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Fri, 2 May 08 – Episode # 4630

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Nicole – I’m Not Sure If I Like Her Or If I Want To Slap Her “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 2 May 08 – Episode # 4630]


Ric is sitting on a bench and he phones Viv. He leaves a msg on her answering machine – asking for her to call him.

Geoff approaches Ric who comments on how happy Geoff looks – and Geoff comments about Melody going to today’s rugby game. Geoff then comments about the cuts etc on IRC’s face – Geoff hoes that the guy that Ric fought came off worse than Ric.


Morag is waaaaaaaaay annoyed with Aden’s rather loud rock music so she as tries to et some peace & quiet. Aden thinks that Nic’s plan of getting to Geoff with this "be friends with Annie plan" isn’t the best of ideas. Nic tells Aden that that is only phase 1 of her plan – and today she’ll begin phase 2. Aden is shocked when Nic tells him that she is going to go to church with Geoff.


Geoff is in the kitchen when Irene enters. He offers her some fruit juice but she suggests that she needs something stronger [coffee] this morn. Irene also comments on how upbeat Geoff is but those comments are set aside with Annie approaches. Both Geoff & Irene “suggest” that the skirt that Annie is wearing [one of Nicole’s] is way to short for church. When Belle enters the room, she concurs with Geoff & Irene.


Morag is sobbing, and then we see a flashback to the previous night. Just outside the front door of this place, Morag tries to apologise for letting that side of her take over, but Ross tells her that whilst it was good to catch up on the years they’ve not seen each other, he’s not keen on taking this [Ross/Morag] any further.

Cut back to the present and Morag is still muchly sobbing.


In the kitchen, Irene is talking to Leah as Colleen enters, she comments that almost didn’t come into work today, such was the humiliation of Morag’s attack on her. Colleen thinks it’s a ludicrous idea when Irene suggests that its colleen who should be apologising [to Morag] and not the other way round.

After colleen hastily takes some food out to the customers, Irene talks to Leah about Nicole. She just knows that Nic isn’t being so nice to Annie for no reason.


Nicole enters and Belle and then Annie & Geoff are rather shocked when Nic wonders if she can go to church with them. Geoff then seems annoyed that Annie has mentioned his rugby game today to Nicole, who suggest that she, Annie & Melody can be Geoff’s own cheer squad.


Alf asks Ric about those cuts etc on his face. Ric insist that he fell over because of the cold that Alf gave him.

Talk turned to Morag’s attack on JnM, an Alf insists that he with talk to Morag about this. After Alf bails, Miles talks to Martha about JnM, and how Martha seems to be really affected by what Morag thinks. Miles suggests that if Martha is happy with jack, then Morag’s opinion doesn’t matter.


After Belle talk to Leah a bit about how she thinks that Nic is up to something [esp. with this whole going to church routine], and about how belle thinks that Melody/Geoff are a great aping, belle enters the kitchen. She suggest to Aden that she knows that he knows what Nic is doing, but he insists that he has no idea what she is up to. Belle isn’t convinced, but doesn’t purse the matter further [with Aden] at this point.


Alf talk to Irene about what happened here last night. Alf then goes overt to colleen – who is VERY annoyed that Alf seem to be [like Morag] verbally attacking colleen when she was “only trying to help” Morag.


Maddie & Ric are all but whispering to each other, which further draw out miles suspicions. He says that the more time they try to teal him that nothing is wrong, the more he doesn’t belief them.

Ric is then surprised when he gets a text form noel – he wants to talk about the baby.


Melody enters and she is surprised when Belle tells her that Nic want to church with Geoff & Annie this morn. Melody assures belle that she &* Geoff are waaaaaaaay “solid” esp. after they kissed for the 1st time last night.


Nic, Annie & Geoff enter, and Nicole comments on how peaceful etc that church is. Melody arrives moments later, and isn’t that keen that Nic is coming to the rugby game now too.

After Geoff goes to get changed into his rugby gear, Melody comments to Nicole about how she & Geoff kissed last night. After Nic is told that it was their 1st kiss, she wonders to Melody how awkward it was, but Melody insists [rather bluntly] that the kiss was perfect.


Alf enters, and he talk to Morag about how happened last night. He soon realises that Morag & Ross go waaaaaaaaay back, and Morag also comment on how her attack on colleen reminded Ross how “caustic” Morag can be.

Talk turns to JnM, and wajilst Alf insists that it would mean the world to Martha if Morag accepts this new JnM ‘ship. Morag insists that it’s [JnM] a trainwreck waiting to happen. Alf makes it clear that he’s annoyed that Morag feels that way.


Whilst they are waiving for Geoff to get change, Annie wonders to Melody if she’s always like to put on some of the coooool makeup that Nicole has bought with her, but Melody insists that she likes that natural look.

Geoff come down the stairs, and after Melody & Annie bails, Nic stops Geoff so doing so too [baling] - by commenting on THAT 1st kiss with Melody. She suggests that if he wants to, he could practice her kissing technique by kissing Nicole. Geoff is very awkward about it, and declines. The look on Nic’s suggest that this isn’t over yet.


Miles tells Maddie & Ric that all their secrecy is worrying him, but they insist that can handle this.

After miles bails form the room, Noel arrives – he insists that they need to talk.

Ric wonders about the baby, and why Viv hasn’t contacted him. Noel insists that the baby will be fine IF Ric fights again. And if Ric doesn’t, Viv [and her unborn child could have an “accident”!!!!



Looks like Noel’s obsession to get Ric fighting Is all about Ric being the father of Viv’s bub

Miles’ career is on the line – looks like one parent in partic if against what he is teaching, but Jazz risk it all to help Miles [she talks to Miles about blackmailing Bartlett]

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Irene: baby pink PJ top & matching long pants


Belle: dark green (red bow tie) spaghetti strap top


Matilda: white [green & purple vertical stripes] dress


Aden: black t

Aden: white singlet/dark track pants

Alf: faded orange [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: Olive green thin strap top/olive green mid thigh skirt

Annie: white then strap dress

Belle : sky blue [white floral?] scoop neck top/dark long pants

Colleen: cream (pink floral motifs) blouse

Geoff: white singlet/sky blue boardies

Geoff: green [dark green vertical stripes] button up shirt

Geoff: marron [with white collar] rugby jersey

Irene: white [black floral] top

Leah: red wide strap top

Martha: black blouse/denim shirts [with rope belt]

Melody: blue [with white lining] singlet top/white skirt

Miles: grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/brown long pants

Morag: black scoop top/black long sleeve blouse

Ross Buckton: maroon button up shirt/dark suit

Morag: off white jumper /black long pants

Nicole: plum v neck dress

Noel: plum button up shirt

Ric: black [white typewriter text motifs] t/denim jeans

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