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Story Title: Disposal

Type of story: Oneshot.

Main Characters: Roman Harris, Irene Roberts.

BTTB rating: G

Does story include spoilers: No

Is story being proof read: No

Any warnings: None.

Summary: Roman discovers he's not the only one with problems in Summer Bay.


ROMAN is violently chopping vegetables, IRENE is making sandwiches.

IRENE: Those veggies dead yet?

He ignores her.

IRENE: I said-

ROMAN: Yeah, I heard what you said, thanks.

IRENE: Crikey, I'm only joking. No need to bite me flippin' head off.

ROMAN: Sorry.

IRENE: What's the problem?

ROMAN: Not much. Martha told me it was over yesterday.

IRENE: Oh... Sorry to hear that. You were good for her.

ROMAN: Obviously she didn't think so!

IRENE: Gawd, I was only- [stops to think]. No, you're right.

She starts going back and forth to put things in the waste disposal.

ROMAN: Sorry. Guess I'm not used to being rejected. S'pose I'm usually the one doing the rejecting. I really liked her though. I thought we'd last.

IRENE: Aw, love. Well, you're not the first to be hurt by Martha and Jack, and something tells me you won't be the last.

Her necklace falls into the waste disposal.

IRENE: Oh Gawd, no, no! Not that!

ROMAN [rushing over]: Don't put your hand down it! [he switches waste disposal off].

IRENE: Oh no, I can't lose that!

ROMAN: I can't get it. I'll have to take the whole thing apart [goes to get his tools]

IRENE [crying]: Oh please, I can't lose that necklace.

He gets under the sink and starts taking the waste disposal unit apart.

ROMAN: A special present was it? Ouch!

IRENE: Yes- er- yes.

She pauses.

IRENE: My fiancé gave it to me.

ROMAN: I didn't know you were engaged. Ow! Bloody thing!

IRENE: I'm not! No. I was- we were going to get married. Ken and me. His name was Ken. He died before we could.

He glances out at her, then carries on working. She turns her back on him.

IRENE: I didn't think I'd fall in love with him. We wanted to make a go of it, for the kids' sake, but I really loved him. He'd been through the same as me, we were both sober again and we though we had another chance. Then he-

ROMAN [gently]: What happened?

IRENE: He was crushed by a car he was working on a week before the wedding. Stupid man! He should've checked the jack! He should've-

She pauses to collect herself.

IRENE: Anyway, it nearly destroyed the kids. Nick was the worst. We had to stick together, we got through it somehow... It was one of the worst times of my life.

ROMAN: Irene, that is really terrible. I'm really sorry.

IRENE: Well, I- If I lose that necklace its like I've thrown Ken away.

Pause while he continues working.

ROMAN: What did you mean when you said I wasn't the first to be hurt by Martha and Jack?

IRENE [relieved]: Oh love! There's a story! They've been on- off- on- off for so long, its like a never ending story! They've hurt Sam and Rory, of course, you know that. Martha's boyfriends- Cam, Michael; the Holdens; Martha's family. Martha and Jack just can't live without each other. So its nothing personal, darl. You're just another casualty.

ROMAN: That makes me feel a bit better, I s'pose. And my problems are nothing compared to yours.

IRENE: Well I'm glad my tragedy's cheered you up- [stops and laughs. He laughs too]. We're a right pair, aren't we?

ROMAN [producing the necklace from the waste disposal]: Here it is!

IRENE: Oh thanks love! Thank God! I just couldn't lose that.

She puts the necklace on happily. He puts the waste disposal unit back together, and crawls out of the cupboard.

IRENE: Thanks again! Oh, come here, you great lump! [she hugs him]. Lucky you're so practical.

ROMAN: That's what I'm here for [laughs].


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