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Mon, 26 May 08 - Episode # 4646

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Nic's Night By "Herself" “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 26 May 08 - Episode # 4646]


Nic has just hopped into her car, with Roman approaches. he is NOT impressed that she isn't at home [grounded like she should be]


Roman really goes off at Nic, and grounds her form even longer - and takes her car keys. when roman leaves the room, Nic suggest that Aden shouldn't be smirking the wy that he is, as Nic has another set of car keys etc.


Jack talks to Martha about the ongoing search for Oly's parents, before he notices that she hasn't got her engagement ring on,. she says its because she was washing the dishes, but ther;s sometihng that she isn't;t telling him.

Martha also changes the subject - and they agreed to go shopping [for things together for the house, now that Martha's way moved in].


Martha arrives, and Alf comments that she is running late. she apologises.

Melody is there when Geoff enters. they talk briefly - as melody is worried that her mum will come into the surf club and catch them. Melody bails.


Aden hopes that Nicole will have fun by herself tonight, with everyone else being at the opening of the den etc. Nicole is clearly up to sometihng when she tells him that she'll muchly have fun tonight.


Alf & Martha help roman was his alcohol order [for tonight's opening]. After Alf comments about Martha running late today, she tel;ls roman that she has been felling really tired these last few days.


Nicole is rally pleased when a previously unseen male teen puts a carton of alcohol in the bot of her car. she thanks him, and says that she is way hoping he can makes it to her party tonight.


the place is all decked out with balloons etc. after Alf comments about having delivered the alcohol for the diner, Leah is worried that some of the older teens might be inclined to have some of it at the diner, but roman assures her that he''l keep an eye out for such tings happening.


Geoff is rally working out his aggression on the punching bag. he then tell to tony about his 'ship with Melody. Geoff comments that because its his 1st 'ship, his felling are really intense etc.


JnM are talking when colleen enters, and give them a belated engagement present - a "great vase". she also comments that it shouldn't be too long before JnM start a family. Jack is dismissive of this, and after Colleen ha bailed, Jack comments on how long it will take before they "accidentally" break the vase - but Martha is muchly distracted by something.


Nic rings Melody, and tell her that Nic is having a party tong ht, and that Geoff will be here. It takes some convincing for Melody to agree to come to the party - even though her mum is going out tonight.


rach, Tony & Martha enter, and when Coleen offers her a glass of champagne, Martha says that she doesn't want any.

Roman or Leah comments that Irene won't be at the opening - as she is at the hospital with Oly.

Aden enters the diner form the kitchen, and after he & belle has a brief verbal clash, Belle is intrigued when Rachel wonders to Aden if he has been to the counsellor that she suggested - he tells her the he hasn't.


Geoff arrives, but the monet that Nic tells him that Melody will be her soon, Geoff tells Nic that he isn't going to risk being in more trouble. Geoff bails.

Soon after, there's already lots of teens at Nic's party when Melody arrives. Nic tells her that Geoff was here, and that he will be back soon.


There's not much of a crowd at the opening, but Leah & belle are enthused that there is still plenty of time for ppl to arrive. Bell is a tad surprised that Melody isn't here.


Aden agrees to help out of the diner tonight, and he has a jibe at Belle that they can spend more time together. Aden bails - he go home and change.

jack arrives, and her talk to tony - thy wonder where Martha is.


Martha looks deep in thought as she walks away from the diner.


Belle approaches Geoff, who looks a tad bored. she assures him that the likes of Annie, Maddie & Ric will be here soon.

As Belle goes back to the counter, another 2 teens bails - Leah comments that several times tonght, ppl have got a text msg and bailed. she wonders what's going on.


Nic's party is in full swing when Aden arrives home, he can't believe that she has done this, but she assures him that everyone has promised to be out of her by 11pm. Nic's plan goes slightly array when Axel & some of his mates [all of whom that Nic didn't invite] arrive.


Rachel approaches Martha - who tells her taht she is pregnant. Martha also tells Rach that she's not sure if jack is the father !!!!



Martha is way stressed that roman will always be in JnM's life id the bub is his

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle : royal blue strapless dress/yellow scarf


Melody : mottled blue [with wide white straps] top/black skirt


Nicole : black bikini/leopard print sarong


Aden : light blue [black unknown motif] t

Aden: black t

Alf : white [red & blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Axel : brown button up shirt

Belle : sky blue t/tan shorts

Coleen : olive green [with lighter green leaves etc] blouse

Colleen : purple blouse/black top

Geoff : green [white "south east conference"] singlet

Geoff : white [grey diag stripes] t/dark long pants

Jack : light blue police uniform shirt

Jack : white button up shirt/black sleeveless jacket

Leah : leopard print thing strap top/white long pants

Leah : red triangular straps dress

Martha : tan singlet top/red sleeveless jacket/dark long pants

Martha : white long sleeve blouse/dark long skirt

Melody : red wide strap dress

Nicole : red [gold lining] dress

Nicole : white [wide rope like straps] singlet top/denim shorts

Nicole's friend : sky blue v neck t [with mustard t beneath]

Rachel : olive green [with thin white straps] dress

Roman : 2 tone green "G Star Original" t/dark shorts

Roman : black button up shirt/denim jeans

Tony : black [with grey sides] SB gym t

Tony : light blue button up shirt/dark long pants

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