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Wed, 9 Apr 08 – Episode # 4618

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Is Martha The Most Annoying, Stupid, FRUSTRATING Person In The Universe ??? ”

[screened in Australia on Wed, 9 Apr 08 – Episode # 4613]

Note – due to various circumstances, this ep guide is less detailed than normal.

After Martha & Morag meet Roman’s SAS mates [incl a guy called Adam] and see them off as they behind the search of the body of water near the pier diner, Morag & Martha then go to the hunter house.

Martha, upon seeing jack & jazz enter the main house together [from annexe] immediately thinks the jazz & jack slept togther last night – which both deny.

Lara [out of uniform] and some other of jack’s cop [out of uniform] mates arrive, and they, along with tony, jazz, Morag etc bail to go to the city

Out on the water, Roman ^& his mates have no luck finding that dinghy – after several attempts, so they head in for a rethink.

At diner, colleen tells Irene & Leah that she is expecting wedding bells tween roman & Martha.

In city, jazz & Tony decide on a new plan [her idea] – to approach a kinda evil looking dude toy see in a bar. After they approach hum, he goes and speaks to another guy [after Tony hands over a $50 note]. Another guy approaches – but he turns out to be an undercover cop – who arrests Tony & jazz [after jazz wonders what price in will be to beat up Tony’s g/f.]

Jack is abou to approach the guy who beat up Sam a few weeks ago when he is phoned by Tony – about the charges, so jack has to go & help Tony & jazz. Whilst they are waiting for him [at SB police] jazz & Tony comment bout how its supposed to be the kids calling the parents for help with the police.

In city, Morag gets phone call. she & Martha rtn to the bay, where Buckton tells them the a rich dude hit a “snag” with pulling up the anchor on his big boat the snag is a dinghy, that fits description of the one that was stolen.

Jack goes back to city – asn the guy who bashed Sam a bit recently tells jack that he met with Sam again in the last few days. After she bought some heroin of him, she starts trying to kick etc him and she was scramming as did so. Two of the dude’s associates grabbed her and pull her off him. Jack likes it when he says that his associates grabs Sam by her upper arms [hence those bruises].

Back at hunter house, Buckton tells jack, Martha, Morag, Jazz etc that Sam’s DNA was found in the little boat, and that JnM are free to go.

There's a celebration [of all that's happened] at diner. Buckton suggest that jack should take a long hard look at his life, whilst colleen way praises roman & his mates for helping. Adam asks roman if Martha could be “the one”. Roman’s not sure – but when Adam seems to hint at a past ‘ship that roman has had, roman insists that Adam shouldn’t have gone there. Roman then look a tad concerned, as he looks at JnM chatting to each other.



Will Martha choose to be with Jack or Roman???

There’s a new girl in town – looks like Roman’s daughter Nicole

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Leah: yellow wide strap top/white long pants


Jazz: royal blue [with yellow& silver on bust] tin strap top


Lara: blue top/red jacket/dark long pants


Adam: black wetsuit

Adam: off white button up shirt

Colleen: bright multicolour floral blouse

Detective Buckton: dark suit/white shirt/dark blue [white diag stripes] tie

Joe : blue & white horiz striped polo shirt

Irene: green leafy long sleeve blouse

Jack: marron [black ship on yellow background] t/denim jeans

Jazz: white [partly soft orange floral] night gown/white nightdress

Lara: blue top/red jacket/dark long pants

Martha: orange [large black dots and black lining] top

Morag: white jacket/brown top/dark long pants

Roman: black wetsuit

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah”] t

Tony: brown [orange horiz stripes] polo shirt

Undercover Cop: blue [white unknown logo] t/dark blue & red jacket

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