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Johnny's Family Part 2

Guest standbyme

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title: johnny's family part 2

genre: drama

type of story: long fic

rating: A

spoilers: no

warnings: adult themes

story: conintuation from Johnny's family. This time Frankie has met the man of her dreams, or so she thinks.


"Hey honey" Frankie said walking into the kitchen messing up her sons hair

"Hey" Nil said back to her breaking the violent stare from the man sitting across the table.

She looked at his bruised cheek and black eye.

"What happened?" she said holding his chin looking at it closely

"Fight at the party last night" he answered

"I told you not to go. Lucky this man here will take care of ya" she sais kissing new boyfriend Wade

Niel gave a sarcastic smile to Wade sitting across the table.

"You better go you'll be late for school" Frankie told her son

"Yeah Yeah i'm going" he said getting up and walking away.

"Have fun" she called

"Later" he called back.


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They're no longer in Summer Bay. But that does not mean mean Summer Bay locals wont appear.


"Hey freakshow thanks for waiting for me" a female voice called from the distance as a a dark headed girl roughly around Niel's age came running up to him.

"What?" he asked confused

"You know stop sign at duke avenue, we were supposed to me there" she said

"Oh yeah, sorry i forgot" Niel told her

"That's ok" she replied

"And i am not a freakshow" he added

"So we still on for tonight" she asked

"Yeah as far as i know" he replied

Anya smiled

"Good coz there's some i wanna do"


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Niel and Anya left the get together they had with thier friends.

"Well that was fun" Niel said and they both let out a slight laugh

"In the mood for danger?" BNiel asked Anya

"What do you mean?" Anya asked frowning. Not knowing what her boyfriend meant.

"Do you wann stay at my place?" he asked her

"What?, no my dad will kill me"

"That's why it's dangerous"

Anya took a deep breath.

"Fine, whatever" she said and smiled

They walked in the door trying to keep quiet when they heard crying in pain noises.

Niel turned on a light.

"Oh god mum" Niel said running over to her.

"What happe..." he cut himself off

"Where did he go?" Niel asked but Frankie didn't answer

"Anya stay here and call an ambulance" Niel told her

"What, Why?" Anya asked

"Because i think i know where he is" Niel answered

"No, you're not going anywhere" Anya said

"Don't tell me wha..." Niel yelled but Anya cut him off.

"Look at what he did to her. Look at your face. You are not going after him" Anya yelled back

He took a deep breath.

"Alright, help me get her up. Were going to the hospital".

"None of you are going anywhere" Wade said standing in the kitchen doorway with a shotgun in his hand.


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