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Tues, 3 June 08 - Episode # 4652

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Kirsty … In TEARS In the Van Park House !!! “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 3 June 08 - Episode # 4652]


When Martha tells Roman that she doesn’t want to tell jack that she is pregenat until she knows for sure that the baby is his, Roman insists that she REALLY should tell him about the bub as soon as she can. Martha insists that it’s her choice [to tell him or not].

Jack arrives home, and Roman & Martha tell jack that roman is just here to see if Martha is OK after her recent bout of illness. Because Martha seems to be Ok now, Roman bails.


Annie & friend Holly are at one of the computer stations, and Jai is opposite them [on another comp]. Annie & Holly comment about how quiet/to himself that jai is.

At they counetrr, Leah comments to Miles that although this is the Den’s busiest time of day, it’s only half full right now.

Back art the computers, Annie is annoyed that the comp seem to have “eaten” a long email that she’s just type out, but then Jai approaches, and helps her retrieve it.


Kane descends the stairs and partly overhears Kirsty telling Irene [kitchen] that it won’t be easy telling Kane that she wants to stop running.

When Kane gets into the kitchen, Irene says that KK can’t stay here [because of Belle, Annie etc], but Kane thinks that he knows a great place for KK to stay. They bail.


Annie muchly thanks Jai for his help, before Miles approaches Jai. Miles wants Jai to head home with him, but Jai says that he wants to stay here because he’s not finished on the computer because he was delayed helping Annie & Holly.

Vj is keen to head for home, but Leah insists that she’s not finineshed her yet, so Miles offers to take VJ to his place for a while.

Miles & VJ bail, and Leah goes into the kitchen. She comments to Roman that she has to duck out to go to the bank. She notices that he doesn’t seem all that friendly at the moment.


Miles & Vj encounter Alf, who is preparing his fishing gear. Alf & miles are hoping that perhaps a big BBQ [with the fish that Alf is hopefully about to catch] will help bring Jai out of his shell.

Nearby, Kirsty doesn’t think that staying at the van park is a good idea, as there; s a fair few ppl in town who were here when KK bailed 3 years ago. Kane insists that if they are careful they can do this [stay here].


Moments after Mile & VJ enter the house, and VJ head upstairs, KK enter. Kane asks Miles if they can rent a van, under the name Mr & Mrs Doyle. As Kane tells Miles that he must have left his wallet [and ID] in the car, tears well up in Kristy’s eyes – she is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay affected by being in her old home again.

After Miles agrees to take a cash deposit form Kane for the time being, KK bail.


As they head for their van, Kane is worried that Miles might rally remember that Kirsty was in tears when they were in the house. As they enter the van, Kirsty tells Kane that being in the house just reminded her of how life used to be, but Kane insists that soon they’ll be back to there old life [a new town every few weeks etc].

Kane tells Kirsty tat he is going out to get something for them to eat, and he bails.


Leah is ion her car. She looks inside the money bag [with all the Den’s taking in it][ and realised that she has left something behind. She gets out of the car, and locks the door.


Leah enters and fonds Jai is the kitchen. She is annoyed – but he insists tatb he was just looking for a drink.

Roman hears the commotion, and is annoyed that Leah is annoyed with him for not tending to both businesses. Naturally roman is annoyed with leah, but she is more interested in the fact that Jai is nowhere in sight.


Annie approaches Jai, who is sitting on one of the table, listening to his walkman. Annie mushly thanks Jai once more [esp. since the email that she thought she lost was one that she was sending to Melody], and suggest that Jai would rally like her brother Geoff. Jai seems rather overawed by how quickly and non stop that Annie is talking. Jai tells Annie that he better head for home, and it looks like Annie is keen to know Jai a lot more that she does.


Leah is rally annoyed with herself that she left that money bag on the seat of her car – as now Jack & another officer are here, as the money has been stolen. As Jack, Leah, Roman & Irene talk about what’s happened, Leah suggest that she thinks she might know who stole the money.


Miles & VJ are playing computer games, when Miles suggest to Jai that he shod take on VJ, as Miles is being trashed by VJ.

Leah arrives, and accuses Jai of taking the money out of her car. He denies it, and Miles tells Leah that if Jai says that he didn’t so it, Miles believes him. However, after Leah is gone, Miles ask Jai if he did take the money. Jai responds by leaving the room [to go upsstiars] in disgust.


Jack enters and approaches Roman. Jack wonders if roman has seen Martha lately. Roman says that he hasn’t.

In the kitchen, Annie asks Irene if they could invite Jai to dinner, but Irene isn’t so keen on the idea [for the time being]. Annie seems very disappointed.


Roman approaches Martha, and tells her that he’s already having enough “fun” with Nicole being in his life, so, if Martha wants to tell jack that the child is his, than Roman won’t have an issue with that.

Martha is surprised, but she is pleased. However, jack [from afar] sees the two talking, and he looks very worried.


Kane approaches his van, but is surprised that the door is locked. He goes looking for Kirsty. When he does, Kirsty tells him that she has to go to the bathroom. She also vehemently tells Kane that she wants a normal life for herself & Ollie, and that she wants to STOP running. Kane suggest that they go inside and talk about this.

When they are both outside their van, kirst goes to pick up Kane’s backpack, but he grabs it. When she is inside the van. Keane partly unzips part of the bag – there’s lots of money inside [i.e. Kane took rathe money form the Den]


Jack enters, and notices that there is food cooking on the stove. Martha approaches him from behind, and jack is very worried about what’s going on. Martha tells him that she soooo didn’t mean to tell Roman 1st, and that she just blurted the news to him as he was checking if she was feeling ok [when Jack saw them near the diner]. Jack wonders what Martha is talking about and when she tells him that she is preggers, jack is over the moon that they are going t be parents. JnM waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kiss.


Roman is alone, and he looks most distraught at what’s happening



Looks like Miles is VERY keen on Leah, but when he hold her hand, she pulls away

Looks like Melody has flashback of what happened at the party with Axel!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: hot pink thin strap top/black shorts


Kirsty: bark brown [grey floral?] dress/black leather jacket/olive green cap


Holly: light pink [red dots, red lining] halter top/white jeans


Alf: bone wide brim hat/brown polo shrt/olive green long pants

Irene: mauve blouse/white long pants

Jack: brown shorts

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Jai: bright green t/white [black upside down triangles] jacket

Kane: light blue [white & yellow surf themed motifs] t/white [brown tropic] button up shirt/dark blue [light blue rooster] cap/black shorts

Leah: black thin strap top/white knee length skirt

Martha: dark blue long sleeve top [with red top beneath/clack [white floral] long skirt

Martha: white thin strap top/wide with bangle [on right wrist]

Miles: dark purple button up shirt/light blue t/white [brown check] shorts

Roman: olive green t/dark shorts

Roman: white t/dark long pants

Roman: white chef’s jacket/dark long pants

VJ: yellow [black unknown motif] t

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