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Mon, 21 Apr 08 - Episode # 4621

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Because We DO Need A Teenage Version Of Jazz “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 21 Apr 08 - Episode # 4621]


Jack answers the phone. Form the sounds of things list Sam’s sister, who [form jack’s responses] tells him that Rory doesn’t want jack at the funeral. Jack [when off the phone] looks perplexed.


Nicole immediately wonders if Aden was kicked out of home by his dad, but Roman suggests that Nicole shouldn’t say such things.

After Aden & Nicole head upstairs, Roman apologises to Larry for what Nicole said, but Ada says that he’s just pleased that something bought a smile to Aden’s face.

Upstairs, Nicole wonders to Aden about aht happened [why he’s here] but Aden insists that it’s a long story, and the Nicole sholdnl;t be so persistent in finding out.

Roman enters the room, and reminds Aden & Nicole that although thay6e may be living under the same roof, they certainly aren’t living togther.

In the langue room, Morag tells Larry tells Aden reminds Morag a lot of the way that Ric used to be, whilst back upstairs, both Nicole & Aden suggest that they of them should stay upstairs for a while – to give the olds something to sweat about. Although when Aden makes this suggestion to Nicole, she makes it caler that she won’t allow anything to happen tween them until he tells her why he is here at Roman’s.


Martha approach Jack and he tell her about why he didn’t go to the funeral, i.e. Rory blames jack fro Sam’s death etc. despite/in spite of Rory’s comments, jack tell Martha that he just wanted to be a a good husband and a god father to Rory.


Larry thanks Morag & Roman once more for letting Aden say her for the time being.

After Morag &^ roman leave the room, Ada tells Aden to call him anytime. There’s still an unease tween them, which is why they shake hands before Larry bails. The father & son chat, btw, was watched [form atop the stairs] by Nicole.


Soon after, Nicole pulls up her Mini in the car park. Roman [passenger seat] comments on Nicole’s questoinable [too fast etc] driving, but also suggests that he know ho to make a car REALLY move. Roman starts to prove this a little sooner than Nicole respected – becsu as soon as Roman is in the driver’s seat, he sees Jack & Martha talking on the beach nearby. Nicole seem to quite like it as Roman rockets her car out of car park and back onto the road.


Colleen leads Jack & Martha to a tabel, and comments about how Jack is all but part of her family given that she’s a Stewart, and Martha’s relative. off course].

After colleen goes to get thri order, Jack tells Martha that he seriously thinking about quitting the police force.


Nicole’s Mini convertible, with Roman still in the wheel, speeds along.


Martha is kinda annoyed as it’s her fault [those drugs at the rocket club] that jack got himself into the position where he could be blackmailed by the likes as Sam and corrupt cop George Watson.

Jack tells Martha that it’s definite – he IS quitting the force, and the other big change in his life is what’s happening tween he & Martha. She doesn’t like it when jack tells her that he wants to deal with the whole quitting the force ting before dealing with their ‘ship. Jack insists that they WILL talk tonight about this.


Morag enters Aden’s room, and he is worried about her getting all parental with him. He insists that if Aden follows that house rules [that she has just hand to him] then she won’t have to [be the parent]. After Morag leaves the room, Aden opens up the folded piece of paper -= there are LOTS of rules on it.


After Roman pulls the car up, and he & Nicole gets out of the car, they start walking top the the centre of the stop where Jesse & Josie almost got married a few years ago. Roman tells Nicole that they are going to have to ANZAC Day ceremony her this year.

Roman wonders why Nicole is here in the bay, and she tells him that she rally wants to get to know him – esp. since she knows that it took a lot of courage to come looking for her ]and her mum] recently. Nicole also says that waits til the start of the new school term and thinks that she’ll have a cool time here. She says this after Roman is worried about how she might not like life in a small town.


Aden enters the kitchen and tells moorage that the house rules and cool by hymn., she then makes it clear that Nicole is off limits, but Aden suggest that any ‘ship talk should be directed at Nicole – he ads that Nicole isn’t up for anything unless SHE is in charge.


Martha enters, and jack tells her that, this afternoon, he resigned form the police force. Marsha wonders what jack’s new future holds, and he tells Martha that that is up to her.

Soon after, both admit how they were kidding themselves wit other recent ‘ships [eg Sam, Michael etc]. Martha even tells jack that she was at his wedding to Sam.

JnM then tells each other that the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay love each other – and never want to be with anyone else EVER again. They seal all this, of course, with a mushy kiss.

[note – duing part of this scene, we heard a song more associated with Kane & Kirsty, i.e. “rock n’ roll’s mine”]



Alf catches Jack & Martha kissing

There’s a marriage proposal – but who proposes to who?

Aden AND Geoff appear to be VERY interested in Nicole!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: grey singlet top/silver scarf/black shorts/silver [studded] belt


Martha: black [white lattice like batten] low cut v neck dress


Martha: white long sleeve blouse/denim shorts [with gold “rope” belt]


Aden: green [white crest] t

Colleen: maroon [white floral] blouse/blue top/bright multi floral long skirt

Jack: black button up shirt/black long pants

Jack: white [green & blue swirls] v neck t

Larry [Aden’s dad]: powder blue button up shirt

Morag: dark brown long sleeve top/grey long pants

Roman: brown t [with red t neath]/denim jeans

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