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Fri, 11 Apr 08 - Episode # 4615

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ iDANtity Crisis “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 11 Apr 08 - Episode # 4615]

Note – we had the opening credits for a change.

Sally & Cass are gone – Miles is now where Sally was [tween Annie & Colleen], whilst Roman has moved into Cassie’s old spot.


Belle is drying herself off after just having gone for a swim. Leah sees her and wonders if belle would like to work at the new drop in ctr. Belle thinks it’s a great idea, but Belle isn’t keen on Leah’s idea of a name for the new place, i.e. Leah is suggesting something catching with Dan’s name in it – like iDANtity crisis.

Belle then doesn’t exactly endear herself to Leah or the nearby Colleen when she kinda teases Geoff with comments about the Melody thing.


Belle [like Maddie in eps earlier this week] can’t help herself – and makes a few more jibes at Geoff [because of Melody]. Geoff tells her that Melody & Annie have gone to the city – to see Rory – today, and they wouldn’t let him join them.

After Geoff bewails, Belle approaches roman who suggest that he should talk to Geoff about Melody, as Geoff lives in an all girl house. Roman say that he will talk to Geoff, IF Belle talks to Leah about NOT calling the DIC the Dan based names that she has suggested.


Maddie, Ric ^& miles enter - with several items that miles has bought, like a TV, barbeque etc. each of the there then get a text msg – Maddie & miles both talk about how the msg is form Sally, who “says” that she, lil pip & Cass have just arrived in Phuket and are having a great time on their holiday so far.

Miles gets up & goes onto the back patio – and whilst Maddie follows him, we see that Ric also got a txt form Noël – saying that he will pick Ric up at 6pm.

On back patio, Maddie talk to Miles about where sally is right now, and how miles is feeling about that. He says that he is pleased that sally is having a great time and that Miles is totally OK. Miles ads that he only went onto the back patio to get up the new BBQ, prompting a few comments from Maddie about men & BBQs.

Ric also goes onto the back optio. He tells Maddie that he got a text form Drew, who wants to “catch up” with Ric in the city. Maddie insitst hat she trusts Ric not to do anything silly in the city with Drew.


After nurse Julie check on Aden’s med status, she exits the room.

With his dad by his bedside, Aden [whilst asleep] starts to rally remember what happened. He sees with he got trapped by that falling beam in the siner, and Aden is rally tossing & turning in bed when he begins to remember THAT fight – incl his dad trying to “throttle“ him.

Aden awakes in terror, and after his dad calms Aden down a bit, huis dad goes out into the corridor, he finds Rachel, and insist that they need to talk.

Soon after, Larry tells Rachel that he just knows that his dad cam back from the Vietnam War a changed moan, but there wasn’t the spt for the returned soldiers form that war like there is now, and the family wanted to del with the problem themselves. Larry slowly, emotionally tells Rachel that on day he caught Aden's grandad sexually abusing Aden, but Larry always told himself that he wasn’t exactly sure what when on, he also tells Rachel that he knows sees the closeness tween Aden & his grandad is a different, more disturbing light now.

Lawry tell Rachel, that soon after the day he caught the two tighter in aden's room, he NEVER left Aden alone with his grandad again. Larry look worried when he sees Rachel lost in thought – probably because of what henk did to her. Rachel insists that only way things are going to move fwd is if Larry breaks the cycle and tells Aden EVERYTHING.


Roman is exiting the surf [surfboard under arm] when he sees Geoff looking at 2 kini clad girls who are by. Although Geoff kinda looks schemed for doing so, roman insists that theta’s noting wrong with looking at girls.

The two then talk about whtl;s happened with Melody. Geoff says that he does like Melody, but as a friend, and that things got out of hand. Roman isn’t exactly that keen when Geoff says that he’s just gaping to avoid ‘ships with girls altogether – as they are too much trouble.


Noel drives up to where Ric is standing. afar Ric gets in the car, and he tells Noel; that he's as ready to fight as he’ll ever be.


As they walk down some stairs to the fight arena, Ric sees some of the brutal fighting [that he’s about to become part of] taking place. Ric continues to look annoyed but the whole situation, bit know stat if he doesn’t, things could become a lot worse.


It night time and Miles approaches Leah. She is worried that belle’s reaction to the new name suggested to Leah just how out of touch she is with the youth of today. Miles insists tat being a teacher has taught him that the kids will DEF tell Leah if she’s doing things wrong. Miles insist tat Leah should just trust in herself. He also suggest that she should call this {DIC} place by the unofficial name that ppl have been using for it – The Den.


Aden’s dad is worried that he will loose Aden forever if he tells him what’s rally happened, but Rachel insists that it must happen. Larry asks Rachel to be there in the room when he tells Aden. Rachel is kinda reluctant, but agrees to the suggestion.


Ric, whilst waiting for his 1st fight, approaches one of the other fighters [who is siting at the time]. He wonders who the other guy’s next opponent is – and the other guys stands up, revealing how TALL he is [a fir bit taller than Ric] and he tells Ric that his next fight is against RIC!!!!


Larry & Rachel enters, and Larry tells Aden that they’re fight was about something VERY big. Larry tells Aden that he wishes that Aden will be able to forgive him for what he is about to tell Aden.


Ric asks Noel what’s the history with his 1st rival. Noel says that his name is Hardy and theta he’s NEVER lost a fight. Ric then wonders what the rules her are – and noel tells him that there are NO rules.

Ric steps into the makeshift ring – and gets into a fight stance. The bout begins!!!!



As the murder investigation continues, Morag has a theory about who really killed Sam!

Also, Detective Buckton charges someone [at the hunter house] with the murder.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: royal blue shirtdress/black belt


Belle: black (“Rip Curl”) singlet top/dark blue shorts


Matilda: white [brown check] low cut spaghetti strap top/denim jeans


Aden: white singlet/olive green shorts

Colleen: red [black native floral] top

Geoff: light blue [with dark blue “Zenearde Athletics” logo] singlet

Geoff: light blue [yellow unknown motif] t

Larry {Aden’s dad}: light brown [dark brown check] button up shirt

Leah: white v neck [raised white floral] dress

Miles: black [with black & white photo of a reasonably old looking man] t/bone shorts

Noel: dark suit

Nurse Julie: white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse

Ric: brown [yellow tiger’s face motif] t

Roman: brown [yellow tropical motifs] board shorts

Roman: white chef’s-matre de jacket/dark long pants


Here are the IADL EMILY Awards category leaders - after week 11 of 2008

Best Dressed Female – Rachel Armstrong

Best Dressed Male – Roman Harris

Best Dressed Guest – Jazz Curtis

Best Dressed New Talent – Melody Jones

Most Consistently Well Dressed Female – Matilda Hunter

Most Consistently Well Dressed Male – Roman Harris

Most Consistently Well Dressed Guest – Sam Holden

Most Consistently Well Dressed New Talent – Melody Jones

Most Silver Medals – Matilda Hunter

Most Bronze Medals – Sam Holden

Most Honorable Mentions – Miles Copeland

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