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Tues, 13 May 08 – Episode # 4637

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Her Stalker Mother Has Been Taking Photos Of Mr Copeland’s Class “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 13 May 08 – Episode # 4637]


In the kitchen, Roman tells Morag about THAT $200 bit – and how he read the riot act to Nicole & Aden. Nic then enters the room, and comments that Morag is finally back form her “dirty weekend” with Ross.

Roman is about to go to work, but Nicole wonders if they can talk. Roman says that it will have to be on the way, and they both exit the house.


As they walk towards the diner, Nic tells Roman that the reason that she is here in the bay is that her mum’s current partner tried to KISS her. Roman doesn’t like the sounds of that, and then Nic tell him that her mum didn’t exactly believe Nicole when she told her about what happened.


Martha is REALY pleased when Jack gives her back the engagement ring that he gave her before they got married the 1st time. Martha suggests though that, although they are way happy, they should wait until Tony/Rachel have got married before they tell everyone.

Rachel enters, and comments on the difficult, lengthy shift that she’s just finished. She can see that JnM are very happy, and jack tells her that it’s because he’s decided to rejoin the police force.


Alf comments to Miles about this situation that ric’s been in [with the fighting], and then Alf comments on Jazz/Miles, but miles insists that he & jazz are just taking things slow. Just before miles bails, he comments about dreading tonight’s P&C meeting.


With Irene keeping a close eye on them, Nic tells Roman that the reason that she didn’t tell him about what happened with her mum’s b/f is that shoe didn’t rally know Roman when she came to town, but now she fells that that know each other enough to tell him.

Nicole bails – after roman “suggest” that she should go to school today, and when Nic is gone, Irene approaches roman who tell her that things should be better with Nic now.

Morag enters and Alf approaches her – he suggests that she shouldn’t be opposing JnM sooooooo much, but Morag isn’t exactly in the mood to listen to such nonsense.


Nicole & Aden are both in the kitchen and Nic tells Aden that she has sorted things out with roman. Aden then comments about how all the kids of school are going to comment about everything to do with THAT bet, but Nic assures Aden that she can handle anything they dish up.


Nic is waling along when 2 SBH boys [behind her] make comments about kissing practice etc. Jack & Martha [in jack’s car] are heading in the opposite direction to Nic, but jack stops the car, and gets out and suggest that the boys shouldn’t be harassing Nic like that. The 2 say that jack can’t do anything about it, but [since he is in normal clothes] he shows them his police badge, and tells that the he is back on the force as of today.

As Jack “bundles” the 2 into his car – to take them personally to Bartlett, Christine & melody are on the other side of the road. Christine is taking a fair few pics with her camera phone of hat’s occurring. She tells melody that what she’s just seen only backs up her point about how Miles has led the students astray.

Melody then suggest to her mum that she can walk the rest of the way herself but Christine insists on walking Melody to class – so she can’t meet up with Geoff before school starts. Btw, it’s clear that Nic saw Christine taking some of the pics.


As Nic & Aden walk the corridors, both male & fame students [incl Axel’s sister Danielle] don’t hold back on teasing Nicole about her recent antics.

When Nic is getting a book out of her locker, Annie gives her back the bag of clothes that she gave her. Annie says tat the clothes were just a bribe to help her with Geoff. Nic tries to reason with Annie, but gets nowhere. Nic then tries to give the clothes to Melody, suggesting the Melody needs all the help that she can get, but Melody rejects the clothes as well.

Nicole enters the classroom, and after Geoff comments about what happened, Nic insist that this is NOT over, and that SHE will end it when she is ready. Nicole tries to sit down, but Danielle [who has just entered the class] tries to block Nic from doing so. Nicole is able to evade her blockade quickly though.

In another classroom, Melody comments to Annie about how annoying “she” is, but when Annie comments that she also thinks that Nic is totally annoying, Melody corrects her – and says that Melody was talking about her MUM, not Nicole.


JnM enters, and Irene takes their [coffee] order. Roman enters the room [form the kitchen] and can clearly see that JnM are waaaaaaaaaaay back together.

