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Fri, 9 May 08 – Episode # 4635

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ BIG “Shock” ...... Things Didn’t Go According To Plan !!! “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 9 May 08 – Episode # 4635]


On the back patio, Ric is spiritedly skipping – and Maddie is watching. When Ric stops skipping, she comments that he was REALLY pushing things, like he’s going to fight for real. Ric insists that he just wants it to look like [to noel etc] that he is waaaaaaaaay pumped up for this.

The duo goes inside, and Maddie insist that she is totally ok with things these days, as she’s thinking a lot clearer now that the 1st anniversary of Beth’s death.

They then talk about the Viv situation -= and Maddie insists that she knows that Viv will always be in the picture. Ric is surprised that Maddie CAN think this way. But she thinks that it’s just being practical to do so.


Jack is talking to Tony about Ric’s fight. Jack is pleased that Alf will be going to the fight [along with Tony]. Jack tells Tony that it will be the city police who will handle this, as he thinks that might be a cop at yabby creek who is tipping off Noel about the fights.

Before Rachel heads out, she “suggest”: that she hopes that Tony doesn’t end up in plaster because of being at the fight – and jack uses that comment to suggest [jokingly] that Tony might be in plaster on his wedding day.

When Rachel is gone, Tony & Jack talk further about the fight. Jack is concerned that when the police raid the place, then maybe Logan might still launch an attack on Ric – perhaps even with a weapon [iron bar etc] !!!!


Colleen enters and she tells Belle and Leah that her book club is reading “spring awakenings”. She says that she is doing this so she can support Miles against the likes of Christine Jones.


Roman “blasts” both Nic AND Aden about their bet involving Geoff & the $200. “Shock” that he’s not listening to Nic when she tells him how embarrassed she is by Goff & his revenge plan.

Next morn, Nic enters the kitchen where Roman is. They clash again – as she doesn’t wants go to school today [for obvious reasons]. Roman continues to be “hard” at Nic. He insists that she better go to school today – if she wants to continue staying with him in the bay.


Before Maddie heads out, she urges Ric to be careful [in everything to do with the fight, and before hand, today]. After she goes, the phone rings, and Ric answers. He tells the person on the other end that he will be there shortly. When off the phone, he tells Martha that he has to go out – which he does.


Vic tells Ric that she’s no worried that Noel is just stringing her along, and that he’ll probably want her to terminate the pregnancy as soon as Ric has fought Logan. Viv tells Ric, however, that she is going to get way form Noel - as she has some friends that he doesn’t know about. Ric seems concerned, but Viv insists that she can make this happen.


Nic [lounge room] sends a txt msg to her mum – saying that she want out of the bay. Aden enters the room, and she comments that there’s no way she can live in this town now – after the embarrassment of THOSE pics that Geoff took of her with the boys for his church group. Aden insists that Nic has to pay up for the bet – so Nic gives him as much money as she has ain her purse [from the sound of things its not quite $200] but Aden accepts tee money anyway

However, after Aden bails, Nic gets a text back form her mum – “saying” that Nic made her decision and now she has to live with it.


Roman talk to Leah about what’s happened with Nicole – incl the way he came down WAAAAAAAAAAAY hard on her after the whole Goff debacle, Leah reminds him that one of the reasons that he left the army was to get to know Nic. Roman hopes that Nic hasn’t bags her bags and left town.


Ric tells jack about how he doesn’t have to fight now, since Viv is going to be ok [totally out of Noel’s "reach"] but Jack insists that Ric still has to at least go to the fight venue, as it will look suspicious etc if he doesn’t. Jack assures Ric that the city police are all set to go to bust the illegal fighting operation.


Ric arrives with Tony & Alf, and Noel is pleased to see him there. Ric however isn’t pleased to see Viv here, and Noel eagerly informs Ric that he caught Viv packing a suitcase when he got home earlier today.


Maddie, Martha, Jack & Rachel talk about this whole fight club “mess” that Ric has got himself into. The phone rings, and Jack answers it – he can’t believe what he is hearing.


Ric urges Alf & Tony to get to and protect Viv at all costs. Noel & Logan approach, and the shirtless Logan grabs the also shirtless Ric’s chin and “suggest” that he is going to send Ric to Hell – where Johnny Cooper is waiting for him.


Aden enters the kitchen. He switches the light on and finds Nicole slumped against the table. When Nic sits up straight, she tells Aden that she’s decided ti stay here – as she thinks that her friends in the city are worse than the ppl in the bay. When Aden suggest tat Roman is going to be on Nic’s case from now on [because of the bet], Nic tells Aden that she doesn’t think that Roman will be an issue – as she learnt certain things about Roman in the city [that she’ll have NO issues using against him]. Nicole of course doesn’t elaborate on what she is talking about.


Noel approaches Alf & Tony and he wonders where Ric is. Tony says that Ric is in the bathroom – just as Ric returns to where Noel & co are. Noel reminds Ric tat he was a lot [the bub] riding on this.

After noel walks away [back towards that assembling crowd], Ric answers his phone. Its jack, who tells him that there's been a jail break and all police manpower has been assigned to that. Ric insists to jack that he has to fight [because of Viv’s presence here], so Maddie grabs the phone off Jack and PLEADS for Ric not to fight. Ric however has other ideas – and leaves Maddie hanging on the end of the line as he tries to come up with another plans] with the help of Tony & Alf]. Indeed, Ric tells Alf & Tony that they’ve GOT to come up with another plan in the next 5 minutes!!!


The assemble crowd is way restless as they wait for Ric. They are please when they see Ric [along with Alf & Tony] descending the stairs. As Ric , Tony & Alf do so, Ric comments that he hopes that Jack & the others can get here in time – whilst Tony suggest that Ric shouldn’t be the aggressor in the fight.

Ric then steps into the makeshift ring,



Will JnM get engaged???

Will it be the end of Jazz/Miles???

Who gets kidnapped???

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Matilda: scarlet thin strap top/black [white floral? print] long skirt


Nicole: gold & brown savannah inspired print spaghetti strap dress


Viv: white [latticed v neck] top – with black top beneath\darl long pants


Aden: grey [orange & yellow tropic? Motifs] t

Aden: black t

Aden: SBH Uniform

Alf: blue (yellow check) button up shirt/bone long pants

Colleen: black [red floral] blouse

Jack: maroon (black silhouette of sailing ship in yellow background) t shirt

Leah: yellow wide strap top

Leah: black thin strap top/grey long pants

Martha: off white shirtdress [with black & white rope belt]

Matilda: SBH uniform

Matilda: apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top

Ric: grey track pants

Nicole: white & blue wavy vertical stripes singlet top/dark long pants

Nicole: white thin strap singlet top/white shorts

Noel: dark button up shirt/dark long pants

Rachel: black singlet top/grey skirt

Rachel: black v neck t/black long pants

Ric : white (black silhouette of a girl’s) t/denim jeans

Ric: black [with white wavy horiz lines on left leg] board shorts

Roman: olive green t/dark long pants

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah” logo] t

Roman: white chef’s jacket

Tony: blue t/dark long pants

Tony: off white [green, yellow & brown horiz stripes] t

Tony: red [unknown black motif] t

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