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Wed, 21 May 08 – Episode # 4643

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I Want To Know MORE About Oliver !!!! “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 21 May 08 – Episode # 4643]


Tony enters and tells Rachel about what Jazz did [the whole laxatives thing]. Tony isn’t that keen on Rachel going over tho talk to Jazz, but Rachel grabs a bottle [of whatever] and heads out the door.


Rachel enters, and suggests that Jazz should take some of the pills that she bought over [in that bottle]. Rach says that she wants jazz to have a clear head when they talk.


Although Annie thinks it’s a great thing that Geoff & Melody are great together, Irene suggest that it wasn’t such a good deaf o them to go to JnM’s party together.

As they talk, the phone rings and Belle answers it, but the person hangs up. There’s another 4 messages, where the person has immediately hang up, on the answering machine. Annie thinks that it might be Melody, but Irene suggests that Annie shouldn't be saying things like that.


As Rach tries to talk to Jazz, the letter suggest that Rachel is perfect and can’t do anything wrong. After Jazz says that she has no idea who she REALLY is [what she really wants in life etc], Rachel suggests that Jazz should do that [find out she truly is].


It’s late at night and Irene answers the phone. She is WAAAAAAAAAAY shocked at who is on that other end of the line. Form Irene’s responses, its clear that the person she is speaking to is the person who has been having up a number of time recently p[incl when Belle answered the phone earlier tonight]. Irene insists that the person should slow down and tell her everything that’s happened.

Meanwhile, in Belle’s room, Annie & Belle are talking. Belle suggest that Melody could move into the beach house – but Belle insist that Melody’s case if VERY different to Annie’s & Geoff’s. Belle also uses her own ‘ship with Amanda as an example, i.e. although parents & kids might not get along all the time, she knows that Amanda loves her etc.

Belle then “suggests” that Annie should bail – so she can go to sleep. Annie complies.

Annie is about to head up the stirs when Irene comes down them. Irene tells her that she is going to go out for a walk – after everything that’s occurred, Irene just needs to de-stress. As Annie goes up stairs, Irene goes out the door.


Irene pulls up in her car. She can see nearby, just outside the barn, a little curly haired boy. In the shadows of the barn, a woman [i can only tell that because the paeon is wearing a very girly earring] kisses the boy, before she runs off into the shadows.

Irene gets out of the car – and goes over and hugs the wrapped up is a blanket child.


Tony & Rachel are talking when the phone rings. It’s Irene who tells Rachel that she found a 3 year old boy [near the surf club] when she was out for a walk. After Irene says that the boy appears to be unwell, Rachel says that she will be over to Irene’s place soon.


After she gets off the phone, Irene “suggests” to 3 yo Oliver that he can’t say anything about his situation.

Rachel ^ jack arrive, and Irene tells them about how she only found Oliver with a backpack with some clothes etc in it. Irene is surprised to see that Jack has come with Rachel, but he insists that they do need to try to find the parents as soon as possible.


Jazz enters the house, and tells Tony that Rach should SERIOUSLY think about going back to specialising as a psychologist, as she told Jazz more about herself [in their chat tonight] than Jazz ever knew about herself.

Jazz tells Tony that she thinks its best that she leaves town – to try to find out who she REALLY is.

Just before jazz bails, she wonders [kinda jokingly] if Tony will send her an invite to the wedding -= Tony merely responds by hugging jazz, and wishing her all the best.


Jazz is about to phone DOCS when Irene suggest that she is a DOCS carer and that Oliver can stay with her until they find etc his parents.

Rachel examines Oliver [incl the cut /rash on his leg] – and it’s clear from his actions that he’s been examined by a doctor before. Rach tells Irene that they will have to take Oliver to the hospital. Irene looks a tad worried at that prospect, but goes with Rachel’s suggestion.


Next day, Jazz talks to Miles about what’s occured, and how she is leaving town. Miles tells jazz that he is pleased that they were together for a while, as jazz helped him move on. Jazz then tells Miles that she is going to start “finding herself” by trying to rebound with Drew.

After Jazz bails, Alf wonders to miles of how Jazz is ‘travelling” at the moment. Miles suggest that he thinks that Jazz is going pretty well.


At the table, Geoff, Annie & belle all voice their concerns about Oliver, i.e. how could his parents just abandon him like that, but as Irene comments to them that no one knows that full story about what’s going on, its clear that Irene knows a LOT more about Oliver [and his parents] that she is letting on.

Before Irene bails, she “suggest” to Geoff to stay about Melody [because of all the recent troubles]. After Irene goes, Annie voice her opposition to what Irene has said, but its clear that Geoff will abide by what Irene has said.


Rachel gets off the phone just before Irene enters. She tells Irene that the staff at the hospital aren’t quite sure what is causing Oliver’s infection, so they are keeping him at the hospital until they discovered what’s up.

Jack, and then Martha enter the main room. Irene is a little concerned when jack suggest that the police will have to get involved [distributing a photo of Oliver to try and find the parents].


Irene answers the phone, and she tells whoever is one the other end of the line that they better be extras careful, as the police are now involved in trying to find Oliver’s parents.


Geoff & Annie are walking to school when Jack pulls up in his police car near them. After he gets out of the car, he tells Geoff that Christine has issued an AVO against him – so he can’t go anywhere near Melody. Geoff AND Annie are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay shocked.



Irene is on the phone whilst driving at night – she tells whoever she is talking to [Oliver’s parents I guess] that she will WAAAAAAAY look after him!!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Annie: baby pink [red lining, and a single strawberry motif] singlet top/white [red hearts] PJ long pants


Irene: aqua blouse/dark long pants


Jazz: royal blue hoodie/green top


Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt

Annie: SBH Uniform

Annie: hot pink dress

Belle: black singlet top/grey pyjama long pants

Belle: white (black sunglass wearing girl motif) t

Belle: black [red band at waist] strapless dress

Geoff: green [white lining] singlet

Geoff: SBH Uniform

Geoff: yellow [dark blue tropic] t/dark long pants

Irene: off white [black floral] elbow length sleeves top [with black top beneath]/dark long pants/grey jacket

Jack: blue button up shirt/black sleeveless jacket

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Jazz: black [white latticed v neck] mid thigh dress

Jazz: black, yellow, white & blue [black on bust, and yellow & blue separated by wide white vertical stripes]

Martha: grey cami top/white (red floral) PJ long pants

Miles: apple green t/faded black jacket/grey & brown check long pants

Oliver: red t/blue shorts

Rachel: black v neck top/ dark beaded necklace

Rachel: off white low cut v dress

Tony: dark brown [white dots?] button up shirt/dark jacket

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