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Fri, 23 May 08 - Episode # 4645

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Morag Adds Another String To Her Bow “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 23 May 08 - Episode # 4645]


Ric is packing a picnic basket and Alf suggest tat if Ric & middies want to go somewhere “out of the way” then Lilac bay is the place to go. Ric & Maddie thank Alf before they bail.

Miles talks top Alf about Jai. He’s worried that, because he’s not heard form Jai since miles returned to the bay, then maybe Jai has had a changed of heart about coming to the bay.


Ric & Maddie climb aborad a little dinghy, and they both insist that there's gong to be no talk today of recent issues [like Viv]. Ric starts up the motor and they head on towards Lilac Bay.


Leah is putting up a “grand opening” sign [on the wall opposite to the kitchen. As she does so, Miles helps Leah with her balance.

The 2 go over the counter and when Leah ask, Miles tells her that he did “catch up” with jazz before she left town. Niles tells Leah that jazz was very god for him, as she made him see that women might be interested in him now. Leah is pleads that Miles feels more confident now.


Maddie & Ric walk along the shoreline of the secluded spot when they are surprised to see that Ross & Morag are at the same spot. Ross tells Ric & Maddie that he & Morag are bird watching.

After Ric & Maddie walk past, Ric is keen for he & Maddie t6o bail, but she reminds him hat he said recently that it would be cool to hang out with Morag more often. “Shock” that Ross reminds Morag of the same thing when Morag suggest that she & Ross should bail.


Leah & roman tell colleen that they’ve heard on the grapevine that a food critic form the Costal news will be here tonight – and there’s the very real [possibility hat it could be Gavin. Colleen gets very worried that she be the only waitress on tonight.


Maddie & Ric approach Morag & Ross just after Maddie & Ric appear to have been swimming.

Ross [as he is fishing] hears his mobile ring. After the call ends, he tells Ric that that was one of his old police colleagues, who is looking for Viv [upon a suggestion from Ross]. Ross says that there’s no sign of her at all the place that they thought she might be.

Ross goes back to fishing but his mobile rings once. Ross stitches his mobile off [without taking the call] – he does so after Morag comments about how his phone has rang a “few” times today already.


In kitchen, Roman talk to Leah about Gavin – and she tells him that she’s glad that Gavin attacked the Den that way that he did, as it gave Leah a chance top prove to herself that she could “stand up” or the Den if need be.

Out in the main area. Colleen tends to Gavin & a blonde female that accompanies him. Colleen’s nerves aren’t helped when she gets Gavin’s whine order wrong, but Roman seems to help tigs by introducing himself [as the chef] to Gavin. Roman tells Gavin that he hops that the business with the Den won't affect thing tonight, and Gavin assures him that bit the food is good that is all that matters.


Maddie & Ric are siting on couch and they are paled that they are alone, but that peace is shattered when Alf enters. He coments tat Morag has “stood him up” [for their dinner plans tonight].

Miles then enetrs, and Maddie & Ric decide to go out for dinner tonight.


Maddie & roc arrive but colleen tells them that the place is all but fully booked out tonight. However, she then asks Morag & Ross if Maddie & Ric can sit at their table. They agree, so Maddie & Ric sit with Ross & Morag [which “pleases” all 4 of them, after today of the lilac bay].

Colleen enters the kitchen and Roman gives her someone’s food order. He salo tells Colleen to tell Gavin that his meal is just minutes away.


Miles is on the hone, and when he gets off, he tells Alf that he was speaking to Jai’s social worker – jai will be here in a few days. Miles is worried about how trouble Jai is, but Alf assured him that this house has seen a fair few troubled teens over the years, and that he’s sure that Miles will be able to turn Jai’s life around.


Colleen goes over to Gavin’s table and gives him & his companion their meals. Despite Morag’s”suggestions” that Maddie & co have been waiting for service for ages, Colleen stands by Gavin’s table. Indeed, colleen’s constant attention annoys Gavin so much that he bails.

Colleen then goes into the kitchen and tells roman & Leah that she tried to do her best, but the chat is intrupted when a 20-ish yo male [on the den side of the kitchen] tells Leah that Gavin is in the den and would like to speak to her.


Leah is surprised when Gavin tells her that he ISN”T the reviewer from the paper – after Leah suggests that Gavin shouldn’t hold a grudge against the diner because of the whole business with the Den.

Gavin surprises Leah once or – buy telling her that his boss has told him that he is to do a [non biased] positive article on the Den and its affects ion the community [as advertisers were withdrawing form the paper because of their attacks on the Den].


In the kitchen Leah tells Roman & colleen what's occurred and colleen is rally word that she’s been ignoring that other customers because their thoughts of Gavin being the reviewer. Roman insists that all customers MUST be treated equal form now on, and Leah offers to lend a hand.

As colleen *& Leah get to work in the main part of the eatery, Morag comments on Ross’s phone ringing once more. He doe take this call however.


Miles & Alf are looking at the photos on the mantelpiece. Miles talks about sally an how much of an influence Alf is in her life. Alf insists that he only played a small part in Sal’s life, and that it was mostly Tom & pippa who shaped Sally into the person she is.

Mile wonders about how he will ho with Jai and Alf assures him that miles will be as proud of Jai, as Alf is of Sally.


As Morag, Maddie etc are about to bail, Morag reveals that she was the food critic form the paper – after she got a call form its editor. When colleen suggests that Morag isn’t a journalist, Morag says that she still knows great food when she eats it. She tells roman that the food was GREAT, but tells colleen that he service wasn’t so good. She tells Roman that there’s sure to be a good review in the paper.

Leah or Roman then phone Irene – telling her the good news.


After Ross gets off the phone, he tells Morag that he’s just been told that Noel has been spotted in London [and that the “kidnapping” must has been hoax].

Morag & Ross have just started chatting about the events of today when his mobile rings again. He walks into the kitchen [from the main room] and tells whoever is on the other end of line that “all this has to stop”. When he gets off the phone, Ross looks waaay concerned.



KK [the Bay’s Romeo & Juliet] are back!!!!!!!!

They risk capture [having been on the run for over 3 years] from the law for their unwell child Oliver. We see Kane [now with a beard] hugging his son in the hospital, and Kane asks Irene for another favour!!!!!

Martha is pregnant – but she’s not sure if jack or Roman is the father!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Matilda: red [white tropical motifs] bikini top/red wide strap top/dark blue [white tropic motifs] shorts


Leah: red wide strap top/black long pants


Matilda: aqua teardrop earrings/white [brown check] low cut spaghetti strap top/denim jeans/white plastic arched hairband


Alf: blue & red check [like the SBH uniform] button up shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: bright various colours floral blouse

Colleen: orange & green [kinda jungly] top

Den dude: green [black “NORTON Isle Of Man TT”] t

Gavin: yellow [white thin vertical stripes] button up shirt/dark long pants

Miles: blue & white horiz stripes [black tropical motifs] t

Miles: brown t/black [white swirls] boardies

Morag: off white v neck long sleeve top [with black top beneath]

Morag: white long sleeve top/tan wide brim hat/denim jeans

Ric: white [red eagle] t/brown [white pin stripe] long pants

Ric: white t/dark blue boardies

Roman: white chef’s jacket

Ross Buckton: powder blue button up shirt

Ross Buckton: tan akubra hat/olive green polo shirt/dark shorts

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