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Thurs, 22 May 08 – Episode # 4644

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ KIRSTY, I Will Look After Your Son “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 22 May 08 – Episode # 4644]


Irene is on the phone, and when she gets off the phone, she tells Geoff & Annie that the AVO is set in stone, so both of them MUST stay away from Melody. Annie objects to this, but Irene insists that she must.

Even after Irene bails, Annie tells Geoff that she is keen to do something about what’s happened, but Geoff, like Irene, suggest that Annie should stay out of this.


Nicole approaches Annie, and Annie comments on Melody & Geoff’s sitatuation. Nic is keen to help, but Annie well & truly tells her that they don’t need Nicole’s help.

Unbeknownst, or otherwise, to Annie & Nic, Christine is watching that form in her car which is parked nearby.


Nic is still keen to get tighter with Aden, but he once more rejects her – but it’s another case of it being a little bit after Nic has begun to “turn him on”.


Roman is busy preparing meals in the kitchen when Nicole interrupts – raving on about her problems. Roman suggests that if the rest of the ppl in the bay don’t like Nicole, then maybe Nicole needs to take a hard look at herself etc. When he suggestions that Nic should take Aden as a good example of turning your life around, Nic comments that Aden isn’t as “healed” as Roman thinks. Nic bails.


Aden is sitting when his legs dangling off the wharf – he has a flashback to when Nic was kissing him, and wanting to go further, a few eps ago. Aden gets up and starts walking towards the diner end up the wharf.


Nic enters, and suggest to Annie that she really wants to help Geoff & Melody. She gives Annie her mobile – so Annie can give it to Melody [so she can contact Geoff that way]. Annie is initially unsure of the plan, but Nic’s enthusiasm is quite persuasive, so Annie agrees to the plan.


Melody is in room when Annie climes in the window. Melody is more that a tad to see her. Annie gives her Nic’s mobile, and tells melody the story behind it. Melody tells Annie to tell Geoff that she will ring Geoff just after 7pm tonight [as her mum had her book club meeting then etc].

Melody & Annie hear a knock at the door – so Annie climbs under melody’s bed. Moments later, Christine enters and sits on the bed. Christine wonders why Melody seems to be studying extra hard this afternoon, and melody says that they’ve got a maths test in a couple of days.

After Christine bails form the room, to let melody study, Annie bails out the window. As Annie is walking to the front gate, Christine [near font door] sees her and wonders what Annie is doing here. Annie says that she was thinking about talking to Melody, but thought against it. She asks Christine to tell Melody [who is at her bedroom window listening in btw] that she called around, and to say hello form Annie. Annie then walks away.


Aden enters and he asks Rachel if they can talk - she agrees to do so.


Geoff almost can’t believe it when Annie tells him of what she’s done [Nic’s mobile to Melody], but he way thanks he for doing it.


Aden tells Rachel of how he & a girl got REAL close recently, and although he wanted to all the way with her, something stopped him from doing so. Rachel suggests that it’s because of what’s happened with his grandfather.

Rach suggest that Aden should see a doctor that she knows to deal with this, but Aden isn’t keen on that idea. Indeed, he exits the house.


Annie & Geoff are in the longue when Irene says that she is going to visit Oly [Oliver]. Annie is keen to go, but Geoff says [in light of THAT call he is waiting for from melody] that he’s got some schoolwork etc to do. Annie & Irene nails.


Aden is, well, a tad grumpy as he works in the kitchen with roman.

Nic enters and wonders if she can borrow some money from Roman, so she can take a potential new friend to the movies.

When roman goes into mien part of the diner [with some food orders], Nicole suggest to Aden tart although she; like to a good girl for her dad, if the right thing to do is too boring, then she’ll definitely have fun the wrong way.


Geoff is very pleased when the phone rings – its Melody of course. She tells it that she hates it at home, and that she feels like she is in jail. Melody insists that she NEEDS to stand up to her mum. The call end – after Melody says that her mum’s book club meeting is about to end.


Rachel enters the kitchen [via the Den] and tells Roman tells Aden came to her house and was keen to speak to her. Roman says that Aden was certainly not his usual self tonight at work. Rach insists that he thinks that Roman is doing a great job with Aden.

After Roman notices that Nicole has left her purse on the kitchen bench here, Rachel is doing a good job with Nicole. Roman however tells Rachel that Nicole’s confident personality is an act – and there’s definitely things going on under the surface.


The women form Christine’s book club exit the house, and just after they are gone, Melody tells Christine that she isn’t going to bed just yet – as she has some homework to do. Christine sees something flashing just under Melody’s top, and Melody says that she found a mobile when she was walking home today.


Roman [diner] rings Nicole’s mobile, and Christine answers it. Both wonder who is on the other end of the line initially, before Christine tells Roman that Melody found this [Nicole’s] mobile today. Roman says that he will come over & get the mobile in just over an hour [when he finishes work]


In the kitchen, Annie tells Geoff that the doctors still aren’t sure why Oly is unwell, and that they are doing more tests etc.

Geoff than thanks Annie for what she did [the mobile plan] as it was VERY good to hear Melody’s voice etc again.

Christine arrives at the back door, and tells Geoff that he EVER tries that mobile trick again; she is going to go to the police about it. Christine then bails.


Roman gives Nicole her purse, and she tells him that her new friend Courtney had to pay for them at the movies tonight. He then wonders if he can borrow her mobile, as his is charging at the moment. She says that hers is too – but he takes it out of his pocket. Roman muchly has a go at Nicole for being so silly – esp. Given theta Geoff was breaking the AVO by merely talking to Melody. Roman then tells the stunned Nicole that she is GROUNDED.


Irene is sitting at the wheel of her stationary car. She is on the phone, and she well and truly suggest to the person that she is talking to that they shouldn’t try to go to the hospital as they’ll be recognised by someone who will call the police.

Irene then urges to KIRSTY!!!! [who is he person that she is talking on the phone] that she WILL look after Oliver, and that she will contact Kirsty when she has any news about what’s up with Oly.



KK [Kane/Kirsty, the Bay’s Romeo & Juliet] are back!!!!!!!!

They risk capture [having been on the run for over 3 years] from the law for their unwell child Oliver. We see Kane [now with a beard] hugging his son in the hospital, and Kane asks Irene for another favour!!!!!

[note – it’s ironic that Geoff is “slapped” with an AVO just as KK return to the Bay]

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Irene: aqua blouse/dark long pants


Annie: baby pink [white floral] v neck t/tan jeans


Rachel: black v neck top/ dark beaded necklace/dark skirt


Aden: black t/black long pants

Aden: red [white “Desala [something]”] t/white [black tropic motif & aqua horiz lines on left leg] boardies

Annie: SBH Uniform

Christine Jones: black v neck top [with red top beneath]

Christine Jones: light blue blouse/bone long pants

Geoff: SBH Uniform

Geoff: white [black unknown logo] t/dark blue [green check] shorts

Melody: green singlet top/white knee length skirt

Nicole: SBH Uniform

Nicole: red, orange & yellow long sleeve dress/wide white belt

Roman: grey t/denim jeans

Roman: white chef’s jacket

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