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Wed, 7 May 08 – Episode # 4633

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You Evil Book Burning BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 7 May 08 – Episode # 4633]


Leah & Belle are a tad concerned that Melody is at the Den is school hours. Leah suggests that Belle should talk to Melody, and when she approaches, Belle comets on the copy of “spring awakenings” that Melody has. Melody says that the book isn’t banned these days, but it would if ppl like her mum had their way. Melody thinks that it’s a great play – written over 100 years ago, yet it still taught her more about boys that school ever can.

Indeed, Melody gets way teary at theism point, and, because she doesn’t want to push things, Belle goes into the kitchen and is out to talk to Leah about what’s harpooning, when roman enters [form the diner] and comments on how their only booking for the rstuatuint has just cancelled.

Belle & Leah go into the diner and talk about the Melody situation, and Irene weighs into the debate. All think that Nicole is involved with whatever is up with Melody, and bell ads that Aden is involved too.


Axel makes a comment about “spring awaewkining” to Bartlett, who eagerly grabs Axels’ cop[y of the text off him. Bartlett then goes into one of the classrooms and waaaaaaaaaay has a go at Miles for talking to the students about this text. He insists that Miles better get all the copies of the play back, and maybe now Miles will learn his lesson.


Leah approaches Melody and subtly “suggest” that she rally should be at school now, so Melody bails. Belle notices that Melody left behind her copy of “Spring awakenings” so Leah decide to put it behind the counter of the Den for now.


In tween the buildings, Annie & Geoff are looking for Melody. They are pleased when they see her, but Geoff is kinda perplexed when Melody says that they have nothing to say to each other. He’s way anguished as she walks away.

In Jazz’s office, Mile & Jazz are talking about “spring wakenings” when Bartkett enters. he “suggest” that Miles should be out getting the remaining copies of the play, but jazz tries to defend miles by telling Bartlett that miles is meekly bringing her up to speed with why the play is “the talk of the school” at the moment.


Leah, Belle & Irene are in the kitchen and Irene comments that Melody’s mum Christine is at the diner at the moment, and is bound to give them her opinion if she thinks anything is below her standards. Leah gives Irene Melody’s copy of THAT play – and Iren says that she will give it to Christine.

Its night time now, and Roman is worried that the whole upmarket restaurant [at night] concept at night isn’t a good one, and they’ve not had many customers. Irene suggests that they wait on making a decison until their official opening.

Irene hatn changes the subject, and tells Roman that he thinks that Nicole is up to something – and it involves Geoff & Melody.


Annie puts down the phone. She like Geoff has had no luck trying to talk to Melody – or more to the point, they’ve both not got past Melody’s mum, who answered the phone.

Geoff decides to have a shower, and moments after he goes ion there, Nicole arrives. She is keen to expiement with makeup et with Annie, but Annie insists that she has to study.

After Annie goes to her room, Nicole [being Nicole] enters the bathroom, and Geoff is shocked that she has done so. He insists that she should get out, but Nic isn’t going anywhere. Indeed, she jokes that she’s seen him covered up by a lot less than a shower curtain. Geoff is a combo of embarrassed and waaaaaaaaaaaaay annoyed by this point, and he is VERY pleased when Nic finally leaves the bathroom [after she hands him a towel].


In the kitchen, Roman tells Irene that he just can’t speak to Nicole about what Irene & belle tanks she is doing with Geoff & Melody – at least not without evidence. Irene naturally is frustrated.


Nicole is sitting at the take when Geoff enters the room. After he shows her what he's learnt – by kiang his arm, Nicole suggest that the best way to perfect your kissing style to practice on a real person. Nicole sys that Geoff could practice with her. Geoff has issues with tis – but Nicole suggests that unless you‘re “with” a person, a kiss means nothing. Geoff doesn’t agree – and the frustrated Nicole bails.


Miles answers knock on the door. He comments that the woman might be looking to rent a van, but the woman in question informs him that she is melody’s mum, and that she waaaaaaaaaaaaaay has issues with Miles handing out copies of “spring awakenings”.

Christine connies by saying that she isn’t surprised, given that Miles IS Sally’s twin, and that she intends to deal with him at an extraordinary meeting of the school P&C committee. After she bails, Miles continues to looks stunned at what’s occurred.


Next morn, Geoff is kissing his arm when Belle enter via they back door. He suggests that he got a mozzie bite, but Belle thinks that something else is going on. Geoff wonders if girls judge a boy on a 1st kiss, and Belle responds by wondering what bought this on. Geoff mention that Nicole said melody spoke to her and belle insists that he wants to know EVERYTHING that Nicole said.


It raining, and Miles [without umbrellas] catches up with Jazz [who has an umbrella]. He tells her about his lat night “run in” with Melody’s mum. Miles thins that today could be “ugly” by Jazz says that she thinks that Bartlett won’t be an issue. Miles however doesn’t want to know ANYTHING about jazz’s ideas about blackmailing Bartlett with something that she has over him.


Belle tells Geoff that she thinks that Aden is involved in whatever Nic is up to, but when Geoff suggest that he is going t go to Roman’s place right now and confront them, Belle thinks that that is a bad idea. She thinks that Nic & aden will just deny everything, so Belle suggests that Geoff has a bit of fun at Nicole’s expense. Geoff is intrigued.


As Bartlett talk to Mils about this “spring wakening” business, a group of parents – lead by Melody’s mum – enter the corridor. Bartlett insists that he has dealt with the mater, but Christine thinks that that isn’t good enough. She tells Bartlett that they are organising an extraordinary P&C meeting. She then lights a match of sets a copy of THAT play on fire. As she puts it in the bin, Christine “suggests” that Miles’ career is OVER!!!!!!!!



Will Geoff choose Melody, or will Nic win him over???

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Belle: Black [2 hot pink X’s] singlet top/dark blue shorts


Annie: apple green [black birds?] t/denim shorts


Geoff: black [green digital-like tress] t/denim jeans


Annie: SBH uniform

Axel: SBH Uniform

Belle: black [white crown] scoop neck top/grey shirts [with silver belt]

Christine Jones: black jacket/blue top/white skirt

Christine Jones: white [gold floral] blouse

Geoff: light blue [yellow unknown motif] t

Geoff: SBH uniform

Irene: grey blouse

Irene: red blouse

Jazz: grey jacket/black low cut top/black knee length skirt

Jazz: red thin strap top/black long pants

Leah: red singlet top

Miles: apple green button up shirt/black [black & white pic of a man] t/beige long pants

Melody: SBH uniform

Miles: dark purple button up shirt/blue [cityscape] t

Mr Bartlett: black suit/light blue button up shirt/black [white criss crossing lines] tie

Mr Bartlett: black suit/white button up shirt/black [with faint white lines] tie

Nicole: white thin strap [large red flower] dress

Roman: white chef’s jacket

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