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Wed, 30 Apr 08 – Episode # 4628

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Just When I Thought Colleen Was the Most Annoying Person In This Ep,

MARTHA Appears In The Final Scene !!!!!! ”

[screened in Australia on Wed, 30 Apr 08 – Episode # 4628]


Morag is speaking to Ross Buckton on the phone when Nic enters the room. When Morag is off the phone, Nic tells Morag that she’s not that keen on being around when Ross & Morag get together.

Aden enters the room and comments that he is going to the gym, but he takes a question by Morag the wrong way. She insists that she was merely making conversation, not interrogating him. Nicole tells Aden that she will go to the gym with him - but he’s a tad sarcastic that she’s more into things like Pilates rather than a “real” workout, but Nic tells him that she can mix it with the boys in that area.


Morag & Roman are talking in the kitchen. Both know that Aden will take time to fully adjust to living with them, i.e. the whole baby steps ting.

Morag goes in the main part of the diner, and makes a booking for tonight, but as soon as she is gone, colleen is keen to know what is going on. Irene doesn’t say anything about who she is having dinner with = so Coleen suspects that it must be a man, but Iren iniststhat colleen won’t be working tonight. Colleen then begins to wonder what her friend betty is up to tonight.

Miles enters and speaks to Irene. He thanks her for the picnic, and comments on how good time he had with Jazz. Irene is apprehensions about the two of them together, but miles insists that he knows what he is doing.


Jazz tells Tony about her date with Miles. She insists that it’s great that he has Rach, and now that she has Miles.


Nic, Aden & Axel are walking along when they all spot Geoff in the water. After a bit of goading form Aden, Nic insists that she get Geoff to sleep with her - for a bet of $200 with Aden. They agree to the terms of 2 weeks.

Soon after, Nicole [dressed in just a bikini] approaches Geoff ain the water. He is very uneasy as he talks to her, and Nicole doesn’t exactly help Geoff’s cause by using a wave to jump tight next to him [bodies touching etc]. Geoff back away so [with Geoff’s back to her] Nicole tries a new plan – she removes her halter bikini top and dives back into the water.


Nicole is standing with her arm over her bare chest. She urges Geoff to help her find her kini top. Geoff naturally is now even more awkward around Nicole, and making things more interesting in the fact that colleen happen to walking on the beach near where the 2 teens are. The look on shock [at the all but topless Nicole] is priceless.


Colleen approaches Roman and tells him that he better talk to Nicole about her antics – you just can’t go around topless in summer bay etc.


Nicole finds her bikini top at the water’s edge, and puts in back on. She then tells Geoff the good news about her find and comments about double knotting it next time. She is keen for them to hang out together, but he insists that he has to get back to doing his exercise routine.


Colleen talk to Leah about Nicole’s antics, but whilst that doesn’t seem to annoy Leah, Colleens suggestion that she is going to jump online and tell Sally about Miles/Jazz. Leah insists that Sally doesn’t need to be worried about such things – esp. when Leah thinks that Jazz/Miles are wrong for each other.


Nicole points out to Aden that Roman will “probably” pick it straight way that Aden have borrowed opine of his bottles of beer – so Aden pus that bottle back in the fridge.

He wonders who she is going with their bet, although he thinks that she won’t get anywhere because of the way that Geoff thinks that Nic is soooooo superficial. Nicole tells Aden that he’s just helped her – as she now thinks she has a new strategy of “nailing” Geoff.


Geoff tries to explain to Irene that everything that happened with Nicole was just an accident but Irene thinks that Geoff shouldn’t be so naive.

Nic enters and Irene tells her the roman is looking for her, so Nicole goes into the kitchen, where Roman tries to talk to her about ahwat happened. He however is a tad awkward trying to discuss what’s happened, and Nic jokes about how she’s soooooo glad that she knows where babies come form or that conversation [given the way that roman is acting] could take forever.


Nicole enters and sits next to Geoff. She has a big bag of clothes with her. She says that Melody can have them – but Geoff sees some of the topes etc and doesn't think that they are Melody’s style.

Geoff bails, and Nicole approaches the nearby Annie – who is rather surprised, an very pleased, that Nicole wants to hang out with her.


Geoff enters via that back door. He is most surprises to see Nicole in te dining table she says that Annie is upstairs trying on some of the clothes that Nic offered to Geoff for Melody to have.

After a comment for Geoff, Nic has a go at him for being so narrow minded & judgemental in his views about her.

Geoff is way distracted for the conversation with Nic when Annie comes down that stairs in one of Nic’s dresses. Nic thinks that Annie looks good, so Annie eagerly goes back upstairs to try on more of the new gear. Geoff tries to apologise to Nic for the whole judgemental ting, but they are interrupted when Annie calls out – she’s having issues trying on one of the skirts [it’s stuck somehow]. Nic goes up the stairs.


Its night time and colleen enters... Irene reminds colleen that she is not working tonight, but all colleens are inetrted in is the table that is reserved for Morag. Colleen insists that she & betty Alsop are eating here tonight, and the she has the right t sit where she likes ]being a paying customer] and se would like to sit at the table beside Morag’s so she can help/support her half sister if need be in this 1st date. It’s clear that Irene is NOT impressed.


Morag is about to bail [and be on her way to her date] when JnM arrives at the door. She tells that the she has plans but the ever annoying Martha insists that Morag isn't going anywhere until she REALLY listens to JnM.

[Note – PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE could Martha be hit by a bus or something???

I thought no one could annoy me more than Kirsty did during that whole fake pregnancy thing a few years back now, but I could be wrong. Martha is driving me up the wall at the moment.]



Morag continues her opposition against the train wreck that is JnM!!!!!

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Nicole: fluro yellow bikini


Coleen: aqua fascinator/dark blue [green leafy] blouse/dark blue [white sparkly clouds] top


Nicole: royal blue [arctic village like motifs] thin strap top/denim jeans


Aden: grey singlet/black shorts

Aden: red [white unknown writing] t

Annie: apple green top/black shorts

Annie: lime green mid thigh dress [with matching wide belt]

Axel: red [blue boat anchor like motif] t/black shorts

Colleen: red [yellow & white floral] top/plum long pants

Geoff: red [yellow “California 82”] t/dark long pants

Geoff: white [black trim] boardies

Irene: red scoop t

Irene: sky blue long sleeve blouse

Jack: orange [yellow lions head?] t

Jazz: red low cut v neck dress

Leah: yellow knee length dress

Martha: black & white mosaic like long sleeve top

Miles: white & blue button up shirt/grey shorts

Morag: black scoop top/black long sleeve blouse

Morag: brown suit

Nicole: white singlet top/denim shorts

Nicole: yellow singlet top/white shirts

Roman: white chef’s jacket/dark long pants

Tony: light blue t

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