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Mon, 14 Apr 08 - Episode # 4616

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Do We Have A New Suspect ??? “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 14 Apr 08 - Episode # 4616]


Ric is in a car with Noel and one of Noel’s associates. Ric has a brief flashback to part of his fight. Btw, Ric has several abrasions on his face.

After the car pulls up and Ric gets out, Noel hands him an envelope [with cash in it I’m gathering]. Noel tells Ric that he knows that the punters are keen to see ric fight again, and he also knows that ric enjoyed him whilst fighting. Ric tells Noel; that he’s not going to fight again – especially because of his ‘ship with Matilda.


Jack is keen to leave the hospital and talk to the police, but Rachel suggests that he’s not rally up to that yet. Jack insists that the more time he spends in here, the more it looks that he has something to hide.


Matilda enters the main room and sees Ric – and those abrasions on his face. She is worried, but he tells her that when he was with Drew last night, Drew got into a bit of a fight, and Ric copped some of it. Matilda “buys” the story – and she is way annoyed at Drew.


Morag has just finished talking to an unknown fisherman when Colleen approaches, hoping for Morag to apologise for her recent comment to Colleen, but Morag suggests that she has noting to apologise for. Morag also insist that she was [by talking to the fishermen etc] trying to undo the damage that Colleen had done to Martha’s case. As Colleen walks away in a huff, Morag is clearly keen to speak to the nearby Geoff.


Ric, on back patio, gives Miles his share of the money for the recently bought new furniture etc. he then tells Miles the “real” story about his injuries – that he & Drew went VERY well at the casino, but some ppl followed then [after the big wins][ and stile some of the [over $100] money. Ric suggest to Miles that Matilda can’t know about this.


Coleen [kitchen] raves on to Irene, about how Morag is treating her.

When Irene goes back into the min area, Geoff approach the counter – asn Irene is intrigued when geoff says that Morag is paying his bill – after asking him questions about Rory,.

After Geoff bails, Irene approach Morag, and wonders what she is up to. Morag insist to Irene that Irene will just have to trust Morag [about her plan to take Geoff to the city today to visit Rory].


Tony urges jack to rally think about not going to the police just yet, especially in light of jack’s “what have I done?” line recently. Jack insists that he meant that he felt that he [buy turning the evidence about Sam into the police] had indirectly killed Sam. Jack seems very concentred when Tony tells him that Detective Buckton is herding up the investigation.


Tony & jack enter the interview room. Detective Buckton is in there, and he insists that, since he has Tony’s statement, then he wants no interruptions form Tony.

Detective Buckton then straight out asks Jack if he killed Sam – Jack says tat he didn’t


Morag & Geoff are sitting in her car when MORAG asks Geoff if he could ask Rory is he saw Sam that night before she died. Geoff doesn’t like having been deceived but Morag insist that this will help her case for Martha’s innocence. She tells Geoff that Rory told police that he hadn’t seem Sam that night, but she thinks that he may be more truthful to a friend than the police [especially given Roy’s feeling towards Jack at the moment]. Geoff agrees to ask – and Rory greets him at the forint gate of a house across the street form Morag’s car.


Jack tells buck ton that, on the night of Sam’s murder, after he saw Rory [who blames jack for all that’s occurred], jack returned to the bay. Tony makes a few comments that add to jack’s comment – but Buck ton rally doesn’t like Tony doing this, and tells him to leave the room.

After Tony is gone, jack tells buck ton that he has a fair few “drinks” whilst up on stewart's point, and then next thing that he knows is when he awoke, he was down on the beach, and that he was soaked. Buckton doesn’t believe that jack [in that drunken state] could hev made in down to the beach form Stewart’s point where he was.

Jack then continues his vision of events – which he only knew that Sam was dead when he saw a newspaper headline when he was on hies way home.

Jack tells Buckton that he thinks that Sam’s murder is the result of a revenge killing by one of Johnny’s gang – but Buckton thinks that the gang wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of planting the suicide note etc.


Morag, still in her car, watches Geoff chatting to Rory. A woman approaches the passenger side door and offers Morag some coffee. Morag invites her into the car, and after the woman gets in, it’s very clear that she is Sam’s sister [who we’ve has references to in the past but never seen]. When Morag akjs, the sister says that she & Sam aren’t that close, and that if Sam did see Rory in the night that she was murdered, Sam’s sister isn’t a ware of it.

[Note – Sam’s sister isn’t referred by name, and I couldn’t make out what her name is in the closing credits to the ep].


Buckton eagerly gives jack his version of what he tanks happened THAT night, he tells jack that he believes jack contacted Martha as soon a he returned to ten bay, and that because Sam was blackmailing them, Jack & Martha [using some drugs that Martha scored off an old contact of THAT pole dancing club], injected Sam with heroin overdose. Buckton ads that jack & Martha that got their alibis – jack by meeting up with Tony, and Martha telling Roman that story about Sam blackmailing her.

Jack can’t believe that he is hearing this – and insists that he & Martha are innocent.


Morag & Sam’s sister can see that Geoff & Rory have ended their chat, so Sam’s sister gets out of the car, and tells Morag that she hopes there are good times ahead.

When Geoff gets in the car, he tells Morag that Rory DID see Sam THAT night, she snuck into the house, but when Sam asked Sam to come with her, he refused her.


Ric is at the bottom of the VPH satires when he had another flashback. He gets his rival into a headlock and defeats him!!!!! Back in tenbhere & now, Ric looks into the mirror – and he briefly SMILES!!!!


Tony is NOT impressed when Martha arrives. He suggests that if the police find then [JnM] together, they will thank that JnM are getting their stories straight. Martha insists that she just has to see jack.

Tony leaves the room – it’s clear that he is annoyed. Martha however insists to jack if they stick together, everything will be fine.


Harper approaches Buckton, and tells him that forensics reports are back. The paper that the suicide note was written on exactly matches some found at Martha’s place AND there was a hair sample of MARTHA”S in the car that Sam stole [that same car that the suicide note was found in]. Buckton is LOVING this.


Toy insists tat Martha has to keeve [because of the collusion ting] but before she can, Buckton arrives – and he isn’t surprise that Martha is here. He then ARRESTS her with the suspicion of killing Sam!!!!!


Morag enters Bucktin’s office and wonders why he is making such a fool of himself on his last case. Morag insists that she KNOWS who the ACTAUL killer is!!!!



JnM have got 24 hours to prove their innocence.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Matilda: apple green [with sky blue lining] v neck top/apple green [with darker green & blue spots] shorts


Jack: maroon (black silhouette of sailing ship in yellow background) t shirt/denim jeans


Colleen: blue tropical motifs blouse/apricot top/red long pants


Detective Buckton: white [black pin stripe] button up shirt/red [gold diag stripes] tie

Geoff: white [unknown small black motif on chest] t/grey shorts

Irene: black (white rope pattern) top

Martha: white thin strapped low cut dress

Miles: brown [black African tribal? Motifs] t/grey shorts

Miles: white t/dark blue track pants

Morag: dark suit/tan top

Noel: grey button up shirt

Rachel: black v neck top/red spikey necklace

Ric: black [white rockband? logo] t/grey shorts

Ric: brown [yellow tiger’s face motif] t/denim jeans

Rory: green [unknown black motif] t

Sam’s sister: white [latticed v neck] top

Tony: apple green & black horizontal stripes polo shirt/dark long pants

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