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Mon, 2 June 08 - Episode # 4651

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Who’ll Be More Distressed, Ollie Or You ? “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 2 June 08 - Episode # 4651]


Martha wonders why Jack seems so against the idea of children when Colleen mentioned it recently, and Jack say stat he just didn't want Colleen to get completely over the top if he’d agreed with her suggestions. Martha loves that Jack is with her with the kid’s thing and they waaaaay kiss.


Ross tells Morag that his wife is dead – but she isn’t impressed when he said that his newfound ineptest in Morag started that day after he buried his wife.


Kane is talk to Kirsty on the phone. He insists that Irene wants to see Kirsty in person, and that he’s tries to avoid that happening.


Ross tells Morag that his marriage was rally overt years ago, but when his wife got cancer, he just couldn’t abandon her. He also tells Morag that, because of the ‘ship in the past, he thought that they could be god together. Morag is waaaaaay not impressed – and “suggest” that Ross should leave. He bails.


Irene arrives home form the hospital. Belle comments that she still can’t believe that the parents haven’t shown up yet.

As she heads to her room [and bed], Belle tells Irene that it would be totally cool if Irene joined her at the movies morrow.


Next day, Martha arrives and Morag greets her.

MORAG tells Martha about the Ross situation, and when Morag talks about being truthful to your partner, it waaay hits a nerve with Martha. The later seem to have stomach cramps, but insist that she’s just a littlelighthaeded.

Morag gets a txt message – urging her to stay away from Ross.


Belle is about to bail when Irene suggest tat she should be some breakfast – Belle say stat she will have some at work.

After Belle is gone, Irene almost can’t believe that Kane is lurking on the back patio, but she is pleased/shocked that Kirsty is there too.


Ross is on the phone – he sounds very annoyed at the person on the other end of the line. It seems like whomever it is is that person who sent that “stay away” txt to Morag.


Kirsty insist to Irene that asking Irene to look after Ollie permanently wasn't necessarily the plan, but since she’s not been THAT badly affected in the time that Ollie has been away for her,. Kirsty thinks that she can live with him not being around. Kirsty insist that she believes that she is doing the right things by giving Ollie a much better life that whet be has now.

Irene suggest that maybe KK should hand themselves in – but Kirsty isn’t that Kane on the idea. She urges Irene for a decision, but Irene say that she needs time. Irene say ts that she is gong to have a shower and really think about this. It’s clear that Irene think stht KK handing Ollie over to her is a REALLY bad idea.


Jack & Martha & Alf are talking about tyeh Ross/Morag situation hen Ross enters. Alf confronts him, whilst Martha seem t gave Roman the “cold shoulder” when he enters the room form the kitchen


After Irene come back downstairs, Kirst tells her that Kane is sleeping [he is on the couch].

Irene tells Kristy tat she just can’t look after Ollie like KK want her too. Irene is quite emotional as she tells Kristy that Ollie sooo isn’t currently being mistreated, neglected etc, also there’s no reason why she should. Irene tells Kristy that she thin that Kirsrty won’t be able to go in & out of Ollie’s life like Kirst suggested, and Kirsty provers Irene’s point when Kirsty refuses to go to the hospital with Irene [to see Ollie].


Ross tells Morag that the text tat she got was form his daughter, who feels that he is betraying his dead wife.

Morag insists that she will have to think things over, and Ross suggest that he’ll no her answer if she meets him for lunch later today.


Irene & Rachel are by Ollie’s bedside when Irene wonders how much long Rach thinks that Ollie will have to remain in hospital. Rachel suggest 5 days – and Rach adds that Irene has that long to find a suitable carer.

As they talk, Irene spots Kirsty just outside the door. She goes ntohe corridor, and confronts Kirsty. Irene suggest that the whole “in & out of Ollie’s life” thing will hurt Kirsty more [emotionally etc] that it will Ollie.


Ross is sitting at a table when Roman approaches. Ross says that he is waiting for someone.

Roman goes into the kitchen, where Belle tells him that she has done everything she needs to here, and is going to bail [which she does].

Roman goes back out the min part of the diner, and takes offence to Jack suggesting that Martha is ill because of food that she ate here.


Roman approaches Martha, who is sitting near a tree. He suggests that she shouldn’t be suggesting that his food make her ill. Martha vomits again, but “suggests” that roman shouldn’t tell jack that she’s been sick again. Martha then runs off.


KK enter and after Kane goes upstairs to get some sleep, Irene talk to Kirsty about what’s happening. Kirsty tell Irene that she wants to STOP running.


Ross enters, and Morag tells him that they can have a ‘ship IOF he is totally honest with her form now on AND that his daughters are completely aware of the situation. Ross agrees – but he comments that his elder daughter IS going to have issues with Ross/Morag.


Martha answers the door – its Roman, who tells her that he’s guessed that she is pregnant. He also suggests that he thinks, form the way Martha is behaving, tat the bub might be his.



Martha tells Jack she’s preggers – he is over the moon that they are going to be parents

Kirsty seems determined to stop running, and settle down in the bay with Ollie.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: aqua pebble necklace/black top


Irene: mauve blouse/white long pants


Belle: black [white mosaics] top/tan long pants


Alf: yellow [black check] button up shirt

Belle: black singlet top/light grey PJ long pants

Irene: mauve nightgown/white PJ top

Irene: white [light brown floral] v neck top/dark long pants

Jack: black long sleeve top/white t shirt/dark long pants

Jack: light pink v neck t

Kane: dark cap/grey jacket/dark t

Kane: light blue t/white [brown tropic] button up shirt/dark blue [light blue rooster] cap/black shorts

Kirsty: black leather jacket/olive green cap

Martha: blue scoop t/denim shorts

Martha: dark blue long sleeve top [with red top beneath/clack [white floral] long skirt

Morag: black top/2 tone brown [horiz stripes] cardigan/white [black vert stripes] long pants

Morag: brown nightgown/white PJ top & long pants

Morag: dark brown [lighter brown floral] dress

Oliver: royal blue long sleeve top

Roman: white t/dark long pants

Roman: white chef’s jacket/dark long pants

Ross: black button up shirt/brown long pants

Ross: red button up shirt/bone long pants

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