Morag enters and ask Irene for a table far way form JnM. Martha takes offence to this and goes over to where Morag is siting and waaaaaaay verbally abuses her for the way she is treating JnM. Math also comments that if Morag keeps on behaving this way, that Ross will be the only thing she has left. JnM then bail.


Martha is very annoyed that Morag is happy for them especially since the like of Tony & Alf are. Martha admits that she almost blurted it out that she & Jack are engaged again, but is glad that she didn’t.


With Danielle [siting in the set behind Nic] making loud kissing noises, a question form Miles about what irony means lead to a catfight tween Nic & Danielle – and, naturally, Christine gets several photos of the incident. She tells Miles that she is looking fwd to the P&C meeting tonight.


After Annie & Melody get a drink from Noah’s, Melody [as they enter the pool room] tells Annie that they better head back to school, or “mummy dearest” [my words, not Melody’s] might think that she is here to see Geoff.

Nicole enters the room, and comets about how Melody's mum took pics of her fight in class with Danielle. Nic makes it clear that she thinks Christine is “off the planet”


JnM enter, and Jack all but mediale shows Rachel the he has his badge back. He lasso mentions that he has to get ready, as his 1st shift will begin soon.

After jack exits tat room, Rachel tell Martha that Leah left her a wedding mag in the letterbox, she is going to go over & talk to Leah about the upcoming big day. Martha tells rach that she is vary happy for her, and jack [as he buttons up his police shirt] says tat he agress with what Martha has said.


Irene approaches Morag, and comments on martha’s attack. Morag rather bluntly comments that she hopes Irene enjoyed the show. Irene is taken aback by her comments.

As Morag is about t bail, Miles approaches her and wonders if she can help him. Morag say stats he can’t – and she leaves the building.


In the kitchen, Morag is clearly annoyed as she chops some vegetables, and Aden &Nic [lounge room] comments about this.

When Morag enters the room, however, they stop talking. Morag suggests tat they can continue gossiping about her if they like, but Aden tells Morag that they were acetabulum talking about the P&C meeting tonight and the photos that Christine has been taking. After Nic comments that she thinks that Miles is just about the only coooool teacher at SBH, Morag urges Nic & Aden to tell her ALL about what Christine has been up to.


Miles comes down the stirs and enters the main room, where Alf comments about Miles’ waaaaaaay green tie.

Morag enters, and although Alf is hoping she wants to talk about the way that she’s treated Martha. Morag, however, tells Alf that he is here for Miles. She apologises for hot helping him before when he asked. Morag also reveals that Nicole & Aden has bought her “up to speed” on what’s happening. Morag insists that she knows how to deal with the Christine Jones‘s of this world – her comment brings a bit of a smile to Miles’ face.



Leah appears to be a tad jealous of Jazz/Miles, but looks like their ‘ship is falling apart [on its own]!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Rachel: red kinda low cut v neck top/dark long pants


Martha: mustard [little black dots] v neck singlet top [with white top beneath]/black & white mosaic like pattern long skirt


Martha: black satin like nightrobe


Aden: black t/denim jeans

Aden: SBH Uniform

Alf: maroon & white check button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: SBH Uniform

Christine Jones: mauve blouse/dark long pants

Danielle: SBH Uniform

Geoff: SBH Uniform

Irene: red blouse

Jack: light blue police uniform shirt

Jack: off white [small grey dots] button up shirt/brown long pants

Melody: SBH Uniform

Miles: brown jacket/white button up shirt/yellow t/dark long pants

Miles: grey [pin stripe] suit/dark button up shirt/emerald green tie

Morag: plum cardigan/off white top & long pants

Nicole: grey singlet top [with yellow singlet top beneath]/white shorts

Nicole: mustard singlet top/dark sleeveless jacket/red & white scarf/dark long pants

Nicole: SBH tartan skirt/SBH men’s shirt [sans tie]

Rachel: black v neck top/black long pants

Roman: olive green singlet top/dark shorts

Roman: white chef’s jacket

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