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Tues, 6 May 08 – Episode # 4632

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Beth – One Year On “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 6 May 08 – Episode # 4632]


Maddie enters the main room, and Ric tells her that he’s phoned noel and told him that he will fight.

Maddie is quite pleased/kinda amazed when she sees, on dining table, that Ric has not only made her breakfast, but with it is a vase with 3 roses in it. Maddie is very pleased that Ric has also remembered that Beth died one year ago today. Maddie & Ric then both bail,-0 to head on down to where they ad Beth’s memorial last year.


Rachel is looking through wedding mags, and making various suggestions to tony, but she can see that he’s not rally paying attention to her.

After tony says that he has to be somewhere, he bails, and then Irene tells Rachel that she’s not surprise that tony is being a “space cadet” today – with everything to do with Beth and all.


Rachel approaches tony, and tells hymn that she didnlt realise. They booth see Maddie & Ric at the memorial sight, and Rachel suggest that they should go to the site together. They both head off to go there.


Maddie softly throws white rose petals into the water at the site of Beth’s memorial. Tony approaches Maddie –at water’s edge], with Rachel & Ric together further up the beach [towards the road]. Maddie wonders if tony thinks about how life would be different if Beth hadn’t passed away – and although tony is looking towards the future, he says that it has crossed his mind.


Irene approaches Morag and is quite surprise that Morag has just taken Ross walking out of her life again “lying down”, i.e. the whole "the Morag I know would never let that happen".

Nearby, Annie & Melody enters, and Melody is way stressed that she & Geoff didn’t kiss after he rugby game. Melody thanks that Nicole might be right and that Goff hated their 1st kiss etc.


Maddie –still a water’s edge] admits to tony that she’s not feeling very strong about that moment, whilst [up the beach a little] Ric tells Rachel that he’s had so much going on in my life lately [that maddies’ had to deal with too] that he doesn't know how Maddie’s been able to deal with this [beth’s anniversary] along with everything else.

Tony tells maddie that he’s going to head off, but maddie tells that others that she’s going to stay her for a bit. After the others walks away, maddie sits on the sand.


Bartlett congratulates Geoff on the rugby game, and the batlkeet isn’t too impressed when he sees Nicole’s attempt to amend the school uniform [see IADL below].

When Bartlett has walked away, Geoff speaks to Nicole about the lack of a kiss post rugby game, and she says that they will talk about it during lunch time. Melody isn’t keen when she sees them talking.


As they approach the font door, rachel suggest that if they are gog to be married, then maybe tony should have talked to her about the way he’s been felling. Rachel isn’t that impressed within tony’s simple answer of “ok”.

She also isn’t that keen with he says that he can’t talk about this now, as he has to get too work. She looks very worried after tony bails.


Miles tries to talk to is class [incl Nicole & Geoff] about “King Leer” bout a girl called Daniele wonders if they should instead be talking about a play called “spring awakenings” that her brother Axel gave her. Miles insists that that this is a play for older students, but, if they choose to, they can read it in their own time – on the proviso that the younger students don't get their hands on it. Btw, miles tells the class that it deals with controversial teen issues.

Bartlett enters Jazz’s office [form his own] and hands her a proper girls unfirm for Nicole, but Jazz suggest that what Nic is doling isn’t that bad. She also “suggest” hat she might reveal that he was at THOSE fights if he takes this Nicole uniform issue any further.


Ross arrives and Morag is very pleased when he suggests that they head out today somewhere today.


Geoff is walking twen the building when Melody approaches him. She says that they need to talk, but he insists that he has to get to class.

After Melody was waked way, Geoff sees Nic – who insists that they will talk, but it must wait til lunch time.


Maddie is on some swinges when Tiny approaches her. Booth admits that they are taking today pretty “hard”. Maddie also admits that she shouldn’t have said that thing about what if Beth were still alive, as she realise that that might have implied that she’s not keen on Tony being together with Rachel, which Maddie TOTALLY is. Maddie insists that its time to move on with their life’s, and she just knows that Tony & Rachel are great tighter. Tony seems very relieved to hear this.


Tony tells Rach hat he has been holding of because of today, but now that he has Maddie’s blessing, he is VERY keen to set a wedding date. Rachel is VERY pleased.


On the opposite side to where Beth’s memorial was held, Ross tries to teach Morag how to fish. He also admits that Morag showing her “caustic” side agins [with e attack on Colleen] was an easy “out clause” for him, but he raised that that was just him being a coward.

Morag than gets on excited – there’s a fish in his line, so Ross starts helping “land” the catch.


Miles enters Jazz’s office and can’t believe that jazz got Bartlett to back off with the Nicole inform issue. Miles than mentions an even bigger can of worms – the whole chat about “spring awakenings”. Jazz insists that if things do go sour, she thinks that she will be able to deal with Bartlett. Miles is curious about how, but merely comments on her bravado.


Ric & maddie enters, and notice how VERY happy that Rachel & tony are. They tell Maddie etc that they’ve set a wedding date – and Tiny even calls Matilda “Tilly” [that’s one we’ve not heard in quite a while].

Maddie comments on how great it must be for tiny & Rachel to have their future all mapped out now – and you can see from the look on Maddie’s face seconds late that she wished that her future [with Ric etc] is THAT certain.


Nic & Geoff are in a classroom together, and Nic take Geoff through some of the theory to a kiss, before suggesting they get into the practical. She suggested that he should practice on his arm – but the bell rings as he is about to.

The two exit the room, and Melody sees them do so. It’s VERY clear that she thinks that she is losing Geoff to the experienced new girl.



Some parents are up in arms over THAT play that Miles was talking to Danielle etc about,

But it looks like Jazz is keen to use the info she has over Bartlett to help Miles

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Matilda: red [frilly shoulders] wide strap top/blue [orange fish?] skirt


Nicole: SBH tartan skirt/SBH men’s shirt [sans tie]


Matilda: apple green [blue lining] v neck singlet top/apple green [dark green dots] shorts


Annie: SBH uniform

Danielle: SBH uniform

Geoff: SBH uniform

Irene: red blouse

Jazz: red thin strap top/black long pants

Matilda: SBH uniform

Melody: SBH uniform

Miles: dark button up shirt/blue [cityscape] t

Morag: sky blue [brown horiz stripes] top/dark blue [fishing] jacket

Mr Bartlett: black suit/light blue button up shirt/black [white criss crossing lines] tie

Rachel: red [white leaves motif, and black lining] singlet top/black skirt

Ric: black [blue old coin like motif] t/olive green long pants

Ross Buckton: dark blue button up shirt/dark long pants/grey & blue fishing jacket

Tony: green [apple green stripes across chest] polo shirt

Tony: white [sB gym] t/dark shorts

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