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Kate Coaxed Back on the Box

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Kate coaxed back on the box

Sydeney Morning Herald

May 18, 2008

DUAL Gold Logie winner Kate Ritchie is making a return to the small screen only months after her emotional farewell from Home And Away.

Ritchie will appear on a new television series created by her radio co-stars, comedy duo Merrick and Rosso.

Merrick and Rosso, aka Tim Ross and Merrick Watts, are making the new show for The Comedy Channel.

One of the first guests they signed up to The Merrick And Rosso Show was Ritchie, who shares the breakfast shift with them on Nova 96.9.

"I've been negotiating with her every morning at five to six and she took some convincing but I can confirm she will be making a small cameo," Ross said. "She won't be on the show regularly but she's agreed to do something, which is nice."

Since trading the small screen for the airwaves this year, Ritchie has settled comfortably into her new role and proved popular with listeners.

"It's been a great experience having her join the team," Ross said.

"But I always thought she had a natural flair for radio and I think she's going to become a very, very good broadcaster.

"There are people who just take to it like a duck to water and she's one of them. She's real and she's honest and I think she's very funny."

To air in July, the 10-part weekly half-hour series marks a return to television for Merrick and Rosso.

After making Planet Merrick And Rosso for The Comedy Channel 11 years ago, they went into free-to-air television, making Merrick And Rosso Unplanned for Channel Nine and The B-Team for Channel Ten.

"This show will be different. We're trying to get the essence of our live shows into a TV show," Ross said.

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Airdate: Merrick and Rosso Show

Radio boys Merrick Watts and Tim Ross’ new show will premiere on the Comedy Channel in October.

The aptly titled Merrick and Rosso Show will be a thirty minute show with an audience, studio interviews and recorded elements.

Some of the guests being promised include Ray Martin, Sophie Monk and Ian Thorpe.

This isn’t the first time the pair have tried their hand at television. A short lived Merrick and Rosso Unplanned was shown on Nine in 2003. They also had The B Team on TEN in 2005. They first started out on TV on the Comedy Channel with Planet Merrick and Rosso.

These days on Nova Sydney the two are joined by Kate Ritchie, while Merrick is also being well-received on the ABC’s The Hollowmen.

The new show launches Thursday, October 2nd at 8:30pm.

Press Release:

Merrick and Rosso will finally return to their broadcasting birthplace when The Comedy Channel premieres their brand new series, THE MERRICK AND ROSSO SHOW on Thursday, October 2 at 8:30pm (AEST).

Each week the boys will front up before a live studio audience with their unique take on anything and everything. From what’s happening in the world of news and sport to the big questions like “Can you deep fry a watermelon?”

On THE MERRICK AND ROSSO SHOW, celebrities including Sophie Monk, Ian Thorpe and TV legend, Ray Martin will make regular guest appearances from in-studio interviews to recorded comedy pieces to show you a side of them never before seen. Into the mix will go plenty of studio audience interaction and more mayhem and stupidity than is legal in three states.

For perhaps the first time, Merrick Watts and Tim Ross will truly focus the energy and excitement of their legendary sell-out live comedy shows and bring that force to our screens.

Buckle in Australia, for a riotous half hour of THE MERRICK AND ROSSO SHOW. There won’t be a dry seat in the house.

THE MERRICK AND ROSSO SHOW starts October 2, Thursdays at 8.30pm (AEST) on The Comedy Channel.

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