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Wed, 23 Apr 08 – Episode # 4623

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Goodbye JnM .... Too Bad It’s NOT Forever ”

[screened in Australia on Wed, 23 Apr 08 – Episode # 4623]


At an assembly in the hall, Bartlett publicly thanks Miles for arranging the concert for Sally’s farewell. Speaking of whom, Bartlett tells the students that Sally is currently teaching at an orphanage in Phuket.

Bartlett then welcomes back Aden to school [after his recent hospital time] and intro’s the student to his new PA, Jazz.


Alf tells Martha that he is very pleased that she is happy with jack. Colleen enters, and she is VERYU pleased when Martha tells her that Colleen can spread the news in the bay about JnM getting back togther – and the news that Jack has quit the force.


In the assembly hall, Bartlett tells Nicole that he has arranged for one of the girls to show her around the school, but Nicole tell him that Geoff is going to do all that.

Bartlett then goes over and speaks to Miles, but moments later, Jazz reminds Bartlett that he has an appointment right now. After he heads off to that, miles comments about jazz trying to make a rally good impression on Bartlett, and Jazz takes this opportunity to ask Miles out to dinner, an although she doesn’t get a response wither way, jazz insists that miles should just think over her offer.

Elsewhere, Nicole is heading towards one of the classrooms when she bumps into Geoff. He’s al nervous, and she’s [mockingly] apologetic.

When Nicole enters the classroom, the girl who was to show her around the school is talking to her friends about how much of a stuck up show pony Nicole is. Nic responds by seeing that there’s no way that she wants to fit in with these small town girls.

However, when that spat is over, Geoff makes its clear to Nicole that he wasn’t pleased with the way she just behaved. Nicole DOES look concerned that she’s not so hot in Geoff’s books now.

Soon after, Nicole enters Jazz’s office, and jazz comments that it’s her 1st day her too. After jazz give Nic a locker key, Jazz gives Nicole the 2nd hand SBH uniform that Bartlett arranged for her, but Nic isn’t impressed with it -= not her size etc. Jazz offers to amend it for her [incl its length] and Nicole realises that, at least with ppl like jazz here in the bay, things won’t be as dire as she previously thought.

In the corridor, Annie is talking to Melody about Nicole, but Melody comment that Nicole barley knows that they even exist.

In another corridor, Nicole opens her locker, and comets on the stench that is coming form it. After Nicole uses some perfume to fix the problem, she is rather surprised when someone at the school [namely Maddie] knows a thing or two about the $100 bottle of perfume that she’s just used. Maddie comments that the locker used to belong to Drew, and then she accepts Nicole’s invite for the two of them to “do” lunch today. After Nicole has walked way, Annie is rally pleased that Maddie is having lunch with Nicole, and wonders if she can tag along. Maddie says that she can.


Colleen tells Belle, Irene & Leah about JnM, and this news clearly affects Leah, who goes into the kitchen.

After Irene goes to check on Leah, Morag enters = and Colleen is all too eager to tell Morag bout JnM.


Iren approaches Leah as she is wiping something of the whiteboard. Irene wonders why Leah reacted the way she did. Leah says that she can’t believe that JnM have got together sooooo close to the death of Sam. Leah says that she could NEVER do that = and what’s happened REALLY makes her think of Dan.


Morag enters, and REALLY gives Martha a piece of her mind about this STUPID obsession that Martha has with Jack. Alf enters the room, having heard Morag even though he was upstairs. Alf is on Martha’s side clearly, but Morag insists that she doesn't want to have to deal with ppl who DON”T learn form their mistakes. Morag bails – she’s TOTALLY in a huff.


Miles is talking the class about censorship, and he is very pleased when Maddie gives him the example of the Nazi book burnings around the time of WW2.

After the bell goes, the class [incl Maddie, Axel & Aden] exit the room. Aden encounters Nicolle just outside the classroom door, and she even apologises for the almost kiss incident this mourn. She then kisses him on the cheek, but in a way that it look to Aden’s mates that the kiss was more that than. She does however remind Aden that she’s in change of anything that happens tween them.

Nic & Maddie are about to had for the diner when Annie approaches. Nicole doesn’t seem initially too impressed that Maddie said that Annie could but then Nicole easily changes her mind – on the news the Annie is Geoff’s sister. The trio head off.


Jack phones Martha, and both of what comets about how every man & his dog seem to have an opinion [that they are all too willing toy share] about JnM getting back together.

Jack then suggests that there is only one thing for it.


After colleen comments to Irene about tony's less than pleased reaction to the news of JnM, Irene suggest that colleen should be more discrete etc sometimes.

At one of the tables, whilst Annie wants to know all of the places [incl Paris] that Nicole has been to O/S, Nicole eagerly asks Annie bout Geoff.

At the counter, irene talks to tin y bout JnM. She admits that, like Tony, she thinks that JnM have rushed this.


Jack enters, and he is surprised that Martha is ready to go already [and she only has 1 bag with her]. Both JnM comment to Alf that they are bailing form town, and they don’t know exactly when they will be back.

After they bail, Alf makes a phone call. He leaves a msg on Morag’s answering machine, insisting that they HAVE to talk.


Jack is driving his car; with Martha is the passenger seat. They are talking about the new ‘ship, and jack coments that maybe they should have waited a bit after all. He then tells martha that he is kidding.


After Maddie comets to Nicole that she seem to already have groupies here [Annie etc], Melody confronts Annie about missing the lunch date in favour of going to lunch with Nicole. Melody can’t believe how superficial Nicole is – and how easily Annie has been “sucked in” by Nicole. The nearby Geoff is taking a keen interest in the ”chat” tween Annie & Melody.

Soon after, Geoff & Melody are in one of the classrooms and they are alone. Melody is quite surprised when Geoff asks her out for dinner [at diner] tonight. After agreeing to meet there [diner], melody wonders why Geoff has had a change of heart, and Geoff comments that these last few days have convinced him with important, and what’s not, in the world.



Who proposes?

Will Ric choose the big money on offer from fighting ahead of his love for Maddie ???

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Leah: white v neck singlet top/brown knee length skirt


Matilda: SBH Uniform/blue [white lined] hair band


Nicole: white singlet top/gold scarf/denim jeans [with a gold belt]


Aden: SBH Uniform

Alf: brown & white check button up shirt

Annie: SBH Uniform

Axel: SBH Uniform

Belle: white vest [with red singlet top]

Colleen: red top/yellow floral blouse

Geoff: SBH Uniform

Irene: red scoop t

Jack: brown [white music notes] t/old denim jeans

Jazz: white [buttoned up] jacket/white see through blouse/white [black lining] bra/black knee length skirt

Martha: blue wide collar top/black long pants/black headband

Melody: SBH Uniform

Miles: dark blue button up shirt/blue [black tropic motifs] t/denim jeans

Morag : white v neck t/white [tan horiz stripes] jacket

Mr Bartlett: black suit/light blue button up shirt/maroon [white “tears”] tie

Tony: white [sB gym] t/dark [2 white vert stripes] trrack pants

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