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Fri, 25 Apr 08 - Episode # 4625

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Life Gets Easier “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 25 Apr 08 - Episode # 4625]


Maddie enters jazz’s office and they start talking about where they’ll meet up tonight, before going to the fight. Bartlet exist his office and wonders if Maddie has an appointment with him. But she says that she & jazz were just talking. Bartlett suggets that Maddie should call Jazz “Miss Curtis” whilst on school grounds, and when Maddie has left the office, Bartlett suggest hat jazz shouldn’t socialise with the students.


Miles enters just as Ric is practicing some fighter moves, but Ric cements tat he is just exercising. Alf enters the room, and it’s clear that he is unwell. Alf is anted that this cold could mean that he misses going to the dawn service for the 1st time in 30 years. Alf looks for some medicine, but miles says that he will go out and get some for Alf. Btw, when Ric saw that Alf haws ill, Ric was trying to be as far away for Alf, whilst being in the same room, as possible.


In kitchen Larry wonders to roman if he should ask Aden to go to the dawn service morrow, and roman is sceptical. Roman also suggests that Nicole should go upstsirs for the time being.

Aden arrives home, and Larry puts the ANZAC dawn service suggestion to him, with roman stoping Nicole form hearing anything. Aden vehemently tells his dad that there's no way that he wants to be at the dawn service.


Roman approaches Rachel, and congreats her on the engagement.

He then talks to her about Aden – and about himself. Rachel insists tart, no mater what Aden does, that roman should go to the dawn service. She also thinks that they shouldn’t “Tip toe” around this situation with Aden.


Aden is lying on his bed when Nicole kinda invites herself into his room. Her comets on the snow globe that he has, i.e. that she too has been to the Aussie snowfields that the globe is form. Nicole tries to get Aden to tell her what his issues are, but when she tries to suggest that he’s not the only one with problem, Aden snaps at her that it must have been REALLY tough that she never got that pony she always wanted. Nicole leaves the room – both aren't exactly happy after this exchange.


Miles comets to Ric about how unwell Alf is. Ric then telak to Maddie about how he can’t concentrate on anything but the fight at the moment. She sugg4ets that they head out tight [a movie etc?] but Ric suggest that he’s going to have an early night.


Rachel telak to Aden about how he must find a way to separate whet huis grandfather did to him form eve trying war related [like the ANZAC dawn service, and even thing like war movies]. Aden insists that Rachel hadn’t served, so she just wouldn’t understand. Rachel suggests that Aden should speak to someone who has been there.

In the kitchen Aden eapewks to Roman, who tells him, that on ANZAC Day, he rems all the good times – esp. those involving mates that came back to Oz changed [esp. mentally] by war.


Pre dawn next morn, in the kitchen Nicole comets that she oft comes home at the tome of day. She then comments on how Aden must be up & about already, and she minutes ago saw that he wasn't in his bed [she wanted to wakes him up]. Nicole & roman go up to Aden’s room – roman comments that the bead hasn’t been slept in.


The like of Roman, Nicole, Larry, Rachel & Miles approaches the ctr of the lookout – they all are caring lit candles. Larry & roman are esp. worried bout Aden, but a bugler plays The Last Post, they all see Aden on the other side of the lookout.


Mile tells Alf that the dawn service was very moving, esp. When they read out letters form solider who never made it home.

Alf answers the phone, whilst Ric & Maddie [who’ve just got to the bottom of the stairs] notice that Ric isn’t exactly looking the best [has Alf’s cold etc].

When they enter the main room, Alf wonders if ric can doe a shift at the surf club tonight, as bioth he & Martha are out of action, but Ric & madie both inists yhat they already have palns. Alf isn’t exactly happy but he accepts what Ric has said.


Nicole tells Roman that he thought the dawn service was pretty cool, and that it would be great if she saw Oman in his uniform. Roman jokingly comments that Nic seems to have reduced all tis to a fashion show.

Roman goes itothe kitchen, where he talk to aden, who comments that he’s just had the best sleep EVER.


A fight is taking place as Maddie, Ric & Jazz arrives. Noel is certainly pleased when Ric intro’ jazz to him. Ric goes with noel to get prepare for his fight, and after Maddie goes to the bathroom, Jazz is quite superiores to see a familiar face, Mr Bartlett!!!!! at these illegal fights. It’s clear that Bartlet knows that Jazz is there.

Soon after, Bartlett approaches jazz, and wonders why she is there. He really panics when she tells him that Maddie is her too. Bartlet qucuickly bails, and when Maddie returns to Jazz’s side, jazz tells Maddie that jazz’s life just got a whole lot easier.

Ric & Noel approach Maddie and Noel introduces Ric to his next opponent. Logan tells Ric that he is looking fwd to their fight, esp. since a friend of Logan’s passed way recently. Logan removed his shirt, and Ric spots the tattoo on logan's chest – it’s the “logo” of Johnny’s gang!!!!!!!



Jazz well & truly sets her sights on a ‘ship with Miles???

Geoff is way keen on Melody, but will it be Nicole that he kisses 1st [after she offers to help him with his technique]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: yellow singlet top/grey shirts/black & white scarf


Matilda: apple green [with sky blue lining] v neck top/apple green [with darker green & blue spots] shorts


Jazz: black [with white on back] low cut v neck top-/white skirt


Aden: plum t [with grey long sleeve top neath]/denim jeans

Aden: red singlet/black track pants

Aden: SBH Uniform

Alf: maroon dressing gown/blue [red vertical stripes] PJ shirt

Jazz: white singlet top

Larry {Aden’s dad}: light brown [dark brown check] button up shirt

Larry: dark suit/grey shirt/back & brown diag stripes tie

Logan: black [red rising sun motif] t

Matilda: blue thin strap top/dark jacket

Matilda: peach thin strap top/denims jeans

Matilda: SBH Uniform

Miles: dark brown button up shirt/dark long pants

Miles: olive green button up shirt/grey t

Mr Bartlett: dark button up shirt

Mr Bartlett: dark suit/white button up shirt/brown & grey native artwork? tie

Nicole: leopard print top

Nicole: SBH Uniform

Nicole: white “old school” satin nightdress/dark jacket

Noel: dark button up shirt

Rachel: dark jacket

Rachel: green scoop neck t

Ric: light blue (red Tombstone logo) sleeveless t

Ric: maroon (gold crest) t

Ric: red shorts

Roman: black singlet/dark long pants

Roman: black suit/white button up shirt

Roman: green [black “san Diego [something]”] t

Roman: white chef’s jacket

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