said

"A fresh start is what we need Belle" he said as he walked over to her "For us?" he asked as he was facing her

"I want to be with you Aden but its just so complicated right now i dont know what i want anymore" she said looking down he grabbed her chin and gently lifted it to face his face

"All i know is that i want you" he said as he gave her a gentle soft kiss before looking deep into her eyes "I want you to" Belle said smiling as Aden leant in and gave her a more intense kiss before picking her up and carrying her over to the bed


"Hey Mattie" Martha said smiling as she walked over to her friends locker "wheres Belle?" she asked

"Hey, i dont know i seen her at the diner with Aden before but thats it" Mattie said while she closed her locker "C'mon we have to get to class"

"Hey guys wait up" Belle said calling after Mattie and Martha they both turned around to see Belle running towards them she finally caught up and she was huffing and puffing like mad

"Whats wrong with you?" Martha asked

"Aside from the fact i ran here i havnt been feeling to well lately i think i have the flu or something"

Next Chapter:

Is Belle sick?

What happens between Geoff and Nicole?


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Chapter 13:

She had all the candles lit the lights dimmed a picnic rug layed on the floor with food and two wine glasses filled with sparkling apple juice she had the most beautiul dress on her hair was perfect and her make-up had taken her forever to do, she sat down waiting for geoff it was nearly 7 where was he? she thought he was always early.


"Irene, Annie im going out i'll be home later" Geoff said as he put his jacket on and walked to the door as he opened it he was stunned as he seen someone he hadnt seen in a long time


"Hi Geoff" Melody said smiling as she stepped in and gave him a hug

"What are you doing back?"

"Im transferring back to summer bay high so i get to go to school with you and Annie again isnt that great" she said smiling

"Yeh listen sit down i'll get Annie for you" Geoff said gesturing her to sit down on the chair "ANNNNNNIE" Geoff screamed out "MELODYS HERE" and with that Annie came running down the stairs and gave her former best friend a hug

"Im so glad your back i didnt think you were coming until next week"

"I know but i thought i'd come a bit earlier" Melody said smiling

"Wait you new she was coming back and you didnt tell me?" Geoff said looking hurt

"I didnt think she was coming back till next week so i was going to tell you then" Annie said "I'll go finishing setting up your bed talk to Geoff while im gone"

"Wait she staying here two?"

"Yep" Annie said as she walked up the stairs

"Gee, well any other suprises i should know about?"

"Maybe you should sit down?" Melody said pulling out the seat next to her

"I cant i've got to meet Nicole"

"Oh how is the wicked witch of the west?" Melody asked

"She's good, i really should go"

"I'll cya later than have fun" Melody said putting on a fake smile


"Hey Nic sorry im late" Geoff said bursting into her house to see Nicole sitting alone on the couch clearly pissed off

"Ever heard of something called knocking there is a door for a reason ya know" she said pointing out

"Yeh i know im sorry im late" Geoff said as he sat down next to Nicole on the couch

"15 minutes is late not an hour

"I got caught up with something"

"Care to elaborate?"

"Melodys back and shes kind of staying at Irenes with me and Annie"

"She's what?" Nicole said standing up "So instead of having a romantic evening with your current girlfriend your chatting it up with your physco ex?"

"Nic its not like that ok i was on my way to you and she just showed up but thats not the point dinner looks great" he said smiling trying to lighten the situation

"Yeh if you love cold spaghetti, look Geoff i think you should just leave" Nicole said walking over to the door and opening it

he didnt want to leave but he didnt want to argue so he walked over to the door and tried to lean in and give her kiss but she shrugged him off "You know i love you right"

"Just go" Nicole said shoving him out the door and closing it behind him.


"Hey babe ready for tonight" Aden said as he walked into the kitchen of the diner and wrapped his arms around Belle's waist

"Whats tonight" Belle asked confused

"Its our two month anniversary from when we started fresh" Aden smiled as he kissed her neck

"Oh i dont know i have an appointment with Rachel after work"

"Rachel?Why whats wrong? are you still feeling sick?" Aden asked worried

"Yeh i think i have gastro or something i havnt been able to keep food down for a while"

"Ok well call me when you get out we'll grab a bite to eat after it" Aden said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek

"Hey i might go now can you take over for me for now please?"

"Sure thing babe" Aden said as he picked up an apron and tied it around his waist

"Thanks" Belle said she gave Aden a quick kiss before running off to the hosipital


"Hey Rach" Belle said as she walked into the hospital she seen her sitting down drinking a cup of coffee

"Oh hi Belle your early" Rachel said standing up "C'mon lets go into one of the rooms" Rachel said as she walked into the first room "Take a seat" Rachel said as she sat down on the chair across from where Belle was sitting

"So i heard you havnt been feeling well" Rachel asked

"Yeh i thought it was just a bug or something but i havnt been feeling welll for about two months"

"It looks live you've gained a bit of weight" Rachel said Belle didnt no whether to take it as a compliment or not everyone was always telling her she needed to put on weight "Are there any chances that you may be pregnant?" Rachel asked

"What no im on the pill theres no way"

"Maybe we should take a test to be sure"

"Ok whatever" Belle said trying to act calm but deep down she was a bundle of nerves, what if she was really pregnant?


