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Wed, 28 May 08 – Episode # 4648

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Boiling Water Is Not Helping “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 28 May 08 – Episode # 4648]


Its morning of the night after the night of THAT party that Nic threw, and Annie & Geoff are talking about Melody [how much they are worried about her] when Irene returns home. She tells them that Ollie had a bone infection.

She wonders about why they weren’t at the opening of the Den – they say they that they had homework, assignments to do. When Irene mention how “dead” the Den was last night, Annie & Geoff tell her that they would have been there, if they’d realised.


Belle, Ric & maddie enter and they talk about the Geoff/melody situation, i.e. how the AVO killed that ‘ship.

Talk turns to the Den’s opening and how Belle is going to open up the Den today as Leah isn’t returning any of her calls.

In the kitchen, Miles tells Roman that he is nervous about picking up Jai today, as he is worried that jai really doesn’t want to be here [the bay].roman gives miles his car keys and assures him that things will be ok.

As Miles bails, Nic enters – and roman “suggest” that she can start her punishment [for that party] by washing some dishes etc.


Annie knocks on the door, and after Melody answers, Annie wonders how she is/Melody suggest that Annie shouldn’t be here and Christine backs her up. Annie then really makes things worse – by wondering how Melody is feeling after the party. Christine can’t believe that Melody encountered Geoff at the party – and tells Annie that she can no longer come around here – and that she is no longer Melody's friend. A distressed looking Melody concurs with her mum - and Annie frustrated walks away.


Nic tries to suggest to Roman that he should have been more specific when he grounded her – should have said that she couldn’t invite ppl over. Roman “suggest” that Nic hands over her 2nd set of car keys =- which she does.

Aden enters, and Nic comments about how Axel tried to grope Belle last night. Form his reaction, Nic well & truly thinks that Aden likes Belle, but he denies it.


Belle tells Leah that she is thinking of taking photos which she can sell at the Den, which the profits going to the Den. Leah isn’t sure about the offer, but accepts it.

Talk turns to THAT party. Belle admits that she only knows after the party started that it was happening, and that it was ALL Nic’s idea – and nothing to do with Aden.


Geoff is way worried when Annie tells him about her telling Christine about the party.

Lara & a male uniform officer arrive – and Irene is shocked when Lara tells her that Geoff needs to come down to the station, as he is being charged after his encounter with melody at the party last night.


Miles is driving along, with Jai beside him. Miles tries to talk to Jai, but he seems more interested in listening to music [on his walkman]


Geoff insists that he just wanted to talk to Melody about all that’s been going on. Iren wonders if she should talk to melody’s mum, but Lara insists that Christine isn’t going to listen to anytime about this.

Lara tells Geoff that they have to take him to the station and charge him. Irene says that she is definitely going with them, but she suggests that Annie should stay here.


Melody & her mum are on the back patio. Her mum insists that although other parents let their kids be in ‘ships, she knows that Melody just isn’t ready to be around boys & alcohol etc. Melody goes all quiet there for a bit, before she stands up and as she goes back inside the house, she tells her mum that she loves her [with a kinda guilty, almost teary voice]


Aden sees Axel coming out of the water. He insists that axel must apologise to Nic for what happened. Axel is worried bout Melody, but Aden doesn't know how she is feelling at the moment. They both go into the water.

Up the beach a little, belle is talking photos – and she takes several of Aden is the water.


Maddie is a little worried that the chocolate cake that she has made for Jails’ arrival is a tad too kiddie, but Ric & Alf thank its a great idea,

Mile & Jai arrive and miles introduces him to Maddie & co. Jai, rather than having the cake is keen to check oute the bay – Miles goes with him. Maddie, Alf & Ric look intrigued.


Iren & Geoff enter, and Annie apoliogises for telling melody’s mum about the party. Geoff is worried about how this might affect him becoming a religious minister.


Geoff sneaks’ up to Melody’s window. He calls out to here but she doesn’t respond. He insists that he was at the party etc and here now, because he cares about melody. Melody IS in her room – holding back tears.


Nic is keen to bail when Aden does, but Roman assures her the she’ll be here a while yet.

After Aden is gone, Roman tells Nic how selfish she is, esp. For not even thinking bout how her party might affect the opening of the Den. He suggests that she should less selfish and she might gain some REAL friends here.


Maddie, Alf, Ric, mile & Jai are sitting at the table. Alf comments that the meal was great. Maddie is glad that he liked it, but she’s dismissive when Ric suggetes that he helped her [as boiling some water doesn’t count].

Miles exits the room, after saying the he is going to get his camera. Jai wonders about what’s going on, and Ric tells him that del about this house and the “welcome to the family” photos. Jai suggest that he won’t be around long enough, as he expects Miles to dump him like he did last time. Ric suggest that Miles won’t let Jai down – but Jai isn’t smiling when Mile takes a pic of Jai, maddie, Ric & Alf.


Leah is putting chairs on table when Nic enters. She apologises for the whole party thing, and Leah accepts. Nic wonders if they can keep this chat tween themselves – which Leah says that they can.


Belle is locking at her digital pics of Aden today, when he approaches. There's more verbal sparring twee these two – which only confirms about suspicions that belle just might have some feeling for him. Aden then walks away.


On the back patio, Annie is surprised when Geoff tells her that he went around to see Melody. He tells the that although she didn’t com to the window, he knew that she was in her room. He wonders why it look like she doesn't carte about what happened/is happening tween them.


Axel climbs in the window. Melody is quite shocked. He tells her that he’s not sure about what happened last night – and Melody say to him the she doesn't rem either the look on her face suggests that she is lying though]. Axel doesn’t realise this, and he is pleased that she can’t remember. He goes back out to the window – and even when he is gone, melody looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay stressed.



KK [Kane/Kirsty, the Bay’s Romeo & Juliet] are back!!!!!!!!

They risk capture [having been on the run for over 3 years] from the law for their unwell child Oliver. We see Kane [now with a beard] hugging his son in the hospital, and Kane asks Irene for another favour!!!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Nic : purple [green kinda leafy] long sleeve v neck dress


Matilda : mauve thin strap top/dark blue skirt


Melody : aqua thin strap top/faded blue skirt


Aden: faded black singlet/white ]wide blue horiz stripes] boardies

Aden: black t/denim jeans

Alf: olive green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: apple green [dark green dots] singlet top/denim jeans

Annie: baby pink [red lining] singlet top

Axel: red [white “seek, ride, Norton”] t/dark [white circle on lower right leg] boardies

Belle : red & black horiz stripes [Emily the Strange] dress

Christine : off white [brown Asian designs] blouse

Geoff : white singlet/dark blue [yellow check] shorts

Geoff: red [yellow “California 82”] t/olive green shorts

Irene : sky blue blouse/black top

Irene: black [white rope] top/dark long pants

Jai : white [various closured rays coming out of several suns] t/grey scarf

Lara : light blue police uniform shirt

Leah : black singlet top/tan skirt

Melody : baby pink long sleeve top/white pyjama long pants

Miles : tan button up shirt/apple green t/brown long pants

Ric : black [brown eagle crest] t/tan long pants

Roman: white chef’s jacket/dark long pants

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