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Wed, 4 June 08 – Episode # 4653

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Melody Tells Annie What Happened THAT Night “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 4 June 08 – Episode # 4653]


Geoff tells Annie that he’s been in contact with Morag and therel;s been no change to his sitatution, i.e. Melody’s mum still way wants him charged for braking the AVO.

Annie gets on Geoff’s nerves as she is annoyed that Geoff is in this situation because he loves Melody. She urges het to drop the subject.


After Annie bails, Geoff gets a letter out of his bag and starts reading a letter – we hear Melody’s voiceover, as she tells him how much she enjoyed it when they went to the movies. As we hear Melody, we see her near the beach – she is all but in tears, whilst Geoff also gets a tad emotional.


Maddie, Alf, Ric, Miles & jai have just finished dinner, and Maddie say that she will have her ice craem upstairs. Jai offer to take her dessert upstairs, along with his own and Ric’s.

After Maddie, Ric & jai leave the room, Alf & mile talk about Leah & the money that was stolen. Alf insist that Leah doesn't like being seen as a charity case. With Jai listening in [he’s at the bottom of the steps] miles tell Alf that he rally doesn’t know if Jai took the money of not.


Geoff tells Annie that he is sick of just reading old letters tween he & melody, and that he’d like her to hand Melody a new later that he’s written. Annie isn’t that keen, but Geoff persuades her to do as he asked.


Next day, Miles encounters Jai, who is annoyed that Miles doesn’t trust him at the money.

They encounter Ric, ahead is of fto his 1st day a work at the hospital. Jai comments on Ric’s “great” new uniform, and Ric responds by saying that he is looking fwd to being assigned to doing security work at a football match or a rock concert.

When Ric has walked away, talk returns to Leah’s money – Jai says that he can prove the he didn’t do it.


Melody gets out of her mum’s car and sits at the bus stop. After Melody’s mum drives off, Annie approaches Melody. Melody can’t believe that she is there – but Annie says that she won’t leave until Melody takes the letter. She does – but [unbeknownst t Annie] Melody see Axel and quickly walks away.


Melody is reading/has just finished reading the letter. She’s clearly emotional about it. Leah approaches and wonders of Melody would like to talk, but Melody tells Leah tat she had better get back to school. Melody bails.


Ric approaches Larry, and he is surprised when Larry tells him various things, esp. when Larry says that he only got into guard work as a temporary thing, but he’s still doing it 15 years later. He also tells Ric that they are only to intervene when asked.


Annie tells Geoff that she gave the letter to Melody, who seems to be acting a bit weird.

Milks & Jai arrive, and Jai tells Annie that he needs her help.


Miles tells Leah tat Jai definitely didn’t take the money, and Annie backs up Jai’s account of events.

After Jai & Annie bails, Miles talks to Leah. He suggests that he can lend her some money to tide je river, buts he refused to accept.


With Ric in sight, but not in audio range, Nurse Julie & Rachel discuss one of their patients – Viv!!!!

A psych patient named Jimmy come into the corridor and is yelling the the doctors are trying to kill him. Ric is able to being the situation under control.


Geoff sees Melody and approaches. He insists that he meant everything that he said in the letter, and that maybe they should talk to Melody’s mum [open & honest] about things, but Melody insists that she doesn’t think that will work. She walks away.


After some of the other med staff has taken jimmy away orm the scene of his outburst, Rachel comments that he’s usually harmless. Ric helps he pick up the files that she dropped during Jimmy’s outburst – thankfully for Rach, Ric doesn’t see Viv’s file.

When Rachel has walked away, Larry commends Ric for his actions, and suggested that Ric should handle all the crazy ones form now on.


Miles approach Jai, and insist tat he rally didn’t know if jai took that money on not as he doesn't know Jai any more. Jai tells Miles that he is worried that Miles will abandon him all over again. Mile tries to convince jai otherwise, but jai isn’t convinced. He bails.

Miles goes to the counter and talks to Leah. He tells Leah that she’s been a great friend to her, and she says that same of him. Miles pus his hand gently on Leah’s, but after initially liking that she pulls he hand away.


Axel approaches Melody, and vehemently “suggests” to her tat she doesn’t remember anything form THAT night. Nearby, Annie sees Axel grab Melody’s wrist as he talks to her. Axel walks away, assuming that he has got his point across, and Annie apaches Melody. Annie wonders what’s happened.


It’s the end of thri shift, and Larry tells Ric that he is keen to have a beer. Ric declines an offer from Larry for Ric to join him.

Larry walks away, and Ric approaches Rachel, wondering about Jimmy. Before Rach can answer, Ric novices Viv’s name on the patient board at the nurses’ station. When he asks Rachel after this, she sees that Viv discharged herself today – and after a bit of prodding from Ric, Rachel tells him that Viv “lost” the baby. Ric seems very concerned.


On the beach, Melody tells Annie that after Geoff dumped her at the party, she went upstairs, but then Axel joined her in the room.

We then see what happened that night – axel sat beside Melody on the bed. He caressed her knee with his hand, before moving his hand up her leg to jump under her skirt. Despite Melody VEHEMENTLY telling axel to stop. He “forced himself” on her!!!!!!!

Cut back to the present, and Melody is in tears, whilst Annie hugging her [and trying to do her best to console her friend]



Looks like Belle, Leah, Aden & others know about what happened tween Melody & Axel ...

Belle is running towards [i think] Melody on the beach

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Rachel: purple [black floral?] skirt/black wide collar top/dark beaded necklace


Melody: white top/orange cardigan/dark blue skirt


Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse


Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: hot pink thin strap top/black shorts

Annie: SBH Uniform

Axel: brown button up shirt

Axel: SBH Uniform

Geoff: dark blue t/sky blue board shorts

Geoff: SBH Uniform

Jai: bright green t/white [black upside down tri] jacket

Jai: SBH Uniform

Larry [Aden’s dad]: white [black security lapels on each shoulder] button up shirt/ black jacket/black long pants

Leah: grey cardigan/black top/denim jeans

Matilda: peach thin strap top

Melody: dark blue school dress [with light blue blouse beneath]/dark blue tie

Melody: red wide strap dress

Miles: brown jacket/red button up shirt/dark [black & white photo of a man] t/apple green [dark green] long pants

Miles: dark purple button up shirt/light blue t/white [brown check] shorts

Ric: white [black security lapels on each shoulder] button up shirt/black jacket/black long pants

Ric: black [white typewriter type print] t

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