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Tues, 29 Apr 08 - Episode # 4627

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ MC 4 JC “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 29 Apr 08 - Episode # 4627]

Note: I missed the 1st 5 mins or so of this ep [i “LOVE” traffic jams]


Jazz & Miles are sitting amongst the shrubs & grass that separate the beach for the grassy areas where the surf club is. Jazz comments that this picnic is waaaaay better that being at the likes of a noisy pub etc with a guy.

Jazz uncorks a bottle of whine but as she attempts to pout some into Miles’ glass, she accidentally spills some of the wine on him. They both laugh at what’s happened.


In Ric’s room, Matilda wonders what Viv wanted to see Ric for – and Matilda can see that Ric is apprehencious about telling her. She insists that he tell her everything – as that’s their deal these days [i.e. tell each other everything]. Ric agrees to tell Matilda what’s going on.


Jazz & Miles re still sitting amongst the shrubs etc when Jazz tells Miles that she realises that, with her marriage, she waited around in the hope that things were going to change, but they never did.

Jazz then comments that she can hear someone nearby – and Miles calls out to [unseen to him at this point] girls who he knows are spying on him. Britney & [Annie’s friend] Cara stand up, and comment on how good a “catch” that Miles has landed [i.e. Jazz]. Miles “suggest” that he will put them both detention FORVER if they don’t go away.

When they have, Miles comments to Jazz that he is worried what Mr Bartlett will have to say about this [in light of Sally/Brad last year], but Jazz insist that she knows how to handle Mr Bartlett [think fight club] and beside, she’s not into worrying about tings [like Mr Bartlett] that don’t matter. Jazz would rather concentrate on thing [like her & Miles] that DO matter.


Ric is rather surprised when Matilda says that she is with him all the way in his support of Viv through whatever she faces with this [complicated] pregnancy.


Viv is the one that’s surprised this time – that, not matter what she decides about the pregnancy [terminate or not], Ric & Matilda will be there for her. it must be said that Matilda’s facial expressions do “give away” that she is still kinda uneasy bout all of this.

Soon after, Matilda & Ric encounter Noel on the corridor. Ric insist that he’s NOT fighting again. Ric also makes it clear to Noel that he will be there for the baby [if Viv continues with the pregnancy]. Although Ric doesn’t notice it, Noel looks rather pleased/smug about what’s just happened.

Noel goes into Viv’s room, and he sells her a sob story about how much he realises that he almost lost her last night because of his bad temper. He tells Viv that he’s totally with whatever she decides to do with the pregnancy.


Miles & jazz are walking near the water’s edge and Miles is talking about how some days are really great at school – the ones where you can really see that you’ve got through to the students. Jazz comments on how great it is that Miles is passionate about his job.

The duo then come across, written in the sand [with a heart about it] “MC 4 JC”. [Note – nice touch, given that one of the 1st things that Miles did ion the bay was to write “MILCO” in the sand.

Jazz then kisses Miles but she realises that the kiss on TOO full on. She backs away slightly, but miles insist that normal kissing is good. Jazz says that she thinks she can handle taking things slowly and they softly kiss.


Noel & Viv exit the hospital, and as they walk to their car, Noel insist to Viv that he’’ go with any decision she names bout the pregnancy. Viv tells Noel that she can’t believe that he has surprisers her like this.

Viv gets in the car, but before Noel does, we sees a VERY smug look on his face.


Matilda & Ric enters, and Ric insist that he’ll only be involved with Viv & the baby only to the point that Matilda is comfortable with the situation. Both wonder why Noel seems to have had such a BIG change of heart, and is now accepting the possibility of Viv having this baby.

Before ric bails form the room, Matilda agrees to wake him in an hour.


Noel is on the phone in the office. He insist to the person that he is talking to that Ric WILL fight again, as Noel now has the PREFCT way to control Ric [the baby] – a way that will make it IMPOSSIBLE for Ric to back out of fighting again.



Whilst Morag continues to have issues with Jack & Martha,

Leah is sooooo NOT keen on the new ‘ship tween Jazz & Miles.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Jazz: red low cut v neck knee length dress


Britney: green singlet top/black halter bikini top


Matilda: apricot wide strap dress


Cara [Holly Robinson]: plum singlet top

Miles: white [wide blue vertical stripes] button up shirt/grey shorts

Noel: dark blue button up shirt/dark long pants

Ric: maroon (gold crest) t/grey track pants

Viv: grey coat/white singlet top/bone long pants

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