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Thurs, 24 Apr 08 – Episode # 4624

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Rachel’s BIG Decision ”

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 24 Apr 08 – Episode # 4624]


Annie can’t believe it that Geoff is keen on Melody again, rather than Nicole. He tells her that he’s realised the he REALLY likes Melody.


Irene tells Annie & Geoff theta she is feeling a bit nervous about tonight, when they launch this place as a restaurant – sounds like it when have a dual identity, just like the whole juice bar by day etc thing that happens at Noah’s.

Geoff tells Irene that he wants to make a reservation for tonight – but when she thinks that its fro Annie & Geoff, Geoff tells her that its for him & Melody.

After Irene lead him over towards the table which she will set aside for him tonight, Geoff tells Irene that he is worried that he merely asked melody because of how he really wanted to distance himself from Nicole. Irene suggest that Geoff should just see how tonight goes before he is inclined to say anything to Melody.


Tony tells Rachel about his clash with jack, and then they find a note on the table – its form jack, telling tony about how he & Martha has gone away for a few days.


Alf enters, and he has a go at Morag because of her attitude towards JnM's new ‘ship. He insists that if Morag actually saw JnM together, she would know that this rally is the real thing this time. Alf tells moargh that he hopes that she can be happy for JnM.


Ric is driving a convertible mid 60s Ford Mustang, with Maddie in the passenger seat. When he pulls the car to a stop, Maddie seems most annoyed that Ric is talking of doing more fhts that just the one ion ANZAC Day, whilst Ric is annoyed that Maddie is showing more faith in him.


Alf is talking to Maddie about JnM, but he realises that she’s not listening to him. Whn ric enters tayt room, its clear that there’s still tension tweeen maddie & Ric.

After Alf leaves the room, maddie tells Ric that she thinks that all this fight stuff is bringing back the old Ric. Ric responds by telling maddie that if she’s not supporting him, there’s no point in her even coming his next fight.


Rachel & tony enters the diner – it’s totally in restaurant mode [the lighting is way dimmed etc]. After Irene lead the duo to their table, tony comments that maybe the lighting is too dim as he can barley read the menu. As Rachel is looking at her menu, tiny gets a little box out of his pocket and puts it on the table in front of Rachel. When she opens the box, she almost can’t believe it when she sees a ring inside.

Irene has realised what’s going on and goes into the den and tells Leah & belle that they has to see this. Leah goes with her but form hasn’t responded to tony by the time that Irene & leach get back intotyhe diner.

Rachel tells tony that she thinks that maybe he has rushes this decision [just like JnM and how they got back tighter. Tony tells Rachel then he’s had the ring for weeks, and hadn’t proposed because he didn’t want to make jack feel even worse that he has recently [if tony revealed that he was insanely happy with Rachel],

Rachel accepts tony’s proposal – and Irene & Leah like tony, are over the moon.


Alf is taking about tomorrow’s ANZAC Day ceremonies, and Miles say that he accidentally attended a dawn service [when he was living on the streets]. Someone at the ceremony woke him, and Miles was moved by the ceremony, and then Alf wonders if Maddie & Ric are going to attend tomorrow. Both are non committal, Ric gees out onto the back patio, where he starts cleaning the BBQ. He has a flashback to his recent fight, and [back in the present] he seems to break the cleaning tool that he is using. Ric looks way stressed.


Rachel, tony, Leah, belle & Irene are celebatrtyions tony & Rachel’s big news, when Geoff enters. Irene gets up and teals him the big news, she then leads Geoff & melody to their table.


Morag answers the phone – its Ross Buckton, and she accepts his idea form to have dinner together.


Melody & Geoff both tell eachotherbthat they’ve had a great night. Melody winders to Irene how much she owes for her meal, but Irene says that Geoff has already taken care of the bill for both of them.


Rach & tony are oh so happy as they enter, ad tony is keen to tell anyone & everyone [incl jazz] about their big news – but it’s clear that jazz sis either isn't home, or waaaaaaaaay asleep. Tony & rach dolt really car though – to busy basking is their great news.


Geoff is walking Melody home. He offs to walk her to her door, but melody says that he told her parents that she was out with the girls tonight. Melody wonders what Geoff meant when he said that things are different now. He says that he realised that its what’s inside that counts, although he does add that he thinks that Melody is beautiful – which Melody loves hearing.

The duo then almost kiss – before melody walks away, after the attempted kiss was kinda awkward.


Leah & belle are talking about tony/rach which leads belle to suggest to Leah that when they was talking about to perfect girl for Miles recently, Belle suggetsthat she thinks Miles/Leah would be great toghetr, but Leah takes offence at the suggestions. She “suggests” that belle should go home, whilst Leah finishes up there.


Maddie approaches Ric and he admits that she was right and the old Ric re emerging. He insists that there’ll be just this one last fight.


Noel is talking to one of the fighters. The other guy, credited as Logan, comments that his recent opponents has been easy to defeat, but Noel insists that his next opponent, Ric won’t be so eway.logan comments that he KNOWS who Ric is – and when he’s done with Ric, they’ll be nothing left !!!!!


Ric & Maddie are on the couch – with Ric contently running his hand through Maddie’s hair.



There’s more “fun” tween Nic & Aden

Looks like Ric is unwell on the lead up to the ANZAC Day fight

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Irene : purple satin like blouse


Matilda : red [frilly shoulders] wide strap top/grey shorts


Rachel : red low cut thin strap dress


Alf : brown & white check button up shirt

Annie: SBH Uniform

Belle: white vest [with red singlet top]

Geoff : dark button up shirt/denim jeans

Geoff: SBH Uniform

Irene: red scoop t

Leah: white v neck singlet top/brown knee length skirt

Logan : dark [white rock band? logo] t

Matilda: SBH Uniform/blue [white lined] hair band

Melody: white [faint black floral] thin strap dress

Miles: dark blue button up shirt/blue [black tropic motifs] t/denim jeans

Morag : white v neck t/white [tan horiz stripes] jacket

Noel: brown [kinda silvery vertical stripes] button up shirt

Rachel : red [2 white vertical stripes down each side] polo shirt/black long pants

Ric: white [red eagle?] t

Tony : dark [white pin stripe button up shirt/dark long pants

Tony: grey t/black shorts

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