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Wed, 14 May 08 – Episode # 4638

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ It Will Be Christine On Trial, Not Miles “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 14 May 08 – Episode # 4638]

Note – I don’t know why, but we had the opening credits for the 3rd day running [for the 1st time in ages]


It looks like Morag has just finished talkig to miles about her plan when the ep begins. She wonders if there is time for her to go home & change before the meeting starts. Miles says that there is, so Morag bails.

Alf enters the room – he is on the phone. When the call ends moments later, he tells Miles that Noel is already out on bail. Alf wonders if Miles has any issues with Ric bringing Viv here [to stay a few days]. Miles sys that that won’t be a problem.


Melody talk to Geoff on the phone. He wonders if she would like to come over here [beach house] tonight during the meeting, but as soon as Melody’s dad enters the room, Melody ends the call abruptly.

When her dad asks, Melody says that she was talking t Annie. Melody’s mum enters the room, and her dad says that he can’t go to the meeting tonight because he’s got a report etc to finish for work – that has to be on the boss’ desk tomorrow.

After he bails form the room, Melody looks worried when she sees the slideshow presentation that her mum has created [out of the camera phone pics tat she took].


Geoff tries to subtlety suggest to Annie that she should go out tonight, but she kinda teases him about using the meeting [i.e. the fact that Christine will be there] so he & melody can spend time tonight.

Irene comes down the stars, and Annie is keen to go to the meeting to support Miles, but Irene tells her that there are to be no teens etc at the meeting.


Leah wonders if Belle will be ok here on her own, as she is heading off to the P&C meeting. Belle insists that she will be. Colleen enters, and she tells Bell & Leah theta she doesn’t know what all the fuss is about – especially Since Colleen thinks that it’s a very BORING paly. Colleen & Leah bails.


In the corridor, Irene sees Bartlett approaching and she wonders about what sort of chance he thinks that Miles has. Bartlett insists that he can’t be seen to be taking sides, and that the meeting’s decision will be final. Jazz approaches Bartlett – and suggest that one little indiscretion [think fight club] shouldn’t be able to end a person’s career, but Bartlett doesn’t take to kindly to her suggestion.


Viv, Maddie & Ric enters, and after Ric leads Viv up to her room, Alf wonders how maddie is feeling about all of this. Maddie insists that she is totally OK with Viv being here.


In the classroom where the meeting will be held, there’s a gathering of parents etc. Morag enters, and she’s not that keen that colleen is there as well, but colleen insists that she is a concerned member of the community who is here to spt Miles. Morag tell colleen & the others that, by the end of this meeting, it will be Christine on trial, not Miles.


Melody are rather surprised when her mum insists that she is going to the meeting too. Melody reminds her mum that it’s forbidden for students to be there, but Christine insists that she needs Melody to prove her point. Melody is clearly annoyed, but she goes with her mum.


Whilst they wait for Christine to arrive, Colleen once more voice her opinion that its a boring play [“spring awakenings”], whilst Leah comets to Irene that Jazz seems to be waaaaaaaaaaaay clinging to Miles – like he’s her possession.

Gavin [coastal news] enter the room, and Irene wonders to Leah about what “spin” Gavin will put on this story.


Geoff is worried tat Melody isn't here yet, but Annie suggest against phoning her [in case her parents answer]. Annie tells Geoff that she hopes Melody gets here soon, before Annie bails.


Bartlett is not than keen when he sees Melody enter with Christine, but the latter insists that she needs Melody for her presentation.

Whilst Christine sets up laptop etc, Bartlett suggest that Miles should put fwd his case.


Alf, Ric & Maddie are at the dining table talking about Viv, who, unknown to the, is at the bottom of the stairs. She hears it when Ric says that Viv has changed, and that if Noel gets to speak to her, she’ll most likely go with what ever he says. Viv enters the room, to get a drink, and it’s clear that Ric & co aren’t aware the she has heard them.


