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Thurs, 8 May 08 – Episode # 4634

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Infidelity And Murder – Apparently Safer Ground “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 8 May 08 – Episode # 4634]


Miles is speaking t jazz in her office – with Bartlett in his office with Christine & her mob. Jazz tries to get close to the door to listen in, and she also suggest that she might be able to subtlety “amend” Bartlett’s opinion. Miles insist that there’s nothing subtle about Jazz OR about blackmail.


Nic & Aden are in the kitchen, and Aden thinks that Nic has no chance to win the bet, but she insists that Geoff will be at this house tonight – and because Roman & Morag are going out, Aden better “be gone” too. As Nic mentions that she is sure to win the bet, Roman enters the room. He wonders what they are talking about, and Nic tell him that they’ve made a bet as to which of the Yr 8 girls will be the 1st to copy Nic’s new version of the SBH uniform. Roman however looks a tad suspicious.


Jazz insists to Miles that she will go into “bat’ for him about all of this, but he’s not keen for her to be involved in such a way.

Bartlett, Christine & the other parents exit Bartlett’s office, and one of the other portents, Miss Crowther, comets that she thinks the book is evil as well. Miles can’t help but smirk when Crowther says that Christine told her all she needs to know about THAT play.

After the parents have gone, Bartlett speaks to Miles in the principal’s office. He tells Miles that he couldn’t get through to the parents, but insists on having an extraordinary P&C meeting. Miles fells even worse when Bartlett says that he can’t be seen to be anything but neutral in this debate. He does tell Miles that Miles better be VERY well prepared for this battle.


Geoff calls out to Melody [who has an umbrella protecting her from the rain]. She insists that she doesn’t want to talk to him, but Geoff insists that they should.


Melody tells Geoff that she saw him & Nic exiting the classroom yesterday, but Geoff responds by telling Melody that Nic was merely giving him kissing lessons. He adds that they never actually kissed. He says that all of this is because Nicole told him that Melody HATED their 1st kiss, but Melody insists that although she mentioned to Nic that they bumped noses a few times, she LOVED their 1st kiss.


Roman tells Iren that he does think that Aden & Nicole are up to something – but he doesn’t know what.

Christine enters – and wonders if Irene what put up a flyer for the P&C meeting her. Irene agrees, but only after Christine has bailed does Irene actually look concerned, at the flyer – it says [paraphrasing] there’s no room for smut in our town. Iren looks shocked, and more than a tad concerned.


Geoff & Melody sort through Nicole’s lies –Melody partic sites how insignificant Nicole made her feel, and the two seal their reconnection with a kiss. “Shock” that Christine enters the room at the very moment.

Christine then basically has a go at everyone – Geoff & the play for leading Melody astray, Leah & the Den for allowing students to be here in school and Roman for the antics of her daughter.

Leah tries to defend herself, as do Roman & Geoff, but like a book burning moron like Christine is going to listen to them.


In the corridor, Christine tell Melody that it’s all because of THAT play that she’s gone off the rails, but Melody tell her mum that she was seeing Geoff LONG belong she came into contact with the play. Christine insists that melody never introduced Geoff to her parents as she knows the ‘ship was wrong, but given Christine’s opinion, I can “slightly” see why Melody didn’t. Oh, and Christine also brings up the fact that Melody & Geoff are off differ religions, so there’s no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay they can be together.

Christine approaches Bartlett and tells her about Melody’s truancy and about the further influences of THAT book. She insists that Bartlett must seriously do something about the problem.

When Chrtine is gone, Bartlett speaks to Melody in his office. After hearing her side of things [lost track of time as she & Geoff were sorting things out], Bartlett issues Melody with a stern warming – he tells Melody to pass on the same warming to Geoff.

After Melody exits the room, Jazz tries to talk to Bartlett about the situation. She is annoyed that Bartlett will remain neutral at the meeting, but although she’s “fishing” for Bartlett to vahnge his mind because of THOSE fights, Jazz realises that Bartlett isn’t going to have his views on this amended by her.


Iren, Leah & Roman talk about how Christine could cause issues for the Den. Colleen enters, and they ask her about Christine, Coleen compares her to Celia – in that she seem to have an opinion on EVERYTHING.


Nicole sees Geoff in the corridor and is looking fwd to talk to him when a kinda awkward boy approaches and tries to talk to her, but she easily evades their chat. Nic approaches Geoff and she talks about how keen he is for their kissing lessons at her place. He also corrects Nic when she calls the boy that she was just spiking to by the wrong name – his name is Trev btw.

After Nic walks away, Geoff has a BIG smile on his face – looks like he’s come up with the sought of plan that Belle was talking about to him [to mess with Nicole].

Soon after, Miles is teaching a class – which incl Axel & Aden. Both suggest that they should be talking about “spring awakenings” but Miles insist that they WILL be studying “Othello” – as themes like infidelity & murder are apparently safer ground that those in “spring awakenings”.

Out in the corridor, Melody speaks to Geoff about what’s happened. He insists that at least he can see why she never let him walk Melody to her door now, but Geoff also wishes the Christen would get to know him before she judges him as just another sex crazed teenage boy.

They both see Nic at the other end of the corridor and Geoff tells Melody that he has plans for “dear, sweet” Nicole.


Its night time and Geoff enters. Nic tells him that it’s so good that everyone else is out tonight, so they won’t be interrupted. She thinks that they’ll have a great night. As she leaves the room [with Geoff in the couch still], Nic dims the lights a little.


Belle & Leah start talking about if the Den should have an official view on THAT play, as someone has written “Spring Awakenings Rocks” in the white board. Leah suggests that they should actually read the play – to see what all the fuss is about. Belle wonders if they’ll be able to get a copy form the library – as the Christine Jones’ of this world have properly got it banned already.

Belle sees Aden in the kitchen, and she goes in there. Both Belle AND Roman totally want to know from Aden on what this $200 bet with Nic is all about.


Nic & Geoff are on the couch and she suggests that they should start kissing – so he's great the next time he kisses Melody. Geoff is reluctant, and wonders if Nic has done this kind of thing with other boys before. Nic insists tarts he’s done it HEAPS of times – and then Geoff is VERY pleased to hear a knock at the door.

He opens the door, and introduces Nic to Trev & several other of the teen boys form his church group.

Trev tells Nic that he won the right for her to teach him now to kiss 1st. Nic is horrified as Trev puckers up and as he kisses her, the exuberant Geoff grabs a camera and eagerly takes a photo of the GREAT [payback] moment!!!!!!!!!



There was A preview – but it was of next week’s ep of “How I Met Your Mother”!!!!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Nicole: gold & brown “savannah” spaghetti strap dress


Belle: sky blue [unknown white motif] scoop top/dark long pants


Miles: apple green button up shirt/black [black & white pic of a man] t/beige long pants


Aden: black t

Aden: SBH Uniform

Axel: SBH Uniform

Christine Jones: black jacket/blue top/white skirt

Colleen: red [black floral] blouse

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: white [grey dig stripes]/denim jeans

Irene: black [white rope] singlet top

Jazz: grey jacket/black low cut top/black knee length skirt

Leah: black thin strap top/grey long pants

Melody: SBH uniform

Miss Crowther: grey long sleeve blouse/black skirt

Mr Bartlett: black suit/white button up shirt/black [with faint white lines] tie

Nicole: SBH tartan skirt/SBH men’s shirt [sans tie]

Roman: 2 tone brown horizontal stripes [G Star Original] t

Roman: white chef’s jacket

Trev: SBH Uniform

Trev: red [unknown black motif] t/yellow [various colour snowflakes] button up shirt

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