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Fri, 30 May 08 - Episode # 4650

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ There’s A BIG Difference Between Wanting And Getting “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 30 May 08 - Episode # 4650]


Irene is on the phone – from the way that she is talking, its Leah on the other end of the line. Irene asks her to keep Annie & Geoff there as she is arranging a surprise for them.

When she is off the phone, Kane tells Irene that he & Kirsty want Irene to look after Ollie PERMANENTLY. Irene is way shocked.


Ross arrives and the door, and insists to Morag that he would like their ‘ship to continue, but she’s not so keen after their chat art Noah’s in the previous ep. Ross bails.


Irene wonders whether KK should go the Rhys & Shelley and asks them this, but Kane suggest that Rhys would use this to get Kirsty back off him. Kane assures Irene that twelve thought long and hard bout this, and that Irene looking after him is the best option – so much better than a life on the run. Kane pleads Irene to look after for them.


Morag is walking along [deep in thought etc] as nurse Julie and some Nippers [junior life avers] run past her.


Martha sees Morag walking. Julie approaches and thanks Ric for agreeing to help train the Nippers. She also thanks Martha when she says that jack will be along t help soon.


Martha approaches Morag, who say stat there’s nothing to worry about. Martha suggests that Morag’s helped her with many problems – and they she wants to help Morag.


Irene tells Kane that even though she has her name on the foster parents list, she thinks that there are lots of other younger couples DOCS will consider before her. Kane suggest that he will write a letter expresses that he wants Irene to care for Ollie, but Irene suggest hat that plan is sooooooooo not a good one. When Kane keeps saying that he can only trust Irene to look after Ollie, Irene insists that there’s a big different tween wanting and getting.


Nurse Julie & Ric are both training groups of Nippers when jack arrives, Julie assigns jack to a group of the 3 youngest boys. 2 of the 10-ish yo boys are rally keen to go in the water, but the other one isn’t. The red headed buy tells jack that he was stung by jelly fish lat time at the beach. Jack says that he’ll go into the water and prove there’s none there. Jack goes into the water – and isn’t pleased when the other 2 boys calls out that there are jelly fish [which there aren’t].


Kane suggest that Irene should go for custody of Ollie, and that Kirsty isn’t here as she thinks that is she came to the bay, she might chicken out of doing this – when though she knows that its for the best.

There’s a knock at the back door, and after Irene opens the door, Alf is shocked when he sees Kane.

Alf almost can’t believe it when kane tells him that the sick little boy in the hospital is KK’s. Alf is worried about how much KK are putting Irene through, but irene urges Alf to hear what Kane has to say.


Jack talk to the red headed boy before he gets the 3 boys to do a short beach sprint to end the season. After they’ve got to where Julie is. The 3 boys all push jack backwards and he falls into the ocean [at water’s edge].

When jack gets back to where Julie is [up the beach a bit], she comments the the red haired boy is her soon Jamie, and theta she thinks, for tnat way that jack was treated to Jamie, that jack would be a great dad.


After Alf has heard the full KK/Ollie fostering etc story, Irene wonders what she should do. Alf tells Irene that this is HER decision alone to make, but if she decide to go with KK’s plan, then he will back her all the way, i.e. that Ollie will be wanting for nothing if he lives in the bay.

Alf also tells Kane and Irene that as far as he is concerned thai chat they’ve just had never took place. Kane thanks Alf, before Alf bails.


Both Ross & Martha notice that Alf’s a tad grumpy at the monet.

Ross’ phone rings, and Martha [in storeroom] overhears Ross veheremently telling the person on the other end of the line that he can see whomever he wants, and that the person shouldn't mention his marriage every time they chat.


As kane is about to bail, Irene suggests to Kane that he should com back her after dark. She also INISISTS that Kirsty come here and personally asks Irene to look after Ollie, as she needs Kirsty to look her in the eyes and ask. Kane isn’t that keen on the idea, but agrees. He then bails [back door]


Martha ring Morag and tells her about the phone chat of Ross’ that she overheard.


Irene is approaching Ollie room when she & nurse Julie tarts to chat, Julie says that the hospital now has extra security. Julie wonders how a parent could just abandon child like that. Irene suggests that the parents must be rally desperate to do that.


Martha comets about Alf’s grumpy mood, and he tells her that its beaus of something that he cant tell her about.

Martha sess Ross and “suggest” that he should talk to Morag about what’s going on – she makes its clears that she overheard his phone chat earlier.


Jack is on the phone – he is keen to speak to/see Rory if Rory wants to.

He put tub phone down as Martha enters, and we tell her that sfer today, he is REALLY looking fwd to being a dad. Martha is cautiously pleased.


Ross arrives, and he tell morag that he is going to tell her about his wife p[who Morag thought was “out of the picture”]



Roman tells Martha that he thinks that he’s the bub’s father

Kirsty returns to the bay – but sounds like she is keen on saying, i.e. “it’s my home and Ollie’s home”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Jack: aqua [ocean themed motifs] t/white [black swirls on left leg] boardies


Nurse Julie: red v neck t/dark blue long pants


Martha: blue scoop t/denim shorts


Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Irene: white [light brown floral] long sleeve top/dark long pants

Jack: black long sleeve top/white t shirt/dark long pants

Jamie: dark blue [with lighter blue sleeves] long sleeve top

Kane: royal blue [yellow unknown motif] t/black cap/dark grey long pants

Morag: black top/2 tone brown [horiz stripes] cardigan/white [black vert stripes] long pants

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse/dark long pants

Ric: white (black silhouette of a girl’s face) t/black boardies

Ross: black [grey collar] polo shirt

Ross: black button up shirt

Ross: white t/black & grey track suit jacket

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