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Fri, 16 May 08 – Episode # 4640

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Maybe Summer Bay Isn’t The Place For Me “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 16 May 08 – Episode # 4640]


Maddie & Ric hastily enter the main room, after alarm clock issues meant their running late this morn. Alf tells Ric that Morag has called for all the family to be at Roman’s tonight. Ric is worried, but Maddie comments that at least she doesn’t have to be there. Alf responds by saying that Morag has requested that Maddie should be there as well.

After Alf bails [to tell colleen], Ric admits that he now feels pretty worried about Viv, and he hopes that Noel hasn’t been able to catch up with her. Maddie tells Ric that she too is worried about Viv. Maddie & Ric kiss before she bails to go to school.


Alf tells Colleen about the meeting that Morag gas arranged. Colleen is worried about what Morag will say.

Nearby, noel is sneaking amongst the vans. Ric spots him, and Noel wants Ric to let him in the house, as there are ppl after him. Noel also asks about Viv, but Ric insists that noel has to get out of here. Noel complies – but he’s annoyed. Btw, he looks way scared at the prospect of the ppl who are after him catching up to him.


Nic [in her version of the SBH uniform] rejects Aden’s idea of them having lunch together, but things aren’t exactly going well for Nic. A boy teases her about the whole kissing lessons thing, and the she encounters jazz, who is carrying a box with all her things in it. Jazz tells Nic that Bartlett has terminated her employment.

After jazz walks away, Nic ask Maddie if they could have lunch together, but Maddie says that she is gong home for lunch. Naturally, Aden mocks Nicole for all that’s just occurred.


Jack talks to Ric about what’s occurred. He says that he rally can’t do too much because, without Viv here, noel hasn’t broken his bail conditions. Jack insists that he will keep an eye out for Noel.


Belle is keen to apologise to Gavin for what she said [because of how it could affect the Den], but Leah insists that there is no way that belle is going to apologise for what said.


As they talk about Gavin’s upcoming investigation into the Den, Leah suggest that they should speak to the newspapers in the city about this.


Both Aden & the boy who was teasing Nic earlier comment on Nicole being back in the normal SBH female uniform. Aden then tells Nic that if she comes to the Den wit him for lunch, he’ll tell her more about the news about Geoff & Melody. Aden does reveal that Melody’s mum is sending her to a catholic school, but he holds off on further revelations. Nic is intrigued and agrees to go to the Den with him.


Jazz enters, and colleen comments on how please she is for miles, but Jazz says that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Jazz goes into the kitchen and asks Roman for a job here. He says that they have all the ppl they need at the diner, but he will keep her in mind.

Jazz goes back out to the main part of the diner, and is about to bail when Tony [who’s just entered] comments about Miles to her. She tells him that Jazz/Miles are over. Tony is keen to talk to jazz about this, so they sit at a table.


Leah is on the phon to one of the city newspapers, with Belle chipping ion with little comments to Leah – reminding her of thing to mention to the paper. When Leah gets off the phone, she is REALLY pleased -as the city paper is keen to do a story on the Den.


Jazz tells Tony all about what’s happened. She’s holding back tears when she, as she gets up from the table, Jazz tells Tony that she doesn’t think that summer bay is the place for her. Jazz then exits the diner.


Maddie is in the kitchen, and noel [back patio] is watching her. He enters the house, and he tells Maddie that he knows that Ric isn’t here. Noel tells Maddie that he just wants to know where Viv is. Noel looks rather shaken as he asks Maddie about Viv.

Ric enters, and he tells noel that she was here, but now he hes NO idea where she is. Noel tells Ric & Maddie to tell Viv [if she should contact them] that Noel DEEPLY loves her. Noel bails.


Noel is walking toward the exit and he removes his jacket moments before a car pulls up. 2 BIG guys exit the car – it’s clear that these guys are to the ones who are after Noel.


Roman is impressed when leah tell him that there’ll be a TV piece about the Den as well, as the city newspaper is connected to a TV station.

They both go into the kitchen, where roman wonders if the TV ppl could incl the diner [partic its restauraunt by night idea] in their piece.

Leah wonders why roman is looking at the rosters for the diner. He tells her about jazz loosing her job.


Ric sees a jacket and a wallet on the ground. He is quite surprised when he discovers that it belong to NOEL.


Jack tells Ric that Noel didn’t turn up at his bail hearing today, and that the police will be on the look out for him.

It night time now, and Maddie, Ric and especially Colleen [who has just entered the house] are worried about this meeting Morag has arranged. Colleen in particular thinks that Morag will REALLY let them all how she feels about them – which isn’t a good thing, given recent comments to Colleen & JnM.


Nic & Aden enter, and Nic backs up her comments about how “dead” the Den is tonight [hardly any in there tonight] by writing in that white board that the place is boring.

Aden meanwhile tries to convince Belle to eat with him, but she “suggest”: that that would REALLY make her feel ill. Btw, Nic & Aden are at the Den because of Morag’s family meeting at Roman’s place.

Ken Harper enters, and tells Belle that there’s been at incident at the offices of The Coastal News.

Soon after, in the kitchen Harper tell Belle and Leah [who’s just returned for a supply run] that a garbage bin was thrown through the font window of the Coastal News office. The bin had a message, “This is for The Den”, on it. Leah is distressed when Harper says that the police WILL be in touch with them again soon!!!!!



Looks like there’s a MASSIVE party to celebrate JnM’s engagement, but

there’s storm clouds brewing elsewhere – it’s to do with Irene and a young [5 yr old???, previously unseen] boy !!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Matilda: dark aqua [with a black band just below the bust] thin strap dress


Jazz: royal blue [with yellow& silver on bust] thin strap top/black knee length skirt


Belle: purple & black horizontal stripes [Emily The Strange] top/white vest/denim skirt


Aden: SBH uniform

Aden: green [white crest] t/ denim jeans

Alf: light blue [dark blue & green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: mottled gold jacket/red top

Colleen: orange (white native floral) blouse/blue top/red [white flecks] long skirt

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Ken Harper: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Leah: yellow [green double ended tri] dress

Matilda: SBH uniform

Nicole: purple [white floral] long sleeve shirtdress/red belt

Nicole: SBH uniform [i.e. the conventional one]

Nicole: SBH tartan skirt/SBH men’s shirt [sans tie]

Noel: dark jacket/grey t/dark long pants

Ric: plum [yellow “ed hardy” logo] t/denim jeans

Roman: white chef’s jacket/dark long pants

Tony: red t/dark shorts

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