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Love At Summer Bay High

Guest Jack+Martha4Eva!

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Hey Guys im Natalie //Nat im kinda new to this so it might not be to good i dunno lol well enjoy:)

Story Title: Love at Summer Bay High

Type of story: S/M Fic

Main Characters: Jack and Martha Aden Belle Nicole, Geoff

BTTB rating: T

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: Yes....i think

Any warnings:

Summary: Ok well the other characters in this fan fic are Tasha,Robbie,Drew,Lucas,Matilda ,Annieand prob just the rare ocassion of Irene,Leah,Roman,Tony,Rachel.

Well in this fic Jack Martha Aden Belle Nicole Tasha Robbie Drew Lucas Matilda are all 18 and in yr 12 at Summer Bay High

Martha has returned back to summer bay after 4 years she left when she was in yr 8. Jack was in love with Martha and still is but does she love him back?

Belle has broken up with Drew and trys to hide her true feelings for Aden but Aden will do whatever it takes to get Belle off Drew forever.

Lucas and Matilda are dating in this fic and someone from Martha's past returns and the perosn is connected to Jack but who is he and what does he want?

Chapter 1:

Martha looked at her self in the mirror she was back to wearing the red school dress, she had hated it before and she still does.

It was her first day back at Summer Bay High since 4 years ago when she moved away to the city but for some reason she decided to come back it was never exactly lear to her why and especially during year 12 it was one of the busiest and hardest year of her life.

She picked up her school bag and an apple then left to go to school.


Martha walked along the beach on her way to school when she seen Tasha in the distance "TASH" she sreamed as loud as she could and started running to meet up with her Tasha did the same.

They finally reached each other and hugged "I missed you so much Mac" Tasha said as she hugged Martha " I missed you to" Martha said she then pulled away from the hug "We should get going to school i dont want to be late back" Ok Tasha replied as they started walking towards the school.

You've missed out on so much Mac want me to fill you in on the goss before we get to school?Tasha asked Martha, Martha just looked at Tash and then said Surely nothing major happened while i was gone but i have a question is Jack still single?

Tasha giggled then replied "I thought you didnt like Jack" I dont. Tasha laughed Mac i think you should give him a go this time not just one date make him fall for you and leave the bay!!

Martha just looked at Tash then she spoke "Just forget i ever asked" Martha spat angrily and walked off to school


Jack, Aden, Geoff, Nicole, Belle, Robbie walked down the hallway together everyone was staring at them they were the popular group and according to them they ruled the school.

Belle slammed her locker shut and turned around to see Aden write behind her staring and smiling. "What?" Belle said standing there with her hands on her hips.

Aden just stood there not saying anything then leant in to give her a kiss.

Eugh Belle said as she pushed Aden off her "What exactly do you think your doing" Belle said angrily trying to cover up the fact that she actually wanted it.

I no you want me Belle. Aden said with a smirk on his face.

Keep dreaming Aden" Belle said then walked off.

Aden just stood there and couldnt help but smile then walked off to class.


Martha walked up the hallway looking around at how much everything has changed, she just couldnt believe what she was seeing then she looked straight ahead and seen Jack he noticed her to there eyes met, but then Martha broke the gaze and turned away.

"MARTHA" Jack called out and ran up to her "I didnt no you were coming back"

"Well now you do" Martha said putting on a fake smile

"Well i was thinking how about we go to the diner and catch up for lunch"

"You were thinking wow thats a big suprise Jack" Martha said and then walked off.

Jack just stood there stunned


Jack walked back to his group of friends.

"Anyone no whats wrong with Martha she's angry at me i dont even no why"

"Mate dont you remeber what happened before she left?" Geoff asked Jack.

"Nothing it was all just a misunderstanding and i thought we had sorted things out before she had left"

Then Nicole walked up and gave Geoff a kiss on the cheek

"Hey babe" Nicole smiled.

"Hey" Geoff answered. "Oh and Jack maybe just try and talk to Martha" Geoff said then walked to class with Nicole.


