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Thurs, 05 June 08 – Episode # 4654

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Attacker Gets Attacked !!! “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 05 June 08 – Episode # 4654]

Note – due to various circumstances, the guide is less detailed than usual

Maddie [vph] tells Belle that the West Australian university that she was looking to get into last yare at encouraged by her results, and they went to interview her [in the city] in the next few days.

Belle bails soon after Ric arrive home, but before Maddie can tell him her news, Ric tells her about Viv & the baby. Maddie tries to help Ric through thus tough situation.

Next day, Ric meets up with Viv near the beach. She tells him that she wanted to call him [when she got to the hospital], but everything happened so fast [i.e. the bub died very quickly after she got to her hospital].

Later that day, Maddie, Ric & Viv hold a memorial service for the unborn child – they throw rose petals of the end of the seaplane wharf, after Maddie read out a moving verse.

When Maddie has walked away, Viv tells Ric that she has no idea what she is going to do now [no set plans] but she mushily thanks him for all the support that he’s given her.

Leah is talking to Belle at the Den when Colleen comments about how much help that Miles has been with Vj lately. Leah sharply tells colleen that she doesn’t rely on Miles all the time.

Indeed, Leah goes to the VPH and tells Miles that VJ is now at Stella’s and that Leah is able to take care of her own family.

Later, Miles talks to Maddie about what’s happened. He admits that he’d like something to happen [romantically] tween he & Leah.

Aden & Nicole are having a tee towl fight in the kitchen of the diner, when Belle interrupts. When she is gone, Nic comets to Aden that is obvious that he likes Belle.

Roman enters the kitchen, and talk to Aden about what’s happening lately. Roman is totally ok with it when Aden says tat he’s just not ready to go home as yet.

Next day, Aden has a meal with his dad at the diner. Larry is pleaded when Aden says that he is going quite well at school tis year. Aden wonders if Larry is going t do further courses etc to do with his job, but Larry says that he’s happy the way tings are.

When the meal is over, Aden insists that he will pay for both of them [since he’s working now]. Aden is a little surprised when his dad is totally ok with the idea that Aden wants to say at roman’s;’ place for the time being – Larry insists tat he doesn’t want to pressure Aden. After Aden bails, Larry adds some alcohol to the cup of coffee that he has.

On the beach, Annie can’t believe it when Melody insists tat it’s her [melody’s] fault that she got attacked by Axel. Annie also can’t believe it when Melody urges her not to tell anyone.

However, Annie does [at the beach house] tell Geoff, who goes to the Den and physically clashes with Axel before Geoff storms outt. Annie tells Belle & Aden that Geoff had every right to attack.

Later, also at the Den, Annie tells Belle & Aden about what Axel did to Melody. Aden & Belle both go looking for Axel, and, soon after, Belle finds axel on the beach. There is blood coming for a big cut near his eye and looks VERY dazed!!!



Who attacked Axel???

Melody tells her mum about what happened THAT night

The police are after Kane – looks like he robs the hospital !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: aqua v neck top


Belle: green off the shoulder top [with purple singlet top neath]/red scarf/dark blue shorts


Matilda: apple green v neck [with sky blue lining] top/apple green [dark green dots] shorts


Aden: black & grey horiz stripe t/denim jeans

Aden: black t/dark long pants

Annie: dark purple dress [with apple green top beneath]

Annie: SBH Uniform

Axel: yellow [white “Norton”] t

Belle: black v neck [silver studs around the v] dress – with re top beneath

Colleen: light green blouse & long pants/red top

Geoff: light bellow [yellow unknown motif] t

Larry: olive green jacket/blue button up shirt

Leah: orange [silver studs on bust] thin strap top/denim jeans

Leah: grey cardigan/black top/denim jeans

Melody: dark blue school dress [with light blue blouse beneath]/dark blue tie

Matilda: green thin strap top/yellow crop jacket/blue [light pink floral] shorts

Matilda: white [lacy white floral trim] thin strap top/white mid thigh skirt

Miles: yellow t/ light gr5een [green & red check] button up shirt

Ric: marron [gold crest] t/light blue boardies

Ric: white [black security lapels on each shoulder] button up shirt/black jacket/black long pants

Roman: white chef’s jacket/dark long pants

Viv: black scoop top/dark long pants

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