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Tues, 22 Apr 08 - Episode # 4622

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Jazz And How To Dress Appropriately On Your 1st Day At A New Job !!!“

[screened in Australia on Tues, 22 Apr 08 - Episode # 4622]


In the kitchen, Roman tells Irene, Leah & Colleen all about Nicole – incl how he & her mum met, and how he started looking for Nicole after he got out of the army. When Irene ask, Roman sassy that it’s unexpected, but great that Nic is here.


Jack & Martha are totally glad that they are togther at last – and boot insist that they won’t let anything get in the way this time. They are kissing when Jazz enters the room – she initially just wants an opinion of her choice of outfit [that she is holding in her hands] for her 1st day of the school principal’s PA tomorrow, but then jazz realises whity she’s walked in on and bails. Jack goes after her, and Jazz insist that she won’t tell anyone bout what she saw [as jack tells het that he just knows that likes of Tony will have a bad opinion of what’s happened].


Annie is sitting with Melody & another friend when Nicole enters. Leah immediately hugs her – which Nicole can’t believe. She wonders where Roman is – and Leah point her towards the kitchen.

Nicole, on the way to the kitchen introduces herself to Geoff. She then suggest to Roman that he’s working at a café, not a restaurant like he claimed, and its clear [form look on her face] that Irene’s not impressed by Nicole, whilst Roman suggest [to Nicole] that a bad reputation isn’t easily forgotten in a small town.

Soon after, whilst Annie & her other friends tell Melody that the like how confidant etc Nic is, Melody thinks that Nicole caringly isn’t the greatest thigh since sliced bread.

After Melody bails, Annie comments o her other friend [played by holly Robinson] that she just thinks that Melody thinks those things about Nicole as Nicole, like Melody, seems to like Geoff.

Nicole enters the kitchen [form the diner] and suggests that although it’s a pretty coll place, it would probably be better without Irene & Coleen.

Nicole then talk to geoff once more – and its clear that he’s waaaaaaaaaaay nervous when he is talking to her


Colleen tells Irene that she thinks that if Miss Groper was still happening, ten Nic would be a winner of it for sure, but Irene tells Colleen that she thinks that Nicole is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay a brat.


Jack & Martha are in bed kissing.

Next day, Jack enters the main room of the house form the bedroom. He comments to jazz bout how happy he is now that he is back with Martha.

Jazz asks Jack about her outfit for her 1st day [that she is currently wearing]. Jack expresses his concerns about how intriguing [see though white blouse] her outfit is, but jazz thinks that it’s great.


Nicole exits the water and Geoff is ruing by. She is pleased to see him with his shirt off. After a brief chat, geoff goes back to his run, and Aden approach Nicole, and does his usual “bible boy” spiel about Geoff. He also comets on ho Geoff punched him, and Nicole plays on that. She also tells Aden that Geoff is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than him.

Soon after, Aden & Geoff verbally clash over Nicole.


Jazz enters the corridor, and almost immediately, Axel 7 one of the other boys wolf whistles Jazz. Bartlet approaches, and suggest that Axel, jazz & the other boy come to his office.

Soon after, in principle’s office, Bartlett gets Axel & his mat to apologise to Jazz. When the 2 boys are gone, Bartlett suggests that Jazz’s current attire has gone a little too far. Jazz “innocently” claims that she thought it would be ok. She then appeases Bartlet by putting on a jacket


After Roman tells Aden that he will give Aden a lift to school in a few minutes, Aden goes upstairs, where he encounters Nicole in the rather narrow hallway. She tilts her head a little, and Aden takes this as a sing. He goes to kiss herm but she pulls away at the last moment. She then say to Aden, “down, boy” in a cheeky voice.


Jack enters vias the back patio door and hugs Martha form behind, but she loves the surprise. They kiss – but are shocked when Alf walks in on them [back for his “road trip”]

Soon after, Alf tell JnM how surprised he is at how fast [after Sam they got together, but after JnM rally put fwd how much they love aeacher, Alf sys that he is pleased that they are happy.


Jack enters the house, just as Tony is about to bail. Jack insists that this info can’t wait til later, Tony is shocked when he hears bout both JnM AND jack quitting the police force. Tony insists tat he doesn’t want to be there agion to pick up the pieces of another failed JnM ‘ship attempt. He also espressos conceres about the timing [back together the day that Sam was buried] but jack fired back by commenting on how Tony seems to sleep with anything that moved after Beth died. Jack then bails, and Tony is totally in chock etc about what’s happening.



There’s a marriage proposal – but who proposes to who?

Who’s leaving town?

Nicole’s antics with the boys continue ???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Jazz: white see through blouse/white [black lining] bra/black knee length skirt/white jacket


Annie: green top & matching shorts


Nicole: black satin like blouse/black shorts/sliver [studded] belt


Aden: white [black crest & sky blue horiz stripes on left leg] boardies

Alf: brown & white check button up shirt

Annie’s friend [played by Holly Robinson}: white [frilly lined] v neck singlet top/grey shorts

Axel: SBH sports [white with marron SBH logo] polo shirt

Colleen: maroon [white floral] blouse/blue top/bright multi floral long skirt

Geoff: dark grey [black check] shorts

Geoff: yellow [dark blue tropic] t

Irene: sky blue long sleeve blouse

Jack: brown [white music notes] t/old denim jeans

Jack: grey PJ long pants

Jack: white [green & blue swirls] v neck t

Jazz: black, yellow, white & blue [black on bust, and yellow & blue separated by wide white vertical stripes] low cut v neck dress

Leah: white [raised white squares at the top] mid thigh dress

Martha: grey cami top/white (red floral) PJ long pants

Martha: black [white lattice like batten] low cut v neck dress

Melody: tan top

Mr Bartlett: black suit/light blue button up shirt /maroon [black & white “tears”] tie

Nicole: black bikini

Nicole: white singlet top/gold scarf/denim jeans [with a gold belt]

Roman: dark singlet/olive green shorts

Roman: white chef’s jacket

Tony: white [sB gym] t/dark [with 2 white vertical stripes] track pants

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