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Tues, 27 May 08 - Episode # 4647

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ A Party That Melody WON’T Forget “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 27 May 08 - Episode # 4647]

Note – I missed the 1st few minutes of this ep, as I was late home [thanks to traffic congestion etc]


Roman makes a speech formally opening the pier diner. He is glad that many ppl here, and hopes that muchly enjoy themselves. Also as part of the speech, Roman says that Irene couldn’t make it here tonight because she is at the hospital with Oly.


Melody & Annie are sitting in what appears to be an outside courtyard [like the van park house back patio] when one of the guts at the party offers them some alcohol. They both decline.

In the main room, Nicole’s party is getting out of hand – drinks are being spilled, and Aden suggest that Nicole should get the phone off Axel before he invites even more gatecrashers.


Leah can’t believe that there’s’ all but no one at the Den for its opening.

Matilda gets a txt msg – she tells Belle that there’s a party at Nic’s house, but they both decided not to tell Leah – and to try to get some of the kids form Nic's party to come to the Den.


Jack & Martha are talking – and Martha teal jack that she isn’t feeling well – he offers to tek her home, but Rachel steps in and offers [as she is heading home because of an early start morrow].

Martha assures roman, when he enquires, that it definitely wasn’t his food that made her unwell.


Geoff approaches Melody & Annie, so Annie bails. Melody can’t believe it when Geoff tells her that it’s all too hard – and that they should break up.

A distraught Melody tells Annie what’s happened, and insist that she never wants to go home – as her mum is responsible for this. Melody & Annie go into the min room, and Nicole sees that Me is distressed – she suggest that Melody can go upstairs to her room for a while.

Matilda & Belle enter, and Belle immediately blames Aden for the party. Even Matilda seems to think that Aden was being truthful when he Sid that he’s not responsible – and that i9ts all Nicole‘s idea.

Nicole tries to get ppl to bail – but there’s more trouble when on of her unwanted “guests” vomits.


Leah & miles are in the kitchen when Leah wonders about Jai – miles say that he arrives in the bay tomorrow.

Leah is pleased that something I going right, as the Den’s opening is a non event, and Colleen doesn’t help things when she enters [from the diner] to get some more champagne.


A slightly inebriated Jack talks to Roman. Jack kinda apologises for stealing Martha away form roman – and then he adds that this time tween them [JnM] will be muchly different as they will be totally honest with each other.


Rachel tells Martha that the only way to determine that father of the bub will be take a DNA sample from the unborn bub [in a few weeks time] and a sample of DNA form Jack and/or Roman. Rach says that the test on the bub could cause Martha to miscarry. When Martha suggests that she doesn’t want to risk the bub, Rachel suggests that she should at least tell jack what’s going on.


Belle, middies & Aden all suggest to Nic that she should start getting ppl out of here, and things get heated when the ruck axel tries to grope Belle. Aden grabs Axel and “suggests” that he should be elsewhere – like upstairs at the very least. Once more, Belle isn’t complimentary towards Aden, despite whet he’s just done [and Maddie’s suggestions that Aden actions are genuine and not some mind game with Belle].


Martha is warred about telling Jack. She uses Rachel’s own failed ‘ship with Kimmy [because of Kit’s bub] as an example, but Rach insist that her ‘ship with Kimmy feel apart as they didn’t communicate.


Axel enters Nic’s bedroom, and Melody is rather surprised when he does. Axel however looks VERY pleased that Melody is in the room.

Downstairs, Nic orders everyone out, whilst Aden comments to Belle that she’s been looking in his direction every since she got here. Belle denies it sheepishly. Maddie & Belle agree that it’s too late to get any of the kids to go to the Den now, but they do agree to take the slightly bewildered looking Melody home.


Melody enters, and her mum wonders where she has been. Melody insists that all she wants to do is go to bed. Christine doesn’t push the point – so Melody heads for her room.


Rach & Martha is sitting at the table on the font patio. Martha wishes that life could be simple for a change, and she pleads with Rach not to tell Jack about the bub. Rach isn’t keen on the idea, but seems to go with Martha’s request.


Leah tells miles that she was silly to open up a place like this, but he insists that it’s a great place, despite the lack of a crowd tonight. Leah gets all teary when she talks about how mush she wants this place to be great, and esp. how much she misses Dan. Miles gives her a comforting hug.


Nic & Aden are siting on the couch when Roman arrives home. They tell him that they've had a pretty quite night, but then the still drunk Axel descends the stairs – wondering where the party and Melody are. Roman sooooo does NOT look impressed.



KK [the Bay’s Romeo & Juliet] are back!!!!!!!!

They risk capture [having been on the run for over 3 years] from the law for their unwell child Oliver. We see Kane [now with a beard] hugging his son in the hospital, and Kane asks Irene for another favour!!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: black [white floral, red lining] dress


Belle : royal blue strapless dress/yellow scarf


Leah : red triangular straps dress


Aden: brown button up shirt/apple green polo shirt

Axel : brown button up shirt/dark long pants

Christine: light blue cardigan/white top

Colleen : purple blouse/black top

Geoff : white [grey diag stripes] t/dark long pants

Jack : black sleeveless jacket/white button up shirt/black t shirt

Martha : white long sleeve blouse/dark long skirt

Matilda: aqua thin strap dress

Melody : red wide strap dress

Miles: apple green button up shirt/black t/grey long pants

Nicole : red [gold lining] dress

Nicole: silver long sleeve night shirt/red long pants

Rachel : olive green [with thin white straps] dress

Roman : black button up shirt/denim jeans

Tony : light blue button up shirt/dark long pants

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