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Mon, 19 May 08 – Episode # 4641

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ We’re In Trouble – Morag’s Being WAAAY Too Nice “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 19 May 08 – Episode # 4641]


Leah tries to call Gavin about what’s happened, but merely gets his answering machine. Leah & bell are concerned about this whole bin through the window incident.


Morag invites Alf, colleen, Maddie & Ric in. Morag is VERY nice to all of them, even Colleen.


Miles tells Martha about how he is about to bail to go and see Jai.

Jack enters, and both he & Martha are hoping that they don’t receive another verbal attack form Morag.

Miles is about to bail when JnM talk about the incident at the coastal news.


Miles approaches leah, who tells him that she is very worried about what the paper will print about this latest incident. Indeed, Leah is conceding postponing the official opening of the Den, but Miles suggest against that.


With Morag away form the main from, colleen & Ric in particular are worried that Morag is being too nice too nice.

This niceness continues when JnM arrive, and after Morag has once more left the room [having greeted JnM]. Colleen suggests that maybe it’s because Morag & Ross Buckton are getting married – as nothing gets by colleen’s “wedding radar”. That comments brings a wry smile to JnM’s faces.


Leah & miles talk about Jazz & miles broke up, before Leah tells miles that she hopes all goes well in the city [with Jai].

After Miles bails, we see Belle & Irene in the kitchen. Belle wonders about Leah & Miles getting together, but Irene sys that Leah’s not ready to move on form Dan as yet.

Belle gets a text message – she tells Irene that Tor [the dude who read THAT play at the Den a few eps ago] is at the surf club.


Morag come clean about what this family meeting in all about. She tells everyone that a number of ppl have made her see sense, so she’ll have more time for m the likes of colleen & Ric, and although she’s still not that keen on JnM, she won’t say anything further on the matter. JnM and the others can’t quite believe that Morag has “moved on” like she has, but they are VERY glad.


Belle approaches Tor, who denies that he has ANYTHING to do with what happened at coastal news. Belle well & truly tells Tor that she thinks that he is a hypocrite, and that his actions could cause the Den to close. Tor doesn’t budge though.


Colleen tells Leah about Morag’s change of heart, and after Belle enters, she tells Leah about how Tor wouldn’t admit to the “bin through the window” incident. Leah & Belle wonder how bad the newspaper headlines morrow is going to be.


Next morn, Belle, Irene & colleen aren’t surprised by the latest Coastal News front page story, “Den of delinquency – is your child safe?”

Leah enters the diner, form the kitchen, and tells Belle the Tor have just entered the Den.

After Belle & Leah go through the kitchen and into the Den, Tor tells them that he did throw that bin thrown the coastal news window. Leah suggests that they should cancel the piece that the city paper is doing on them, but Belle has a great idea of how to REALLY use that city piece to their advantage.


Miles approaches a house in what looks to be a suburban street. He enters, and meets with a male social worker, what tells him that Jai barely speak to anyone here. Miles goes out onto the back patio, and sits beside Jai [who is constantly bounding a tennis ball]. Miles tells Jai that he'd like to explain his actions.


Belle & Leah tells Gavin that they’ve got proof of who smashed the window and why. He suggests that the paper will print a retraction, but Leah & belle insist that that’s not good enough. If the truth about the window smashing isn’t front page news morrow, then they will deliver a flyer to anyone in town [which says everything about why Tor held the play at the Den, and the trauma of the Coastal News headline cause him to act irrationally and smash the window]. Leah also says that the city newspaper would “lap up” a story on a small town newspaper trying to destroy a place that is trying to help kids.

Gavin agrees [incl to Leah & belle “suggestions “that they see the newspaper piece about this before it’s printed], but he also still suggest that Leah & belle are “out of their depth” running a place like this.


Miles tells Jai that, after the tsunami, Miles could barley look after himself, which meant that he was in no position to look after anyone else. Although Miles talks passionately about what he went through, Jai doesn't want to hear it – and merely responds with an “are you finished?” before Jai stands up & goes back inside.

Soon after, [inside the refuge] Jai is playing an arcade style car racing game, when Miles tries to talk to him once more. Jai insists that he can take after himself, but Miles tells him that the family that he lives with all say that Jai can stay with them as long as he likes. Miles give Jai a contact phone number – and he then exits the building. Jai follows him out the door – and Miles is VERY pleased when Jai says that he will go with Miles to his home.


Jack approaches Marth, who says that Morag has got the right idea – the whole “leaving the past in the past” ting. Martha shows jack that she has on the engagement ring that he gave her. She suggests they hold a BIG engagement party – as she is sure that Rachel/Tony won’t mind etc. JnM waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kiss & hug !!!!



Looks like there’s a MASSIVE party to celebrate JnM’s engagement, but

there’s storm clouds brewing elsewhere – it’s to do with Irene and a young [5 yr old???, previously unseen] boy !!!

Note – Jai is listed as main cast on the end credits !!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Leah: black thin strap dress


Matilda: dark aqua [with a black band just below the bust] wide strap dress


Colleen: 2 tone blue swirls? Blouse


Alf: grey button up shirt/dark long pants

Belle: navy blue [with a white navy uniform like motif] v neck top/red long pants

Belle: purple & black horizontalontal stripes [Emily The Strange] top/white vest/denim skirt

Colleen: grey [purple floral] blouse/peach top/red scarf

Gavin: dark suit/sky blue button up shirt

Irene: brown [white floral] long sleeve top

Irene: red blouse

Jack: powder blue button up shirt/dark jacket/dark long pants

Jack: red t/dark shorts

Jai: white [light grey check] jacket/various bright colour triangles singlet top

Leah: yellow [green & grey double ended tri] dress

Martha: black & white mosaic like long sleeve top

Martha: white blouse/dark shirts

Miles: dark long pants/blue [cityscape] t

Miles: olive green button up shirt/red t/denim jeans

Morag: white top/white [tan horizontal stripes] jacket

Ric: plum [yellow “ed hardy” logo] t/denim jeans

Social Worker: white [green horizontal stripes] v neck t

Tor: green button up shirt

Tor: olive green button up shirt/dark long pants

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