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Fri, 4 Apr 08 - Episode # 4610

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I Had A Fight With A Tree “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 4 Apr 08 - Episode # 4610]


Rachel enters, and Tony shows her the front page of the newspaper – with its headline story “Cop’s wife killed Johnny”. The phone rings – it’s Martha, and Tony tells Martha that the paper story is all true. The call ends.


Martha tells Morag & Roman that Tony confirmed what the story says. Martha is keen to speak to jack, but Morag suggest that she shouldn’t. Martha asks roman, and he begrudgingly says that it’s Martha’s choice. Martha says that she is going to see jack – but when she bails, it’s clear that roman isn’t thrilled about her decision.


Rach approaches Nurse Julie, who appears to be very distracted. Julie then admits that she did think that Sam might have be the one who killed Johnny.

Another nurse approaches, and tells Rach that Aden has woken up. Rachel &^ the other nurse go into Aden’s room, but when Rach asks him about what happened to him, Aden can’t remember.

Aden’s dad enters the room – and Aden wonders if he knows anything. His dad admits that he & Aden did have a bit of an argument, but says that was about nothing really.

Soon after, at the nurse’s station, Rach is talking to Aden’s dad, saying that they won't know that extent of Aden’s memory loss [partic short term memory] for a while yet. Roman approaches – he is pealed that Aden is wake, but Aden’s dad insists that he doesn’t want Roman vesting Aden. Rachel seems intrigued by all this.


Roman talks to Morag about what’s occurred. Morag suggest that if Aden has this short term memory loss, He may have even forgotten that he saw that pic of Roman in uniform. Morag suggest that roman should perhaps give all of this some time.


Jazz suggest to irene that she would be a perfect matre de for the restaurant’s night dining. She even gives Irene her résumé -0 with several contacts for references. Jazz insists that she likes this town – and wants to call it her home .Irene tells jazz that they are all staffed up at the mnonet, but then suggest that she will keep Jazz in mind. Jazz exits.


Jazz answer her phone – its Sam. She tells jazz that she is the only one who can help Sam.


Jazz enters, and open the cupboard under the kitchen sink. She gets out a tin, opens it, and removes LOTS of money. Jazz calls Sam, and says that she has the money, and Sam says that she will phone jazz soon – to tell her where they can meet up so Sam can get the cash.


Roman carries the last of the 4 [still in the boxes] compuetrs over to where the other 3 are. Leah says that the comp’s will be great addition to the Den, but when Leah exits the room, Roman & Irene are both worried that Leah hasn't thought about too much of the logistical side of the Den – i.e. how much to charge ppl for using the Net etc. Irene insists that she will speak to Leah, if things haven’t got better [logistics wise], in the coming days.


Martha enters, and puts some things in the fridge. She is a tad concerned when no one responds to the fact that she is home, but when she re enters the longae room; she is shocked to find Sam descending thee stairs.


With Aden mostly asleep, his dad tells Rach that he insists that he doesn’t want Aden to have any victors [except for his dad]. When Aden’s dad exits the room, Aden stirs. Rach asks Aden if he’d like any of his friends to visit him. Aden wonders what his dad thoughts – and tells Rach that he will “go” with his dad’s idea [no other visitors].

Rachel goes out into the corridor and is pleased to see Tony. he tells her that jack did go to city and see Rory, but jack nailed almost straight away – as Rory “went off” at jack, blaming him for what’s happened to Sam.

Aden’s dad approaches and she that he has spoken to the director of medicine at the hospital, about his instarctyicuoyn that he is to be Aden’s only visitor. When he walks way, Rach tells tony of her concerns about Aden.


Its night times now, and Rach enters. Tony is lying on the couch. He is worried that jack hasn't cont6acvtyed him, but then Tony gets a text msg form jack – asking ton meet him at Stewart’s point. Tony bails, and seconds later, Rachel’s phone rings – Rach is a tad surprised that it’s Sam calling her.


Martha enters, with abrasions on her left check. Irene is commenting about the high coat of seeting up a business when she notices the cut. Martha says that she had a fight with a tree. Leah sees it when she enters the room – and rushes to get the 1st aid kit.


Morag enters, and makes a phone call. She asks to speak to McGrath, and says that it’s urgent.


Roman enters, and Irene comments that he did so hust as she finished doing the books for the business. He promises to do them next time. Martha enters, and he tells the worried looking Martha that they will talk later. Martha further proves that she’s districted about something when she initially ignores leahj;s questions about whether she thinks it would be beater for the Den’s opening to have a DJ or a live band.


Jazz is all but balling her eyes out.


Roman ^& Martha enters. Martha is in taers, and she & roman hug.


Next morn, an unknown male [who is jogging] sees SAM’S!!!!!! body washed on the beach!!!!!



The investigation into Sam’s death begins – with Jack, Jazz and Martha the prime supsects!!!!

Lara says that Sam was dead before she hit the water, and an unknown detective charges someone with Sam’s murder!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Martha: electric blue spaghetti strap top/dark long pants


Leah: silver [with blue & yellow wavy vertical “stripes”] dress


Rachel: black [with multicolour floral strip right at the very top] spaghetti strap dress


Irene: dark green long sleeve top/ dark long pants

Jazz: red thin strap singlet top/ dark long pants

Larry [Aden’s dad]: grey-green button up shirt/dark long pants

Morag: grey [mottled?] top

Nurse Julie: white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse

Rachel: dark blue [yellow horizontal stripes] v neck top/dark brown beaded necklace

Roman: green [black “san Diego [something]”] t/dark shorts

Sam: red v neck t/denim jeans

Tony: green (with lighter green horizontal trip across chest) polo shirt/grey long pants

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