Why is Martha so angry at Jack?

Will Belle give into Aden? And what secret is Matilda hiding?

Please tell me whatt you guys think

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Sorry it took so long but its finally here:)

Chapter 2:

Belle walked up to Matildas locker and leant against the wall she had noticed Matilda looked different had she lost weight?

"Aden is such a jerk"Belle sighed

Matilda just looked at Belle then replied "And that suprises you because??"

Then Martha walked up

" I hate Jack" Martha said as she leant agains the wall

"Why" Belle asked curiously

Suddenly Matilda just slammed her locker door shut which made Belle and Martha jump

"Would you two just grow up and get over it there just guys" She said as she stormed off down the hall

"Whats her promblem?" Martha asked Belle

"No idea" Belle said standing there shaking her head.

Then the bell rang and they had to get to class


Martha sat down at the front table while Belle went to sit at the back next to Drew her ex but now they were just friends. Then Aden walked up to her standing write in front of her so she couldnt get to her table

Belle just glared at him "Out of the way Aden"

"Oh and were are your manners?"Aden asked with a cheeky smile on his face.

"I guessed i left them at home right were you left your brain!"

"Feisty i like that" Aden smiled

Belle sighed then turned around and walked to the front and sat next to Martha and Aden went to sit next to Drew

"She's hot" Aden said to Drew

"Yeh she is but she'll never go out with you so just let it go mate" Drew said to Aden

"She wants me i no it and she knows it" Aden said with a smirk on his face

Then Jack walked in and sat next to Aden.

"The prom is soon"

"So?" Aden replied staring at Jack

"Its the perfect time for me to ask Martha out again and you can ask Belle they will have to say yes* Jack said with a smile on his face

Then Drew cut in "What makes you think there going to go out with you i stand more of a chance then you guys"

Then before Jack or Aden could protest the teacher walked in


School had finished and Martha was walking home by her self then Jack came up to her interupting her thoughts

"Hey Martha"

"Hi" Martha replied

"So the prom is coming up soon"

"Yeh i no" Martha said looking away to the ocean

"Well....."Jack paused then continues "Would you like to ome with me?"Jack asked curiously

At first Martha just stood there "Jack i dont think its a good idea if we do this"

"Do what?" Jack asked with a confused look on his face

"Us!I didnt work out before it wont work out now" Martha said taking in a deep breath

"Martha please it was 4 years ago, just give us another go" Jack begged

Martha looked into Jacks eyes she just couldnt say no but she new she couldnt say yes

"I'll think about it"


Matilda walked in the door and through her school bag on the floor and went straight to the fridge to eat then sat on the couch watching t.v.

Then Luc walked in "Hey" He said as he sat next to Matilda and gave her a quick kiss on the cheak.

"Hey" Matilda said with her eyes still glued onto the t.v.

"Well how about we go out for dinner tonight to the diner just the two of us"

"Can't have homework" Matilda said still not looking anywere near Luc

"What about tomorow night?" Lucas asked curiously

"Maybe" Matilda said

Lucas started to get really annoyed

"What is wrong Mattie?"

"Nothing, what makes you think theres something wrong?" Matilda asked simply

"You cant even look me in the eye you havnt talked to me since over a month ago i thought everything was fine we were going great"

"Yeh well im talking to you now arent i?And nothings wrong "Matilda said angrily then got up and walked to her room and slammed the door behind her

Lucas just sat there stunned.


Belle was working at the Den and was clearing the tables everything was nice and quiet until Aden walked in.

Oh great Belle muttered to herself.

"Hey" Aden said walking up to Belle

"What do you want Aden" Belle asked standin there with her hands on her hips.

