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Thurs, 10 Apr 08 - Episode # 4614

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ My Name Is Colleen Smart, And I’m A Summer Bay Identity “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 10 Apr 08 - Episode # 4614]


With Matilda sitting on some cushions on the floor [reading the paper – with its headline about Sam’s death], Miles in on the phone with Sally [who is in Singapore [. He jokes about the house’s minimalist look, and also tells Sally that Matilda told him that she had a great time doing the road trip with Cass.

Ric enters as the call ends, and he sonders if Miles told Sally about all that’s happened with Sam. Miles says that he didn’t – as there’s nothing Sally can do about it anyway.


Just outside, Irene is about to put the “now open” sign at the road side end of the wharf when she is almost hit by a cyclist.

Back inside, Roman wants honest opinion form Annie & Geoff about the food here. Matilda & Miles enters, and Irene tell them that they are planning for a low key opening to the new place, so they can iron out any problems before the crowds really start too come here – but several [unknown] customers then enter – so its all hands on deck.

I the kitchen, Ro is taking Colleen through where everything is [work prep area, his cooking area], but Colleen is all rather flustered, and makes thing worse when she accidentally knocks a bowl of fruit salads onto the floor.

In the main part of diner, Geoff doesn’t like it when Matilda once mo9re jokes about his “stalker” [Melody].


Ric looks at an expensive bill on the fridge. He phones someone about a job, and nth call seem to be going well, but then ric has to admit the he doesn’t have a car at present, and that end that job prospect.

Ric then phone Noel and suggest that they could talking,


After Matilda insists that she won’t tease Geoff anymore about Melody, she suggests that he rally must set Melody straight. Geoff is about to when Melody approaches – with a card [with a love heart on front] for him.

After Melody walks away, Geoff reads some of the romantic, kinda soppy verse inside. He then throws the card in the bin.


Roman [kitchen] sees Leah deep in thought, and walks over to her [Leah’s in the new drop in ctr] and wonders what she’s concerned about. Leah’s trying to think of a name for the new place – a name that incl Dan’s name.

Roman goes back into the kitchen [which separates the diner form the DIC] when he hears a very distressed colleen. Indeed, colleen is so upset with all that is happening that she tells Roman & Irene that she is QUITTING – affectively imedeailey.

Dafter Coleen bails, Roman wonders to Irene if he should talking to Coleen, but Irene insists that their’s only 2 ppl that can sort colleen out when she’s like this – and one of theme’s in Singapore. Roman asks about the other person – and Irene looks starlight in Leah.


Noel enters, and comments about the place’s great new [no furniture][ look. Ric wonders if Noel is still keen for him to fight. Noel insists that he is, and that Ric will be added to the fight card for tomorrow night. Noel also seem to suggest that he will look after Ric [i.e. I get the feeling to house could be furnished etc gains very soon].


Leah approach colleen who say that she is thinking of going u & living with lance. Colleen is all teary btw. Leah suggests tat colleen should hear a little story - of the 1-st time that Leah ever saw colleen. Leah says that colleen was “centre stage” with the bowls ladies, and Leah then went and asked someone who this pron was – the person said to her that it was colleen, an SB identity.

Leah goes on t9 say tat it was Coleen Smart, not colleen Stewart who helped her through some tough times – likes dandles death, and tits colleen Smart etc whose tarted VKJ like her own grandson. Coleen seems to really take heart form what Leah has said.


Coleen enters, and proudly tells Irene, then Roman, that she is Colleen Smart, an SB identity. Roman looks very relieved when Colleen gets back to work,


Melody can’t believe it when 2 unknown male students are reading out the verse in THAT card to the entire class. She thinks that they stole in form Geoff and she flow the boys out of the room, trying to get the card. They tell her tat they found it in the bin, and when they all encounters Geoff [who is just outside the classroom], he harshly tells Melody that she is NOT his g/f!!!

Melody rushes off – she is distraught, and miles tells Geoff to sort this out. He also insists that Geoff should speak to Melody a lot better that they way he just did.


Geoff catches up with Melody, and insists that it was just too hard to tell her the truth [about te way he felt about her]. Melody fires back that blurting it out in front of the whole school wanlt exactly the best plan either. Melody tells Geoff hat she thought he was different to the other boys, but she now thinks he’s just as swallow [only interested in looks etc].

Beefier she walks away, Melody tells Geoff to NEVER speak to her again!!!


Ric enters, and just inside the door is an envelope with his name on it – inside the envelope is LOST of money, and a flyer fiord the next fight night [which now incl Ric. Ric looks in te mirror at bottom of satires – and gets into a fight stance.



Ric prepare to fight, in spite of Maddie saying that she trusts him

The investigation into Sam’s murder continues

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: black thin strap singlet top/white [knee length] skirt


Matilda: SBH uniform


Colleen: plum top/gold [red roses] blouse


Annie: SBH uniform

Geoff: SBH uniform

Irene: red v neck elbow length sleeves top/black long pants

Melody: SBH uniform

Miles: dark purple button up shirt/ grey [raised grey “urban [something]” logo] t/denim jeans

Noel: plum button up shirt/dark long pants

Ric: black [white “Scream feeder logo”] t/tan shorts

Ric: green & white (rising sun motif) board shorts

Roman: white chef’s/matre de jacket/dark long pants

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