Belle talks to Annie about what’s going on with all this play nonsense, but it’s clear that Annie thinks that Christine won’t give up until Miles is ousted.

A guy in his late teens enters, and wonders when the play reading will begin. Belle doesn’t know what he is talking about until another guy enters moments later. He says that they are going to spt Miles, by having a reading of the play here. Belle is more than a tad wary, but allows it – it doesn’t help that the play reading organiser has no idea how many ppl will attend [as the txt msg has been sent to countless ppl].


Miles finishes speech by seeing that the play isn’t pornographic, and that it’s just as relevant now as to when it was written.

Christine then begins her presentation, and immediately Morag wages battle with Christine. She wonders if Christine had any kinda of permission to come onto school, grounds at take pics of the students the way that she did. Bartlett, when asked by Morag, insists tat Christine did not have permission to do so.

Christine continues her argument – by siting Melody as proof of Miles’ evil teachings. Melody looks horrified that her mum has got her involved.


As the play reading continues, Belle & Roman both comment on how bored the kids who are listening to the play are. Belle comments that the dude reading the play is a former SBH student, she thinks. Belle then spots another paeon enetr the room – she tells Roman that is a guy called Ben, who is form Coastal News.


Christine gets more & more flustered as she tries to convince everyone that Miles is dragging their kids into the gutter [where he was when he 1st arrived in town]. Colleen is keen to comment on miles behalf but Leah suggets that Christine is doing her own cause more harm than good by herself. Irene takes offence when Christine suggests that Goeff is corrupting Melody, and Melody herself can’t take any more of this. She insists that her mum should be quite – before melody runs form the room.

A desperate Chrétien then call for a show of hands supporting to dismissal of Miles, but there’s only 1 or 2 ppl [amongst 20+ ppl at the meeting] who support her stance. Colleen, Jazz, Morag etc are very pleased when Bartlett says that it’s clear that Miles will be saying on here at SBH.


Alf & Ric are in the main room, when Maddie enters form upstairs. He tells them that Viv is gone – and that she left a note. Ric reds out the note – in which Viv says tat she overheard them, and thinks that they are right [about noel being able to talk her ‘round].


Miles tells Irene, colleen, Jazz etc that he is VERY pleased at what’s happened

Leah approaches Christine and she wonders how Melody is at the moment. Christine insist that Melody will be fine.


Geoff is on the couch when there’s a knock at the back door. When he opens it, he sees Melody. She’s way been crying and tells Geoff that she HATES her mum, and that she can’t go back there [home]. Geoff hugs Melody



Jazz/Miles looks to be over – and her blackmailing of Bartlett appears to be the cause!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Leah: dark purple v neck singlet top/dark long pants


Matilda: aqua thin strap top/2 tone brown cardigan/dark blue [way light pink floral] shorts


Belle: black [gold kinda swirls] singlet/red jeans


Alf: maroon & white check button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: orange, yellow & white singlet top/red long pants

Annie: yellow wide strap top/dark long pants

Christine Jones: white [dark pin stripe] blouse/black skirt

Colleen: orange blouse/dark top/gold scarf [in a large v shape round her neck]

Dude Who Asked Belle About The Play: white [brown check] button up shirt/denim jeans

Geoff: dark blue t/dark long pants

Irene: grey blouse/dark long pants

Jazz: red strapless top/white scarf [in a large v shape round her neck]

Melody: peach thin strap top/peach cardigan

Melody’s dad – white button up shirt/gold [2 blue diag stripes] tie

Miles: grey [pin stripe] suit/dark button up shirt/emerald green tie

Morag: dark suit

Morag: plum cardigan/off white top & long pants

Mr Bartlett: black suit/white button up shirt/brown [yellow dots] tie

Play Group Leader: white [faint red & blue floral] button up shirt/denim jeans

Ric: white [3 apricot vertical “blocks”] t

Roman: white chef’s jacket

Viv: red kinda low cut v neck top [with black top beneath]

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