"I came to ask you if you wanted to go to the prom with me?" Aden asked

"And what makes you think i would go to the prom with you or anywere for that matter?" asked Belle

"C'mon Belle you know you want to"

Then Belle whispered in Adens ear "Not even if you were the last guy on earth!" Belle whispered then patted Adens shoulder and walked off

Aden just couldnt help but smile then he turned around to see Geoff staring at him

"What are you staring at bible boy?" Aden asked

"Its just funny how you keep getting rejected my Belle" Geoff said smiling

"Well its not like your going out with one and you have a crush on Nicole when are you gonna realise that she doesnt genuienly like you she just flirts with anyone and everyone" Aden said harshly then stormed off


What happened a month ago with Mattie and Luc?And will Belle reconsider going to the prom with Aden?

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I dont really like this chapter but anyway....

Chapter 3

Aden walked up to Belle in the school corridor

"Have you thought about going to the prom with me?"

"I already told you no" Belle replied

"C'mon i no you want me just say yes" Aden said with a smirk on his face

"Whatver helps you sleep at night" Belle said tryin to walk past Aden


"You want the truth Aden, im not going out with you because your practically a chick magnet and only care about one thing!And we both no what that is"

"You cant talk Belle look at what you've been with Ric,Drew,Drew again Lucas oh and Drew again not that any of them lasted long!"

"Atleast i had relationships you just have one night stands with random girls" Belle shot back

"Well if you and me got together it can last longer than a night" Aden said with a smirk on his face

"Oh you are so discusting" Belle said with a discusted look on her face.

"C'mon just come to the prom with me theres no one else for you to go with and it is tonight so what do you say"

"Uh fine dont make a big deal about it"

"You want me" Aden said as he leaned closer to Belle he caressd her lips then leant in to kiss her, before Belle slapped Aden across the face and walked off.


"Whats with you and Aden?" Martha asked Belle


"I dont no why you just didnt let him kiss you i no i would" Martha said staring into space

"Oh please you would let that jerk kiss you"

"I seen the way you look at him maybe tonight at the prom you and him will....." But before Martha could finish her sentence Belle cut her off

"Dont even say it" Belle said giving Martha a dirty look


Nicole was getting ready for the prom when Aden walked in

"Hey who are you going to the prom with bible boy?"Aden asked

Nicole spun around and walked up to Aden "I can go withh you if you want" Nicole said with a flirty smile

"Im going with Belle"

"Im sure you are" Nicole said with a smirk on her face


Music was blasting and everyone was dancing besides Aden and Nicole who were sittin down together both waiting for there dates to arrive.

"She's not gonna come you no"

"She will" Aden said confidently

"Aden serioulsly she wont we might as well just have some fun" Nicole smiled and then started kissing Aden

While Aden and Nicole were kissing Belle just happened to walk in and scanned the room for Aden and seen him kissing Aden she walked over got a drink bottle then stormed over to Aden and poured it on him

"Your such a jerk" Belle said than stormed out

"Belle wait" Aden said as he got up and ran after Belle

"Just leave me alone Aden"

"Belle please i can explain" Aden protested

"Explain, explain what?! How you can go and kiss Nicole, you discust me Aden i cant even bare to look you in the eye right now" Belle said angrily.

"Wait so you do like me dont you?"

"Oh Aden please when will you get over yourself?!"

"Then why are you so angry because i was kissing Nicole" Aden asked

"Just forgot it" Belle said then turned around but then Aden pulled her into him and leant down and kissed her and she kissed him back.

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Chapter 4

It felt like everything was falling into place that everything was how it should be until Belle pulled away from the kiss.

"Is something wrong" Aden asked Belle


"Well in that casae then..." Then he leaned in to kiss Belle when all of a sudden his phone went off BRING BRING

"One sec" Aden said reaching to his pocket and answering his phone


"What!? ok i'll be there right away" He hanged up his phone then gave Belle a quick kiss on the cheek

"Where are you going?"Belle asked curiously wondering who was on the other line on the phone.

