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title: Anya

type of story: long fic

genre: drama

rating: A

cast: Anya, Jaxx, Gary

spoilers: no

warning: language, adult themes

plot: A trouble local teenage boys come to town causing trouble and sweeps Belle off her feet


A guy in his mid 20's sat at a table eating breakfast, when his younger brother walked into the kitchen.

"You could have cleaned up" the younger one said reaching over to grab the cereal but the older one pulled it back.

"Who died and made you boss. Remember this is my house and you're not dad". the older one snapped back and shoved the cereal at him.

"I wouldn't wanna be dad" he replied

"Look Anya, i've had it with your smart comments on dad what have you got against him?".

Anya got up and walked away.

"Dickless piecec of trash"" Jaxx whispered to himself as he watched Anya walk out the door


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Anya walked into the diner and picked up a menu

"Hey Anya" Belle said standing beside him staring like a puppy drooling over a chew toy.

"Hey Belle" Anya replied t

They had met a couple of weeks ago and spent everyday together since. Anya had come to live with his brother after he ran away from home.

"What are you doing here?" she asked still drooling.

"I'm hungry, Jaxx and i had a fight. So i haven't had breakfast"

Jaxx was Anya's older brother. Belle had always had a crush on him, until Anya came along.

"Well sit here and I'll get ya something". Belle said then turning around and walking into the kitchen with a grin on her face

"God Belle drool much" Nicole said smiling

"I'm gonna go introduce myself" Nicole fished as she strolled out and over to Anya

"Hi i'm Nicole" she said sitting on the table.

"Ah hey Nicole" he replied looking her up and down

"And you are?"

"Anya" he replied making an s.o.s sign letting Belle who was walking up behind her know he wasn't interested.

"Go away" Belle told Nicole as she put pancakes infront of Anya.

"So how long you here for?" Anya asked her.

"Why what do you have in mind?" she asked smiling


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"Who's car is that?" Belle asked as they walked into Anya drive way.

Anya quickly ran inside dissapointed to see his father sitting in the lounge.

"There's my baby boy"Gary who was Jaxx nd Anya's dad said

"What are you doing here?" Anya asked

"Came to take you home" he told him

"Well that's not happening" Anya told him staring violently into his eyes.

"You don't have a say in the matter" Jaxx interupted

"Well i'm not going"

"Don't be like that. It'll give you a chance to see that dad's a great guy" Jaxx told him

"Yeah real great guy. You wern't there when i was 13 and was hit that hard i ended up in a coma, 14 when i was sexually assualted twice and i finally found the courae to tell him i hated him and was leaving" he took a deep breath. "Iwas wearing my fave white t - shirt".

Belle and Jaxx both look horrified.


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Anya sat on the peer staring at the water

"Hey" Jaxx said walking up to him an sitting beside.

Anya smiled

"I'm sorry, i didn't know" Jaxx said as he put his arm around him

"How could you, you weren't there" Anya replied

"Why didn't you tell me?" Jaxx asked still with his arm around him.

"I dunno, guess i was embaressed".

"You have absolutely nothing to be embaressed about" Jaxx assured him as Anya put his head Jaxx' shoulder.

"Yeah, i know" Anya replied

"I gotta go my race starts in half and hour" Jaxx said

Anya looked up at him

"Can i come?"


Jaxx was a professional stunt racer, who learnt to drive dangerously by playing games with Anya and a couple of other friends in the paddock and bush.


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Anya looked around at all the cars and the passengers in the other cars hanging out windows while racing.

"Can i ride shotgun?" Anya asked

"No it's dangerous" Jaxx replied

"Please" Anya said and smiled

"No" Jaxx told him.

"I'll be ya best friend" Anya said

"I already have friends" Jaxx replied looking for their father

"I'll go to bed early"

"Why do you wanna ride shotgun so much?" Jaxx asked

"Because i wanna play leap frop" Anya said

"No way" Jaxx told him

"You almost died last time" Jaxx finished

"That was then, this is now" Anya told him

Leap frog was a game they invented when Anya was only 11 where the passenger riding shotgun would do break dance moves or professional stunt of on the bonet of the car.

