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Stuntman Ben

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title: Stuntman Ben

type of story: long fic

genre: drama / action

rating: A

cast: Ben, Belle, Amanda, Nicole

spoiler: no

warnings: adult themes and stunts (don't try them a home)


A stuntman filming a movie in town is in for a shock when Amanda returns. Also Nicole has plans of her own for him.


hair colour: light brown with blonde tips

eye colour: deep blue

spouse: single

family: deseased


fiesty, rough yet sweet and innocent, recovering junkie, tough.

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"Ok here we go" Ben whispered to himself as he climbed out of the window of the passenger side window of the ute.

The other man in the drivers seat put his foot on the pedal making the valiant ute go faster. Ben crwaled along the bonet until he reached the very front. Grabbing the two ropes that were tied to the bumper bar and wrapped them around his hands, then placed his feet on the Bumper and layed down and screamed out "Faster" letting the driver know he was ready the driver sped up and Ben stood up and flung himself foward and let go of both ropes grabbing the bumper quickly with his right hand and the letting the left hand only centimeters away from the road and then started to slide around.

"CUT" the director called and the diver stopped the car.

"Ben, how mary times do you have to be told not to do that" the director yelled at him

"Well when you're a stunt double for James Bond, you can hold back all you like. I'm just doing my job".

"Hey how about a round of beers, there's a cute little bar in town i seen last night" a female stunt double said.

"I'm up for that" Ben called

"Shame Daniel Craig's not here" she said

"He's in slovakia filming the love scenes. Beside why would he want to come to a crappy little town like this" Ben added

"Oh i love it when you speak in australian accent" she said smiling at him.


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