"I have to go im really sorry but i'll come by and pick you up for school tomorow morning ok"

"Ok bye"

"Bye" Aden said then rushed off into the distance

Belle was sitting on the couch in the corner of the room drinking alcholol so Drew went over and sat next to her

"Hey" Drew said and smiled


"Are you ok?" Drew asked

"Why do you care" Belle said while finshing off the bottle of alcholol

"I care about you Belle"

"Pfft thats a new one"

Drew then turned her head to face his and kissed her she of course being drunk didnt realise what she was doing so she kissed him back


"You look gorgeous" Jack said to Martha

"Thanks you dont look to bad yourself" Martha said with a smile

"Wanna dance?"Jack asked holding his hand out to Martha

"I'd love to" Martha said getting up

They danced for ages until finally sitting down to take a rest Martha looked at the time

"I have to go" Martha said getting up

"What why?" Jack asked gettin up aswell

"I promised grandad i'll be home by ten thirty"

"Well can i atleast walk you home? Jack asked



They reached the door of the diner flat

"I had a good time tonight:

" Me two" Martha said

Everything was silent for a couple of seconds until Martha broke the silence

"Well Bye"

Then Jack leaned in to give Martha a kiss but instead she gave him the cheek and quickly turned around and went inside leaving Jack standing there


Belle woke up with the with the sun shining through the window not wanting to get up she rolled over to the other side and her eyes flew wide open as she seen a dark headed male figure lying right next to her she looked under the covers and she was stark naked she shot out of bed and found her clothes and quickly put them on then went and to wake up Drew, she kicked him and he woke up

"You have to leave now" Belle ordered

"What am i doing here?Did we uh?" Drew asked

"I think now get out now before Aden comes"

"Awesome" Drew said with a smile

"No not awesome! Now get out now" Belle said pointing to the door

"Fine" Drew said getting up and walking to the door

Belle opened the door for Drew to leave and on the other side was Aden standing right there

"Aden what are you doing here?" Drew asked

"I could ask the same thing Drew, Belle what the hell is this!?" Aden asked demanding an explanation

"Aden im really sorry i was drunk and..i didnt mean it"

"Unbelievable"Aden said angrily and stormed off

"ADEN WAIT!!" Belle called after Aden but he just ignored her and kept on walking.

Drew just laughed

"You shut up and get out now" Belle said pushing Drew out the front door


She was crying so hard, she couldnt believe what had happened she never thought it would end up like this, she looked around she was in the hospital then Rachel handed her something covered in a blue blanket

Then Matilda awoke and sat up in her bed and ran her fingers through her hair she then got up and walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water


Can Aden forgive Belle?And what secret is Matilda hiding?

Please let me no what you think

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Chapter 5

Aden sat on the warm sand staring out into the ocean when Belle walked up and sat next to him

"Hey" Belle said with a smile

But Aden just ignored her

Belle sighed she hated Aden being mad at her "Listen im really sorry"

"Whatever Belle"

"Aden im sorry it..it was a complete mistake after you left i started drinking and i drank wayy to much but if you didnt leave then this proberly never would of happened"

"Dont you dare try to blame it on me"

"Well why did you leave" Belle asked

"Its none of your business"

"What did you go see Nic?"

"No and kissing her was a mistake and if you must no i went to see my father he's in hospital" Aden said getting up

"Im sorry i had no idea"

"I dont need your sympathy" Aden said then walked off down the beach


"Hey Belle"

Belle stopped in her tracks and walked over to Martha and leant against her locker "Hey did you have fun at prom?" Belle asked

"Mmm it was alright what about you did you have fun?"Martha asked

"Well if you call hooking up with your ex while your with another guy then yeh"

Martha just stared at her shocked she couldnt believe what she had just heard

"Wait wait wait let me get this straight you slept with Drew when you just got with Aden?"

"Yeh but i was drunk so its not like it meant anything i just have to get Aden to see that, anyway how are you and Jack going?"

"I dont no i had a good time with him at the prom but at the end he went to kiss me and i gave him the cheek"

"The cheek?"

