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Can anyone help?

Guest Maddie nd Ric 4eva!

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  • 3 weeks later...

First you have to get some clips of them. If you know some episode number's of them you can go to diwana.org.. But you will need a invite to download them .. If you click here just leave a comment and say you need a diwana invite..

And then you will need a download torrent cilent thing.. Just type in ' Azureus Vuse' In google .. Thats what i use .. And download it.

And then after you have downloaded some clips or pictures of them, You open up Windows movie maker.. And then click 'import video' .. And then let that import it..

And then you just use the 'video effects' and ' video transitions' and 'make titles or credits' .. Thats the basic features you use ..

But I would recommened typing in 'How to make a video on windows movie maker' on youtube. And that would help you more then me understanding it over this :)..

Hope i helped..

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