"Paper, scissors, rock if i win i'm rinding shotgun and playing leap frog" Anya said

"Sometimes cars crash into each in these sort of races or hit the walls"

Anya sighed

"That happens in every race" Anya said

"Fine but on one condition"


"If you don't die or go into some sort of deep coma which you never wake up from. Press charges again dad" Jaxx told him

"Deal" Anya replied and smiled


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Jaxx and Anya both looked at the bonet of the car

"Do you think the bonets big enough?" Jaxx asked

Anya repeated the same thing Jaxx said in a squeeky voice mocking him.

They both got in the car

"Sure you wanna do this?" Jaxx asked

"No" Anya replied

"But i never am before i do it"

"You don't have todo i..."


"Well i'm just sayin'

"Two things. Shut up, that's it"

Jaxx shook his head and started the car

a mans voice called

"Up next is Jaxx walker"

They looked at each other as Jaxx was about to take off.

"Ready?" Jaxx asked his brother.

Anya paused


Jaxx took off flat out as Anya started to climb out of the car windown and onto the roof and slid slowly onto the bonet where he laid for a few mintute before standing up and walking to the very front and yelled for Jaxx to go faster. He looked at the other cars and then did three back flips

the laid down again rising to his shoulders, putting his arms out off the bonet and stood on his hed then pushed himself up so he could land back on the bonet and then jumped 8 feet in the air did 4 flips and 6 spin arounds before landing feet first back on the bonet.

"Hello" he called to his brother and waved.

Jaxx smiled and screamed out

"Whoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you f****n' cat"

Anya jumped again and did for 4 more spins upside down before landing on his feet again.

They pulled in for a pit stop.

"That was amazing. Where did you learn to do that" a man said

"We lived 44 ks out of town when we were growing up. We needed some to do for fun" Jaxx said

"Walker" another man said "You're disqualified"

"What?" Anya said

"That was very dangerous and very stupid" he finished


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Jaxx, Anya, Belle, Jack, Martha, Alf, Morag, Irene, Colleen, Roman, Nicole, Miles, Melody and Leah sat around a table at the diner eating a mixture of food infront of them and talking about todays race and what Jaxx and Anya did during it.

"So do you guys usually do this, i mean have a big meal and talk in a circle" Jaxx asked

"No not usally, but when two good looking guys pull a stunt that no ones seen before. We just though we'd celebrate it" Nicole said flirting with Jaxx seeing her attempt with Anya failed earlier that day.

Anya leaned closer to Belle

"Do ya wanna get outta her?" he asked her

"Um Irene i'm just gonna get some more food from the kitchen" Belle said and winked at Anya

"I'll help" Anya said and stood up

"Yeah i better get some air" Miles said also standing up along with a few others.

"They all heard a really loud gunshot and turned and looked towards the entrance

"Well well well, good evening ladies and gentlemen. We'll be tonights entertainment, if you don't mind" a man wearing a ghostface mask like in the horror movie Scream said"

a couple of othermen and a woman walked in wearing the same masks.

Anya stood in the middle of the room with his arms folded.

"Well what have we her" a man said walking up to him

Jaxx stood up slowly from his chair.

"Hello gorgeous" the woman said to Anya standing behind him.

"What's wrong, you look scared" a man said messing up Anya's hair with his gun.

"Cute little thing isn't he" the woman said

Anya stared at them both

Jaxx walked slowly to his brother but was stopped half way their.

"Stay where you are, or the young boy swallows a led tablet" one of the them said.

"You don't scare me" Jaxx said.

"No, but we scare him" they masked guy replied

"Take anything you want" Roman said

"Oh we are"

They grabbed Miles, Anya and Nicole and told Belle to open the till

"If any of you s**t loving tossers follow us these people are dead" one of them said

"Move" they told Anya who stayed put.

Anya then punched one of them and they shot Martha in the knee as a warning then aimed the gun at Belle's head. But Anya stepped in and dislotated they mans should and he then shot Anya in the chest.

"Anya" Jaxx called

"Irene turned to Martha

"Are you ok love?" she asked

"Yeah fine"

Jaxx held Anya head in his arms then Anya opened his eyes took a deep breath and coughed up blood.

Nicole and Miles who were left there when the masked guys paniced over people getting shot and left. Both sighed with relief.


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