"Yeh i just dont no if i want to rush things again with him"

"Oh well i gotta go so i'll see you later ok" Belle said rushing down the hall


Belle arrived at Romans house were Aden was staying she knocked and then waited for a few minutes until Nicole came and opened the door

She opened the door "Heyy" her voice went form high to low she was clearly not happy that Belle was at her front door

"Hi is Aden home" Belle asked

"Yeh but he doesnt want to see you" Nicole said with a smirk on his face

"Did he say that or dont you want me to see him?" Belle said standin there with her hands on her hips

"Fine come in" Nicole said moving out of the doorway so Belle could walk in

"Thanks so wheres Aden?"Belle asked

"Upstairs in his room"

"Ok thanks " Belle said walking up the stairs into Aden's room she walked in and seen Aden sitting on his bed so she went over and sat next to him


"Hey" Aden said

"About last night...."but before she could finish Aden cut her off

"Belle wait"

"No listen im really sorry..."But agian Aden cut her off

"Belle wait"


Then Aden leaned in and kissed her passionately then whispered in her ear I forgive you Belle smiled and then they kissed again


"Adenn" Nicole said walking into Adens room then she seen Aden and Belle together"Oh my god" She said staring at Belle and Aden

As soon as they seen Nicole they quickly covered up

"Um Nic do you mind" Aden said pointing to the door

"Eww" Nicole said quickly leaving the room

Belle just smiled

"So where were we" Aden said leaning in to kiss Belle


Which summer bay teen falls pregnant??And whos the father??And what do Matilda's dreams mean?

Please let me no what you think!

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Chapter 6

BANG The door flew wide open to Adens room as Nicole walked in once again, Belle jumped as she heard the door Aden turned around to see Nicole and they quickly covered up

"You again" he exclamed

"You no the door is shut for a reason" Belle pointed out to Nicole

"Dont worry i dont see anything, well atleast not anything i like" Nicole said with a smirk "Oh by the way Roman told me to tell you dinners ready"

"Fine can you just get out" Aden said.


"Hey" Jack said walking up to Martha in the school corridor

"Hi" Martha said

"So i was thinking, do you wanna go out tonight?" Jack asked

"Um sure" Martha said with a smile

" Great i'll pick you up around 6?"


"Great see you then" Jack said then walked off down the hall


The bell had rung and Martha walked into class and sat next to Belle their teacher was late as usual

"Hey" Martha said putting her books on the table

"Hi" Belle said with one hand on her stomach and the other on her forehead

"Whats wrong??" Martha asked

"Dont feel to well"


Then Matilda walked in and slammed her books on the table and sat down next to Martha

"Lucas is really starting to get on my nerves" Matilda said

"Why??I thought everything was good between you guys" Martha said

"Yeh up until a month ago when something happened and i pulled away he obviously doesnt realise that i need some space"

"Guys can be clueless most of the time, But what happened between you to?

"I dont feel like talking about it" Matilda said looking away

"C'mon Mattie you can tell me"

"You really wanna no?" Mattie asked

"Yes" Martha said

"Fine, a month ago i found out i was pregnant and i aborted the baby" Matilda said her voice was cold and she showed no emotion that wasnt like Mattie at all.

Martha just stared at her in shock

"Now you understand why i didnt want to tell you, look at the way you reacted" Matilda said picking up her books and walking away


Nicole walked up to Adens room and knocked on the door

"Come in" Aden shouted he was looking around for his phone then turned around and seen Nicole

"Oh so now you decide to knock how convienient" Aden said

"Well what can i say, But i just have a question to ask" Nicole said sitting on Adens bed

"What is it?"Aden asked

"What exactly are you doing with Belle you could do so much better than her"

"What did you come up here to ask me questions or did you actually want something?" Aden said

"What i cant ask?Anyway im off to the diner want to come?Im meeting Drew there"

"Oh what happened to bible boy ?, I cant i'm working there today with Belle so i'll cya there"

"Ok" Nicole said walking out of the room.


Nicole was sitting with Drew waiting for there milkshakes

"How long does it take to get a milkshake" Nicole said.

