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Thurs, 1 May 08 - Episode # 4629

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Annie IS Clueless Sometimes, But I Love Her “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 1 May 08 - Episode # 4629]


Jack & Martha urge to Morag that they know they’ve had issues in the past with their ‘ship [i.e. their marriage the lasted “3 seconds”] but Jack insist that he & Martha deserve a 2nd chance.


As Colleen waits, with Betty, for Morag’s “gentleman friend” to arrive, Irene comments to [in the kitchen] Roman & Belle about how if Coleen was any closer to Morag’s table, she'd be actually be sitting at Morag’s table.

Ross Buckton arrives, and Coleen is rally pleased when he sits at Morag’s table. Iren speaks to XBB, who tell Irene that Morag phoned him – to say that she will be late.


Morag sooooooooooooo isn’t listening to anything Jack & Martha have to say, and well & truly sites Martha’s woeful track record with men [Ash, Cam, Michael etc]. Morag insist that Jack & Martha getting back together is a BIG mistake.


After Jazz finishes amending Nicole’s school uniform, she wonders who Nicole is trying to impress. She is surprised when Nicole says that it’s Geoff that she likes.

As their very friendly chat continues, jazz does take offence to Nicole saying that Jazz is a coooool MIDDLE AGED person. Jazz then suggest that Nicole is also interested in Aden, and Nicole says that she isn’t but the cheeky look on her face makes it clear that she is [interested in Aden.]


In the kitchen, Belle gives Aden a quick tour of the kitchen, but after aden makes several comets of a slight sexual nature to Belle, Roman “suggest” that Aden should time down that kind of talk whilst at work.

Out in the restaurant, Irene sits beside Ross Buckton, and after they’ve chatted for a bit, Irene tells Ross Buckton that she is staying at this table as she is guarding him from Colleen. Indeed, Irene is a tad worried when Leah ask her to join her in the Den.


Leah & Irene talk to a reporter about the upcoming official opening. When the reporter is gone, both Irene & leah hope that the paper does a good piece on their new business.

Annie enters, wearing some of the clothes that Nicole gave to her. Irene is surprised at the transformation, and Irene wonder to Geoff about how/when/why Nicole got so “chummy” with Annie – so Geoff tells her what occurred at the beach house.


Since Morag hasn’t arrived as yet, Colleen decided to go & sit next to Ross Buckton. She tells him about how a ‘ship with Morag won’t be the easiest thing in the world. Colleen also suggest the he should have no expectation on the new ‘ship, as they way there’ll be no disappointments.

Coleen goes back to her own table as soon as Morag arrives, and when Morag wonders what colleen has been saying, Ross TELLS Mo that Coleen was talking bout Ross & Morag as though they are an old married couple.

Soon after, Irene [kitchen] voices her concerns to Roman about how she believes that Nicole isn’t exactly the best of influences on Annie.

Whilst that’s going on, Belle comments on how slack that Aden is washing the dishes and, in the main area of the diner, Morag voice her concern to Ross about how Colleen is watching their every move.


Annie comment to Geoff & Melody that one of the outfits that Nicole gave her is exactly the same as an outfit worn by the Veronicas to an awards show, but Annie & the others have no idea who the Veronicas are [The Veronicas are an Oz pop group fronted by twin sisters].

After Annie goes over and starts talking to some girls form school that she usually wouldn’t Geoff comets on how confidant the new clothes have made Annie. He then invites Melody to a rugby game, and she accepts.


After Nicole suggests that Jazz & Roman would be a great match, Jazz tells Nicole that she is very happy with Miles.

Jack & Martha enter, and jazz introduces that to Nicole – who immediately comments on how Jack’s wife recently died.

Jazz & Nicole bail, and Jack is worried when he sees Tony [given their most recent “chat”, but Tony says that he wishes Jack & Martha all the best. He also tells them bout his engagement to Rachel. Jack & Martha are really happy for Tony.


Despite Ross’s suggestion that Morag shouldn’t let Colleen get to her, Morag decides enough is enough. She launches a MAJOR verbal attack on Colleen and her meddling ways.

When Morag goes back to her own table, it’s VERY clear that Ross wasn’t impressed by Morag’s “rant”.


Melody & Geoff bail – after she agrees for her to walk her home. As they leave, Annie tells them that she is going to show Belle her new clothes that Nicole gave her.

As Annie enters the kitchen, Leah tries to console that clearly VERY upset Colleen.


In the kitchen, Roman “suggests” that Belle & Aden shouldn’t squabble so much. Annie enters, and Belle is impressed with her new clothes. Belle is also curious about Aden’s comments about how good Nicole is. Although Belle doesn’t know about the bet, it’s clear that Aden thinks that Nicole is using Annie to get to Geoff.


Melody tells Geoff that she has no idea about anything to do with rugby, so he says that he’ll tell her as she needs to know.

Melody tells Geoff that she better walk to rest of the way [i get the feeling that they are on the footpath in front of her house] as Melody’s mum has issues with boys.

Melody & Geoff try to kiss twice, but they get their heads/noises in the wrong position. They then get it right – but Melody backs away after a short kiss. It looks a tough although she liked the kiss, she dent want to rush things. Melody that walks towards her front door.


Jack & Martha tell alf that it means sooo much to them that he is supporting their new ‘ship. Alf even suggest that Jack can sty the night here, but Jack declines. Both Jack & Martha ARE very grateful for the offer though.


Morag enters, and sits in the couch. She quietly sobs.



Nicole is keen to go to church with Geoff,

whilst Belle wants to get the truth about this whole Nicole-Geoff thing out of Aden.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Melody : royal blue & white [royal blue top half, with white bow under bust and white lower half] dress


Nicole: royal blue [arctic village like motifs] thin strap top/denim jeans


Annie: white jacket/black top/black long pants


Aden: black t/denims jeans

Alf: way light green [brown check] button up shirt

Belle: black [with occasional silver studs] thin strap top

Betty Alsop: orange & yellow swirls long sleeve top

Coleen: aqua fascinator/dark blue [green leafy] blouse/dark blue [white sparkly clouds] top

Female Reporter: off white [latticed] top/dark jacket/dark long pants

Geoff: red [yellow “California 82”] t/dark long pants

Irene: red v neck top

Jack: orange [yellow lions head?] t/old denim jeans

Jazz: aqua mid thigh dress

Leah: yellow knee length dress

Martha: black & white mosaic like long sleeve top/dark long pants

Morag: black scoop top/black long sleeve blouse

Nicole: SBH uniform

Roman: white chef’s jacket/dark long pants

Ross Buckton: maroon button up shirt/dark suit

Tony: way light blue t/dark long pants

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