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Tues, 15 Apr 08 - Episode # 4617

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Did Kylie Deeks Kill Sam Holden ??? “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 15 Apr 08 - Episode # 46174]


Mo tells Detective Buckton that she believes that Sam, kinda through her alter ego Kylie, killed herself. Morag sys that after Rory rejected Sam [we see a brief flashback of Mo watching the chat8ing Rory & Geoff], she thought that he life is over, so she decided to commit suicide, but NOT before she framed JnM for her death.

Morag continues by stying the Sam went into Roman’s house [we see a flashback] and took both a hair sample of Martha’s and some of her writing paper AND she got the bonus of having Martha’s DNA under her nails when she scratches Martha’s face. Sam then contacted jazz [another brief flashback[ to put it in everyone mind that she was running away with Rory and that she had everything to live. Sam them according to Morag’s theory stole a small boat [brief flashback of Morag talking to that fisherman in previous ep] and went out to sea in it. She then unplugged the boat, and as it began to take on water, she injected herself with the heroin [the whole boat & drugs thing we see as we hear Morag’s voice over.

Detective Buckton thks that this theory is merely based on Morag not wanting Martha to be the guilty one, but Morag insist that she knows that’s he is right, and tells Detective Buckton that he probably won't want o be remembered gfo botching his last case [if he goes after JnM like he is]. Detective Buckton lets Morag has 24 hours to find the evident t9o back up her theory.


Jack is REALLY worried that he & Martha are “going down” for this crime. Tony & jazz both try their best to keep jack’s spirits up, but he seems resigned to the fact that he’s “done for”.


Roman tells Morag & Martha [kitchen] that he has organised some of his old SAS mates to search for the little boat 1st thing morrow morn – and that all he needs is a current charts of the bay where Sam’s body washed ashore. Morag & Martha insist that that won’t be an issue.

After Morag & Martha bail, Roman apologises to Irene for himself having to take a few days off so early in the life o this business.


As Morag ^ Martha approach the front door, Morag suggest to Martha that she would prefer it if Martha stays together with Roman, but after Morag says that all she wants is for Martha t be happy, Martha says that she WILL e happy – ehne all of this is over,


After Irene kinda complains to Roman about her having to miss out of going to pick up some tablecloths for the business tomorrow, she kinda gets on Roman’s nerves when she starts talking about how, under the right circumstances, anybody is capable of anything [i.e. Martha killing Sam]


After Martha & o tell Jack about the planned search for the boat by Roman’s old mates, talk turners to how Sam got THOSE bruises. Jack suggest that Sam might be hired a thug to beat her up again [joist like she did before everyone know that she killed Johnny]. Jack tells the others that he plans to search in the city morrow for the unknown thug.

Btw, n the middle of all of this, Jazz is annoyed tat she “bought” Sam’s story [of having everything to live for].


Morag tanks Detective Buckton for giving her those 24 hours. He then suggests tat he hopes that all works out well in all of this, and that things don’t get spiteful tweeny he & Morag. He says that because Detective Buckton would like to, in retirement, visit this “sleepy” won every so of – to catch up with Morag. Morag says that that would be nice – especially if she’s right [about her theory] so she can gloat bout it!!!


Jack is alone on lounge room when Jazz approaches. She wonders how jazz is going to find that hired thug, also he tells her that, gong in how much time that Sam was on the city last time visiting her sister [4 hours] he has narrowed down a search area. Jack appreciates it when Jazz asks if she can help – so he says tat she can “take” some of the less seedy places ion his list.


Roman enters and Martha eagerly hugs him. She tells him that she is glad he is home, as she didn’t want ti go out antwher to see him – too many ppl pointing the finger/gossiping about her because of Sam’s death.

Roman is keen to go to bed, and is keen for Martha to join him, but she says tat she just needs to “chill out” a bit before bed.


Its lat ay night and jack is siting t re dining table. Jazz approaches him – and suggest that he rally should go to bed. Jack insists that he will soon.

After jazz walks away, jack phones Martha. She is VERY glad that jack phoned her. Both try to reassure the other that as long as they stick together, everything will work out for the best.



Martha & co’s search for evidence in on in earnest

Martha isn’t exactly pleased when Jack & jazz emerge together form her room [the hunter house annexe]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Jazz: white [light orange occasional floral pattern] night gown/white mid thigh night dress


Sam: red v neck [black “rip curl” logo and native artwork style ocean waves] t/denim jeans


Morag: dark suit/tan top


Detective Buckton: white [black pin stripes] button up shirt/ red [gold diag stripes] tie/grey long pants

Irene: black (white rope pattern) top

Jack: maroon (black silhouette of sailing ship in yellow background) t shirt/denim jeans

Jazz: black [white latticed v neck] mid thigh dress

Martha: white thin strapped low cut dress

Roman: purple “SL 140” t/dark long pants

Roman: white chef’s-matre de jacket/dark long pants

Tony: apple green & black horizontal stripes polo shirt/dark long pants

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