"Yeh well Belle and Aden are probably busy doing other stuff" Drew said

A cheeky smile spread across Nicole's face "I'll be back" Nicole said getting up and walking into the kitchen and caught Belle and Aden making out

"What kind of service is this i ordered a milkshake ages ago and instead of making it you to are kissing"

Aden and Belle pulled away

"Go back and sit down Nicole i'll bring the milkshakes over in a minute" Belle said

"I've already been waiting ten minutes" Nicole protested

"Well then it wouldnt kill you to wait another minute would it?" Belle said

"Ughhh" Nicole said furiously then walked back out

"Here i'll bring them out" Aden said picking the milkshakes up and walking outside

"Thanks' Belle said with a smile then went back to cleaning the table

As soon as Aden seen Drew he went straight over to the table and slammed the milkshakes down on the table

"Your not welcome here mate so get out" Aden said to Drew

"I didnt do anything so chill" Drew said drinking his milkshake

"You no dam well what you did you took advantage of Belle and nearly cost us our realtionship" Aden said

"Wow you in a realtionship i dont believe it" Drew said smiling

Suddenly Drew copped a punch in the face from Aden, Belle rushed out from the kitchen when she heard Nicole scream

"Aden what the hell are you doing? Belle asked Aden

"Teaching Drew a lesson now tell him to get the hell out" Aden said furiously

"Drew get out" Belle said

"What you take orders form him now thats new, I never picked you as the type oh well things change"

"Get out now and im not taking orders from him i want you out now i just cant stand looking at you let alone talking to you"

"Glad to see somethings never change" Drew said getting up and leaving the diner.


Martha was listening to her ipod while getting ready for her date with Jack she was wearing a gorgous halterneck black dress and killer high heel shoes then there was a knock at the door Martha opened the door and was in complete shock

"What are you doing here?" Martha asked


Matilda's secret is out will Lucas find out??And who is the newcomer in summer bay?

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Sorry it took so long but its finally here:)

Chapter 7:

"We need to talk" The guy at the door said to Martha

"Oh i think were done talking now get out Jack is on his way over here" Martha said trying to shove him out the door

"Jack?Wow didnt take you long to go back to him"

"Yeh well it took me way to long to realise what a mistake i had made going with you!!"

"So you said Jack was coming here?"

"Yeh so leave now"

"I take it he doesnt no about us?"

"There is no us Ash and there never will be now go before Jack sees you"

"Oh i want him to see me i havnt seen him in ages" Ash said with a smirk on his face.

"Ok enough Ash out* Martha said pushing him out of the house


Belle and Matilda were sitting at Matilda's house sitting on the couch talking

"You have to tell him Mattie" Belle said

"No i dont its all in the past"

"Matilda you have to tell him!"

"Tell me what?"Lucas said walking in the house

Matilda and Belle spun around

"Lucas" Belle said

"Hey" Matilda said trying to put a smile on her face

"And i repeat tell me what?" Lucas asked

"I'll leave you to alone" Belle said walking out of the house

"I have to go uhh finish my homework" Matilda said walking off before Luc stopped her

"Mattie what is it?"

"Nothing now just drop it"

"No, why wont you tell me?"Lucas pleaded

"You really want to no?"


"Fine if you must no i was pregnant and i aborted the baby happy now?" Matilda said with no emotion what so ever in her voice

Lucas just stood there stunned

"W-w-was the b-baby mine?" Lucas managed to say

"I really have to do my homework"

"Mattie was the baby mine?!"

"Its all in the past now ok so just let it go"

"Just answer my question was the baby mine"Lucas asked again

"NO ok" Matilda said storming off into her room and slammed the door


"Nicole we need to talk" Roman said to Nicole


"Why didnt you show up for school today?"

"Thats my business now if you dont mind i have to be somewere" Nicole said walking out the door

"No your not your grounded"

"WHAT?!!, I didnt do anything!!"Nicole protested

"You never do anything now i have to go to work so behave" Roman said leaving


Who was the father of the baby that Mattie aborted?And why is Ash back in town?Will Jack find out?