"Hey your home early" Aden said as he closed the magazine that he was reading on Belle's bed "Listen i thought that since we have a sac tomorow that we should study and maybe celebrate another night"

"Yeh whatever" Belle said as she sat down on the bed

"Whats wrong?" Aden asked

"I have some news" Belle said

"What kind of news? good or bad?"

"Honestly it just depends on how you take it" she took a deep breath before the words just spilled out of her mouth "Im pregnant"

"Your what?"

"Im pregnant" Belle said for a second time

Next Chapter:

Are Nic and Geoff over for good?

Who's the father of Belles baby?

The next chapter will be the last chapter i'll be doing a sequel so all the unresolved questions will be resolved in the sequel :D


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So Sorry that it took so long to update but its finally here the last chapter it has a lot of questions left unanswered but will be answered in the sequel:)

Hope you like it

Chapter 14:

"I heard your knocked up" Drew said walking up behind Belle while she was at her locker"

"How did you find out" Belle said as she turned around to face her ex

"That doesnt matter right now but i have a question" he took a deep breath before blurting it out "Am i the father?"

"What no thats impossible we havnt....omg" Belle said as she realised what had happened two months ago

"So am i?" Drew asked impatiently

"I....uh...i dont know"

"How can you not know Taylor, does Aden know about that night?"

"No and your not going to tell him, listen i uh needa go clear my head" Belle said walking off before Drew grabbed her arm and pulling her back face to face with him

"You have to find out who the father is Taylor its not fair to me or Aden" but Belle didnt listen she just looked at him and continued walking off


He had the room set up perfectly it was the perfect setting he made plans for Irene Geoff and Annie even Melody to go out to Yabbie Creek for the night so him and Belle could have the place to themselves he pulled out the ring from his jacket pocket he opened it she was going to love the ring all he had to do was sit and wait for Belle to come home school finished over four hours ago where was she?

"Im home" Belle said as she burst in the door dropping her bag on the floor and her keys on the table before looking up and seing Aden dressed up and the place looking gorgeous with candles lit every where "Whats this for?"

"I love you Belle, and i wanna be here for you and for the baby" Aden said walking over to her

"I love you two" Belle said not quite sure what was going on but before she could think Aden was down on his knee and grabbing her hand

"Will you marry me" Aden said as he pulled out the ring


"Hey Nic" Geoff said walking up to Nic's locker, she turned and looked at him before slamming her locker door shut and turning the other way before Geoff grabbed her arm and stopped her

"Nic i said i was sorry c'mon dont be like this, why dont we go for lunch and talk?"

She gave him one look before opening her mouth "I dont think so" Nicole said before giving him one last dirty look before walking down the hallway to her next class.

"What's up with her?" Matilda asked looking at Geoff he was clearly distraught "Didnt take her happy pills this morning" Mattie said with a smile on her face

Geoff just sighed "She's angry because i was late for dinner because i was hanging out with Melody and i tried apologising and asking her to lunch but she just wont listen, she's being jealous when theres no reason to be"

"Hey, do you wanna go to lunch later maybe i can help you figure out a way for you to get her to come around" Mattie asked

"Yeah that'd be great thanks" Geoff said smiling "I'll meet you at your locker after class" Geoff said before waving goodbye and going to his biology class.


"Irene can we talk?" Belle asked sitting on the couch gesturing Irene to sit down next to her

"What have you done now girly?" Irene said sitting on the couch next to Belle

She took a deep breath before coming out with it "Im....im pregnant and engaged to Aden" Belle said impatiently awaiting Irenes reaction

"Oh girly i dont whether to be shocked or happy for you im a bit of both, i always new you to would get married but pregnant aswell?Thats a lot to handle love but im going to be here for you everystep of the way"

"Thankyou so much Irene" Belle said hugging her

"Im so proud of you, that your actually stepping up this is the most mature i've ever seen you and for that im truly proud of you"


"Your late" Drew said as he watched Belle walk towards him in the hosiptal corridor

"Yeah i know im sorry i got caught up i was talking to Irene"

"Nice ring" Drew said looking at her the ring on her left hand finger "So your marrying Aden now?Does he even know theres a chance the babys not his?"

"Lets just get this test over and done with the baby will be Adens" but before finishing her sentence Belle took a long deep breath "It has to be..." Belle said as her and Drew walked into the room.


"I cant believe it" Mattie and Martha said both in utter shock

"Im happy for you and all but Belle isnt that a lot to take on especially now that your in VCE" Mattie said

"Yeah but everything happens for a reason right i mean i always new that i would end up marrying Aden he's the love of my life but it all just happened sooner rather then later"

"Well if your happy then where happy" Martha said smiling "I just cant believe your getting married, have you set a date or anything yet"

"I know well i want it to be soon preferable before i get to big i dont wanna look fat...well pregnant in my wedding dress i wanna look normal so i was thinking before the months out?"

