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Wed, 9 Apr 08 – Episode # 4613

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Sleep Well Tonight ”

[screened in Australia on Wed, 9 Apr 08 – Episode # 4613]


Jack is most distressed, and although jazz suggests that perhaps jack should go to the police – to tell them all he knows, but Rachel insists that jack needs to be in hospital. She thinks that jack is too dehydrated at the monet, and that he is totally at braking point right now. Tony goes with Rachel’s suggestions.


Buckton tells McGrath that he can see that jack doesn’t exactly have the best track record – esp. In terms of what happened with THOSE drugs. Buckton continues by saying that the detailed autopsy has revealed that Sam died of a drug overdose – and that her injuries suggest that more than one person was involved with her murder.

Note – just like last Wednesday, therls was a 007 movie kinda cross promotion – this time dealing with Sam’s murder. Also, an ad for “the real sea change” suggested that a couple [down on their luck][ should perhaps buy tee SB van park [the ads even had THAT scan setting image m a few weeks ago featuring some emus]


Colleen enters and tells Martha that she can rely on aunty colleen to help her out. Colleen suggests that she can help Martha out far more that Morag can. Colleen insists that she just won’t stand for way that the new detective in town “bullied” Martha. When Morag tries to tell Colleen that she did all she could to protect Martha from Buckton, Colleen suggest that Morag is jealous of colleen – as now she has to share Martha with her. Colleen bails – but not before she insist that she will set things right.


Rachel & tony talk in the corridor. Tony insists that he doesn’t want the police questioning jack in his present state. Ton also tells Rachel that he really shouldn’t have left jacked a Stewart’s point like that. Rachel tries to reassure tony that his decisions wert h right ones at the time, but she also believes that the police should perhaps be told what jack said when he came home. Tony doesn’t agree – and he goes in to jack’s room, where his son is all but asleep on the bed.


Colleen enters and approaches Buckton, insisting that Martha is innocent of all of this, and Sam is a little minx. Colleen ads that she was there at roman’s place that day that Sam “tore strips” off Martha 0 and insisted that “you’ll have to kill me 1st” [in terms of Martha being together with jack again.

Buckton tells Coleen that he wants to hear more of what she has to say.


Aden’s dad talks to Rachel, and he insists that he didn’t mean to come on so strong about the whole “no visitors” thigh recently. He insists tayh he just wants to protect Aden. When Rachel asks about what the fight was about [that led to Aden being in hospital, via the old diner collapse]. Aden’s dad seems a tad concerned when Rachel insists that Aden WILL get his memory – eventually.

Rachel then goes into Aden’s room 0 and he is trying to get out of bed as she enters. He insists that he needs to walk around a bit [not like being stuck in bed] but Rachel insists that Aden isn’t quite psychical up to that just yet.

Aden then tells rach that he’s started to get flashbacks of what he thinks are recent events. Rachel insists that he shouldn’t try to rush this – and that all will come back to him in time.


Martha is keen to speak to jack, bout Morag insists that the police [esp. Buckton] will see that as collusion.

Colleen enters, sand she’s quite pleased with herself that she’s solved Martha’s problem with the police. After colleen bails, Morag & o a lesser extent Martha just can’t believe that colleen told Buckton many of the things invoicing jack, Sam & Martha. Indeed, Morag quite rightly tells Martha that colleen is very STUPID woman.


Tony enters and jazz tells him that the police called a few times. Tony is pleased that jazz told that that she hadn’t seen jack.

Jazz goes into the annexe and tears well in her eyes. We then see a flashback of the thighs she wouldn’t tell Buckton, i.e. Sam MAJORLY having a go at jazz for not wining over tony, and of generally chasing anything that move. As Sam walks way foim jazz, she yells out that she can get the money some some her else AND that Sam doesn’t need jazz – just like everyone else [doesn’t].

Cut back to jack in the annexe, and she’s in tears.


Moraga enters an talk to Buckton. Morag suggest ay berthing that colleen said is just gossip -0 but Buckton tells Morag that he knows that Martha works as a pole dancer, and that he knis truth Martha would have most likely known some known drug runners doing the time at Cam’s club. Buckton also suggest that jack would hev no problem getting in touch wither police student in the drugs furled. Buckton add stat he knows that Sam died of a heroin overdose -0 and that TWO ppl were involved – one to inject the drugs, another to hold Sam down.

Just befie Buckton laves that room, he hands Morag a document to red.


Aden tells Rachel that the flashback is geeing moire frequents, but all he can think of [by seeing then in his mind] is that he feels ashmameded about something that’s occurred.

After Rachel leaves Aden’s room she encounters his dad, and she mushily insist too him that the truth WILL come out.


When Buckton enters, Morag suggest that this e is putting together will DEF “fall over” in court. She adds that he really shouldn’t believe colleen's talk of Jack & Martha being soulmates. Morag suggest that Buckton should be looking for the murderer in amionsryt Johnny’s gang, but Buckton thiujnk hr is “on the money” with his suspicions of jack Y& Martha.


Jazz enters the main house and suggest tony that they could booth di with a dink right nw., she only alises AFTER she; got some glasses firm the kitchen that tony is aslope on the couch. Jazz sits beside him,a dn [ing jazz] even kisses that sleeping tony on the lips. She bakes way when his beguines it stirs – like she REALLY realises that what Sam said about her is true.


Iren & colleen are in the kitchen when Irene isn’t exactly please when Colleen comment stat she is lad someone as professional as roman is involved with the business,

Morag entrsma nod is VBERY pleased to see that colleen is there. Morag hopes that colleen is “happy” that colleens cat with Buckton means that Martha is WAAAAAAAAAAAY his #1 suspect.

Before she bails, Morag [sarcastically tells colleen tah she just hope colleen sleeps well tonight. The look of guilt/shame on colleen’s face in priceless.



Looks like Ric accepts Noel’s offer and decides to [no holds barred] FIGHT

The investigation into Sam’s murder continues – I think we even saw a glimpse of Roman’s daughter Natalie [in his house] in amongst all the brief glimpses of images connected with the investigation into Sam’s murder.

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Colleen: green & blue rainforest blouse/blue long pants


Rachel: green singlet top/dark beaded necklace/dark long pants


Jack: sky blue & white “destination bate” t


Aden: white singlet/olive green long pants

Detective Buckton: grey suit/white button up shirt/dark blue [with sky blue] tie

Irene: orange long sleeve blouse/brown top/black long pants

Jazz: black scoop t/white knee length skirt

Larry [Aden’s dad]: dark blue button up shirt

Larry [Aden’s dad]: white [black security lapels on each shoulder] button up shirt

Martha: dark purple thin strap top/denim jeans

McGrath: light blue police uniform shirt

Morag: white top/beige suit

Sam: red v neck t/denim jeans

Tony: white [with & grey on chest] polo shirt/dark shorts

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