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title: NAT

type of story: long fic

genre: drama

characters: Nat, Roman, Nicole + more

rating: A

spoilers: no

warnings: sexual references, violence

plot: Nat comes to town seemingly nice. But has she got a hidden genda?.


Nat walked into the diner and looked around.

"Hey can i help you?" Leah asked.

"Is this where i can find Roman Harris?" Nat repled answering her question.

""Yeah he's in the back i'll go get him" Leah told her

"No, it's ok. I'll just go through" Nat replied and started to walk behind the counter.

"Usually we don't let customers do that"

"Well, i'm not a customer and he'll wanna see me".

"Roman darling" Nat said walking in the kitched watching Roman cooking.

"Nat, what are you doing here?" Roman asked puzzled.

"You called me" she answered

"Yeah i want you to talk ti to Nic".


"Because she's acting like a soilt brat".

What makes you think she'll listen to me. I'm not really mother of the year"

"Yeah well you still are her mother"

"She treats me like a sister" Nat said playing with her hair.

"Please" Roman said

"Ok, but i can't guarentee anything will happen" Nat siad


"So where will she be?" Nat asked still playing with her hair.

"Well school's just finished so probably home" Roman said and gave her the adress


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Nat knocked on the open door of Roman's house but got no answer.

"Hello, Nic" she called but still got no answer

She heard laughter coming from the kitchen.

"Nicole" she said again walking closer too the kitchen

"Nico... oh my god" she said quickly turning away when saw Nicole and Aden having sex on the kitchen floor.

"Nat what are you doing" Nicole said pushing Aden off her then quickly standing up and putting clothes on.

"I'm calling your father. And i don't know who you are but i'm gonna make sure your father is called as well"

"Nat please"

"This is your mother" Aden said


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Roman, Nat Morag and Larry stood there looking at Nicole and Aden.

"So this is what you do behind mine and Morag's back. Climb in eachothers beds" Roman ranted.

"Oh this time they didn't make it to the bed. They just decided the kitchen floor a better" Nat interupted

"You two are hypocrites" Nicole said

"Excuse me" Roman said

"You two were parents at our age" Aden said.

"Aden" his father cut in

"By what i seen of you, you really shouldn't brag" Nat said

"I'm sorry Aden, but you are gonna have to go back with your father" Roman told him.

"That is so not fair, we were just doing a natual thing that people do" Nicole argued

"Look Nic, you may get your smart mouth and ya little princess ways from me but i've got two words for you. Grow up". Nat yelled at her.

"What's it to do with you. Your not really mother of the year" Nicole yelled ay her mother.

"I just don't want you making the same mistakes i did" Nat told her

"Oh so i'm a mistake now" Nicloe said storming up to her room.

"No, that's not what..." Nat sighed

"Well that went well" Roman said

"Go on Aden. Go pack your bags" his dad said.

"So what are you doing now?" Morag asked Nat

"I'm gonna go see if i can get a motel" she replied

"Don't be silly stay here" Roman interupted

"Staying with my ex. That's a little wierd" she told him

"Well we do have a spare room" he told her

"And i'm sure i can make extra for dinner" he added.


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