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Chapter 8:

After Martha got rid of Ash the doorbell rang thinking it was Ash again she swung open the door and screamed

"WHAT?!" Before realising it was Jack

"Well hello to you to" Jack said sarcastically

"Oh Jack hey i thought you where someone else" Martha said

"Its ok you ready to go?"He asked

"Yerp" Martha said picking up her bag then they left to the diner closing the door behind her



Martha and Jack where sittin at a nice cosy table in the corner eating there meals

"Im so glad you gave me another chance Mac" Jack said

"Yeh me to" She smiled at Jack then continued eating her meal

"This time it will work no lies no secrets we will just be completely honest with each other" Jack said staring into Martha's eyes

"Yeh" Martha couldnt help but feel guilty about the Ash situation should she come clean with Jack?


They reached the door at the diner flat

"I had a good time tonight" Jack said

"Me two" Martha smiled

"Well goodnight" Jack said and he gave Martha a quick kiss on the cheek

"Night" She said she walked inside and closed the door

She walked into her room thinking about what Jack had said, she kept thinking about it in her mind, What if he found out about her and Ash?,What would happen?Should i tell him and take a chance. She couldnt tell Jack no way was she going to risk her relationship with him not again.


Roman walked back in the house he had forgot his mobile he picked it up from the table then Nicole walked out from the kitchen

"Since your going back out again can you drop me off at the beach" Nicole asked

"Nic your grounded your not going anywere" Roman said

"What so im just supposed to sit here and do nothing while you go and do god knows what!!" She said with a hand on her hip

"You dont have to no everything i do Nic im just going out"

"What kind of father are you leaving your daughter home alone" Nicole defended hoping that he would let her out

"Nice try but your not going anywere now goodnight i wont be home to late" Roman said walking out the door


Roman walked into the diner and looked around he then spotted her in the corner she was pretty tall thing long brown hair.he walked over and sat down next to her

"Hey" he said giving her a kiss on the cheek

"Hi" she said smiling


Whos the newcomer in summerbay?Will Martha reveal all to Jack

Please let me no what you guys think.

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Chapter 9:

The bell had rang for class, all lockers were being slammed shut and everyone was walking off to class besides Matilda who was still at her locker as she slammed it shut she turned around to see Aden infront of her

"We need to talk" Aden said

"Some how i doubt that now if you dont mind i need to get to class" Matilda said trying to get around Aden

"We have to talk about it sometime look Mattie im really sorry i didnt mean it i was drunk"

"I dont care anymore Aden ok and i want to tell Belle i mean wat if she finds out second hand and shes my best friend do you no how hard it is to keep that kind of a secret form her"

"Mattie you cant tell her it will ruin everything we have please Matilda"

"Either you tell her or i will i cant stand lying anymore its not me you have two days until friday to tell her or i will" Matilda said walking off to class

Aden leant agains her locker and sighed what was he going to do if Belle found out?



Roman and the mystery woman laughed while sipping champagne

"So Charlie what made you move to the bay" Roman asked.

"I transferered her for work and aslo my dad and little sister moved here aswell" Charlie said with a smile on her face

"Oh yeh so your a cop, pretty impressive"

"Yeh well unfortunately it isnt very good in the relationship department"

"Well thats all about to change" Roman said leaning in to kiss Charlie


Ash was walking down the beach when Jack spotted him from above he ran up to him

"Hey mate i didnt no you were in the bay" Jack said

"Yeh well i decided to come down for a bit i meant to call but i got sidetracked"

"Oh thats alright so you wanna head to the diner and grab something to eat?" Jack asked

"Yeh sure"

They walked to the diner and sat down at a table and ordered some burgers to eat

"So what made you come to the bay?" Jack asked

"Well to be honest i came after someone and i need to tell you something"

"Sure what is it?"

