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Tues, 8 Apr 08 - Episode # 4612

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Single Minded Detective Has Martha In His Sights “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 8 Apr 08 - Episode # 4612]


Roman exits the interview room with Ken Harper. Roman, after Morag asks, tells Morag exactly what occurred with Martha last night. Roman tells her that she thing that Martha did [i.e. Martha initially waiting for Sam, then Roman waiting for her [with Martha at the pier diner].

Morag tells Roman that Martha’s initial lies to the police [that she had no contact with Sam] could be seen in a VERY bad light – now that a prelim autopsy says that Sam was murdered.

A man that’s clearly familiar to Morag enters the station, and Morag approach Detective Buckton – who tells Morag that she is the one who is handling thy police investigation into Sam’s [ac op’s wife] death. He tells Morag that the powers that be want this case dealt with quickly and discreetly.


Belle enters, and tells Leah and Irene that she has quit her job. Belle insist that she didn’t get out because the going got tough, but because of her actions [taking THOSE pics of the body bag etc 1-st of who it could be] scared her – that’s not the journalist etc that she wants to be.


Morag is quite surprised with Detective Buckton tells her that this is her last case before retiring. She is also kinda surprised that he & his wife/partner Elsie have parted ways.

After Morag’s chat with Detective Buckton is over, she approach Roman, and tells him that Martha could be in BIG trouble. Morag insist that Detective Buckton is very single minded and, right now, probably thinks that Martha is the prime suspect.


Tony is on the phone to Luc, wondeirng if he’s seen jack. It’s clear that Luc hasn’t - form Tonty’s response. Naturally we don’t see or hear Luc.

Tony ends the cal just as Sam enters the house. She rally can’t believe it when Tony tells her that Sam is dead. Jazz seems especially intrigued when Tony suggests that Sam ended her own life.


As Martha waits in interview room to be questioned, in the main part of station. M<o suggests to Roman that he should go [and attend the opening of the new diner]. She insist that she will call him the moment that Martha in out of the interview room.

After Roman bails, Detective Buckton wonders, to Morag, that it maybe a conflict of interest for her to be Martha’s lawyer, but Morag insist that sther will be no problem.

Morag & the detective enter the interview room, and almost immedait6ely Detective Buckton tells Martha that Sam was murdered. Martha fired back with talking about the suicide note, but Buckton tells her at he thinks that the note is a fake – and the he WILL get to the truth!!!


Tony tells to jazz about her reaction to the news of Sam’s death. Jazz tells him that Sam contacted her and asked her to get the money form the tin under the sink at Rachel’s. Jazz insist that she doesn’t believe that Sam killed herself.

Tony insists to jazz that she has to contact the police about this – and if she doesn’t tell them, he’ll will. Tony picks up the phone and offers it to Jazz.


As Detective Buckton further questions Martha, she gets VERY flustered, as he makes accusations that she may have killed Sam for the allegations that she Matilda against jack. Morag has has enough – and well and truly suggest to Detective Buckton aht he is badgering the witness.

Harper enters the room, and whispers something to Detective Buckton – who then suspends Martha’s interview. He tells Martha & Morag that a news witness has come fwd.

In the main are, as Jazz goes to entry the interview room, Harper tells Martha & Ton that they can’t speak to each other until the police have interviewed Tony.

In the interview room, Detective Buckton questions Jazz and we see in flashback part of their mering the night before Sam’s body was found. Sam told jazz that she need that money so she & Rory can go on the run – or its either that or a jail cell form Sam. Jazz tells Detective Buckton that Sam made it clear to her that she wouldn’t end her own life [she wouldn’t give Jack etc the satisfaction]. Jazz insists that she didn’t give Sam the money – as she couldn’t live with the thought of Rory being on the run with hi mum AGAIN.

After jazz tells Detective Buckton this, entire he still thinks that she is holing something back –and Jazz admits that when she met up with Sam, Sam made rather scathing personal comments about Jazz.

After Jazz exist the interview room, Detective Buckton tells Harper to get the forensics ppl, and the handwriting specialist to hurry up threi work. Detective Buckton rally wants to know if there’s ANT trace of Jack or Martha being in Sam’s car.

Soon after, in the main area of station, Detective Buckton tells Morag & jazz that they can go for now, and then he leads Tony into the interview room.


When Martha enquires, Morag tells her that Morag was in a ‘ship with Detective Buckton for about 2 years ages ago – just after Morag’s marriage fell apart.

Morag then insist to Martha that she thinks that Detective Buckton is waaaaaaaaaaay after Martha, i.e. he muchly thks that Martha is guilty.


Tony is in the interview room with Buckton & Harper. Her insist that he wants to be the one to tell jack what’s happened.

Tony can’t believe it, and vehemently denies it, when Buckton makes it clear that he thinks that Sam’s murder is the result of muchkly unfinished business [‘ship wise etc] tween Jack & Martha.


The frustrated Tony tells Jazz what Buckton said [about jack & Martha & Sam] when Jack, in tears, enter. Jack is VERY distressed when he says “what have I done????”



As the investigation into Sam’s murder continues, Tony tells Rachel that the police don't need to know certain things that Jack said !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Belle: hot pink [red motorcycle – with wings motif] top/black [white dot lined] crop jacket/black [white check] skirt/black leggings


Jazz: white [light orange occasional floral pattern] night gown/white filly cami top


Irene: orange long sleeve blouse/black top/black long pants


Detective Buckton : grey suit/whit button up shirt/dark blue [with sky blue diag stripes] tie

Jack: sky blue & white “destination bate” t shirt

Jazz: black scoop neck t

Jazz: red thin strap singlet top/ dark long pants

Leah : yellow (black palm tree motifs) singlet top

Martha: dark purple thin strap top/denim jeans

Morag: white top/beige suit

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah” logo] t/olive green long pants

Sam: red v neck t/denim jeans

Tony: white (with aqua & grey on chest) polo shirt/dark long pants

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