"You wanna get married in TWO weeks?" Martha exclaimed

"Hopefull yeah"

"You cant plan a wedding in two weeks"

"Well i just want something small maybe by the beach just with close family and friends i dont want a big wedding with like two hundred guests who half of them i havnt seen in years"

"It ok we will be here to help" Mattie said smiling before looking down at her watch "Shoot i gotta go im meeting Geoff for lunch i'll cya later" Matilda said running out of the classroom

"Ok cya" Belle and Martha called out

"Lets start planning this wedding, shall we?" Martha said to Belle who was smiling she couldnt believe she was getting married in two weeks


It was the day of the wedding and so far the day was running smoothly and Belle had recieved the best wedding present of all someone had flown in Amanda and Ryan to be at her wedding she was pretty sure it was Aden.

Irene,Annie,Geoff,Colleen,Leah,Charlie and Roman where helping set things up down at the beach for her beach wedding nothing good go wrong today and she was determined to not let anything ruin it not even Drew

"Hey the cars almost here you ready?" Martha said walking in Belle's room she had on a long white dressed that hugged her figure perfectly "Wow you look amazing"

"Thanks" Belle said smiling

"I did her hair" Amanda pointed out while Belle let out a little laugh

Knock knock

"Come in" Belle called out she soon regretted saying those words as the figure standing in her bedroom doorway was none other then her ex boyfriend Drew

"Can you give us a minute?"Belle asked as Martha and Amanda stepped out of the room

"What are you doing here Drew?" Belle asked putting one hand on her hip

"I see you got my wedding present" Drew said referring to Amanda

"Wait that was from you?"

"Yeah i wanted you to have the perfect wedding day even after all thats happened i still love you and i know that you cant have the perfect wedding day without your mum here or Ryan, i also have another suprise for you i've picked up the paternity papers from the hosipital"

Belle had a tear in her eye "Thankyou" Belle said giving Drew a hug

"Your welcome, now you better go before your late for your own wedding" Drew said pulling away from Belle and giving her a smile

"Hey Belle the cars here" Matilda said walking into Belle's room

"Well better not keep Aden waiting" Drew said gesturing for Belle to go "We'll talk later"


She got out of the limo with Matilda and Matha behind her in there gorgeous torquoise dresses the music started playing it was time for Belle to walk down the aisle to finally get married she was glad that it was done sooner her baby bump was starting to become visible but its a good thing she got the dress to drape over her stomach so you couldnt tell, as she walked down the aisle she looked around at the guests, at the blue sparkling ocean with the waves gently crashing on the sand, the gorgeous clear sky and her adorable husband to be Aden he looked so hot in a tux.

As she reached the altar she couldnt stop smiling neither could Aden

"We Gather here today to bring this man and women in holy matrimony if anyone disagrees witht his marriage speak now or forever hold your peace"

"Can we skip straight to the vows?" Aden asked the priest "Sure"

"Belle your the love of my life my best friend my soulmate the other half of me without you i wouldnt be the person i am today, we didnt have the smoothest of begginings but after we got all over that after all the tears where shed the breakups the hookups after we got over that it helped shape us it helped us love each other more and more, you changed me Belle for the better and for that im truly grateful"

"Aden,i always had a crush on you even though i never admitted it but i couldnt hide it for long you swept me off my feet i had been in love before but i had never felt love the same way i did with you, you've been there for me in good times and in bad as i have for you. We share a love that only we know of and we are truly lucky to have that i love you Aden"

"Do you Aden take Belle Taylor ro be your wife?Do you promise to look after her in good times and in bad in sickness and in health?" the priest asked

"I do" Aden said putting the ring on Belles finger

"Do you Belle take Aden Jefferies to be your husband?Do your promise to look after him in good times and in bad and in sickness and in health?"

"I do" Belle said as she put the ring on Adens finger

"You may kiss the bride" the priest said and with that Aden pulled Belle in for there first kiss as a married couple everyone started clapping Belle and Aden pulled away from each other to look at there family and friends Belle couldnt help but smile the day was perfect everyone was so happy

She looked over at Martha and Jack they looked so in love,Geoff and Nicole had made up but remained friends as Geoff started dating Matilda,Matilda and Lucas had resolved there issues and remained close friends, Annie and Jai were dating and Nicole had started dating someone new but the guy was still a mystery everything was just perfect she didnt things could get any better when all of a sudden she felt her baby kick she put her hand on her stomach then grabbed Aden's hand and placed it on her stomach aswell they looked into each others eyes there love was something that could never die.

So there it is the last chapter i hope you all like it if i get enough good reviews i'll have the sequel up soon (Still trying to think of a name for it lol)

Please Review :)


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