"Well i dont no if Martha has told you or not but when she moved to the city we kinda went out a bit you no after you broke her heart"

Jack stopped eating with his burger half in his mouth he just sat there staring at Ash then he spotted Martha from the corner of his eye walking into the diner as soon as Martha seen Jack staring at her like that she new that something was up but she didnt no what,

Then Ash turned around and seen Martha and waved with a huge smirk on his face

Oh great i bet you he told Martha thought


It was 10pm and Belle had just turned off her lamp to go to sleep when Aden came crawling in through the window.

"Hey" Aden said walking over and jumped on her bed then kissed her

"Hi can we talk?" Belle said with a smile

"Shhhh" Aden said putting his finger on her lip then leant in and carresed her lips and kissed her.


All is revelaed to Jack.How will he take it?What secret is Mattie and Aden hiding from Belle?

Please let me no what you guys think :D

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Chapter 10:

She couldnt keep looking at him it was just to much to handle, she hadnt seen him like this for ages not since she left the bay but this time it wasnt just hurt in his eyes there was anger to and lots of it

"Jack i can explain" Martha said walking up towards Jack and Ash

"Explain what?How you slept with my best friend and neglected to tell me" Jack said standing up

"Jack its not like that"

"You no what i dont want to hear it i've heard enough from Ash" Jack said storming out of the diner

Martha looked at Ash he still had a smirk on his face she couldnt believe that he went and told Jack she then turned around to go and find Jack and explain


"Ok, so which movie the notebook or x-files" Belle asked holding each dvd in a different hand

"It doesnt matter which movie we pick we probably wont get around to watching it" Aden said with a smirk on his face

"Oh really?pretty cocky" Belle said turning to face Aden

Aden just smiled then kissed Belle.

"Your the best thing that has happened to me you no that right?" Aden said

"Yeh i no" Belle said smiling

"I need to tell you something" Aden asked

"Ok sure what is it"

"I have something to tell you but i dont think your gonna like it"

"Ok" Belle said starting to look worried

"Well im really sorry i didnt mean any of it i mean i was drunk and she was there and i didnt mean for anything to happen to her"

"Wait, What are you talking about?"

"Me and Mattie i mean it was before you and i were together and it didnt mean anything"

Belle new what he was going to say next but she just hoped that he wouldnt that it wasnt true that he wouldnt do anything like that.

"I got her pregnant" Aden said looking down in shame

"You WHAT?" Belle said standing up looking furious

"Belle please i didnt mean any of it i was drunk and so was she i mean i no it isnt an excuse but it was before you and im really sorry"

"I dont want to hear it Aden just leave"

"Belle please" Aden said standing up so he was face to face with her

"I cant even look at you right now just go"

"Fine"Aden said leaving and slamming the door behind him


"Hey Irene sorry im late" Belle said walking into the diner and putting her apron on

"Its ok girly just dont make a habit of it now there are tables out there that need cleaning so get a move on"

Then Aden walked into the kitchen put his apron on and started drying the dishes hoping no one would realise he was late

"Your late" Belle said walking into the kitchen dropping dirty plates in the sink

"Yeh i think i realised that" Aden said picking up more plates

"Listen Belle we need to talk....."But before he could finish princess Nicole came walking in

"Im bored, this town is boring and your the only interesting person here and your working* Nicole said sitting on the bench.

"Listen princess im working so why dont you run along and go and paint your nails or something just get out of my face"

"What happened to you?Daddy issues again or is it Belle this time?" Nicole said smiling

Before Aden could give Nicole one of his smart ass remarks Roman walked into the kitchen

"NICOLE!!What are you doing here your grounded, that means your not supposed to leave the house" Roman said

"Well i was bored and i wasnt going to stay at home all day"

"Go home now i will deal with you later"

"Your ruining my life!"

"I try my best now go" Roman said while chopping carrots

"Uhhh" Nicole said storming out of the diner


Martha decides to tell Jack the full story on her and Ash.How will he take it?And are Belle and Aden over already?

Please let me no what you think

Also im thinking of ending this fic soon within a couple of chapters and i might do a sequel to it or just start a whole new fic

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