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Wed, 2 Apr 08 - Episode # 4608

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye …. For Now “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 2 Apr 08 - Episode # 4608]


As ambulance officers pout Aden into the back of their ambulance. Sally talks to Aden's dad on the phone. She tells him what’s occurred. When off the phone, colleen suggest that they rally should get going to sally’s farewell.

All the while, because Jack is there for the police investigation, Sam, watrhces her from afar – there’s a determined [almost sarah lewis, Eve Jacobsen] look about her.


Bartlett comment to Miles about how good things [the hall] is looking for the concert, Whilst Maddie & Belkl deciode to tryb and find just whgere sally is at the monet.

Nearby, Ric task to Geoff about the run through as the events of the farewell concert, And ric comments that the nearby Melody looks “keen for” Geoff.

Martha sits next to Alf, and he is worried that its colleen who is bringing sally to the farewell, eg

”they could end up in yabby creek”


Sam enters, and she begins to search for THAT letter then Johnny wrote.


Colleen & Sally arrive – and sally is overwhelmed when she sees that the hall looks soooo great. The only light is being provides by fairly lights [that look like stars in the night sky], and form lots of students, who in V formation are each holding a candle like torch.

As sally approaches miles, he wonders why she is a tad late. Sly comets that she adored the look of the hall, the studenets, before she tells miles that Aden is now in hospital after they found him at the old diner.

Mile then directs sally to her seat – nest to Irene & Leah.


Sam hears a knock on the door – its jazz, and it’s clear that Sam wants her gone as soon as Sam sees her. Sam hurriedly through their chat – and tells jazz that her problem with the mystery man is over, as jack & Sam are OVER. Sam is plaesed when jazz finally decides to bail. Sam goes back to searching.


As the assembled crowd settles, Melody approaches Geoff, who tells her that their friendship means a lot to him. It’s clear that whilst Geoff thinks that he has let melody down gently, Melody now thanks that Geoff is keen on her!!!

Bartlett approaches Sally – and graciously tells her that she obviously is doing something right – to inspire this much affection form the students

Miles then gets up on stage and beguines proceedings – by introdusing a rock group made out of former SBH students. The band calls themselves “periodic detention”.

When the band’s performance is over, Miles introduces some surprises guests – Pippa, Steven and Carly. Sally is overwhelmed, but has to reminded what the word surprise means when she wonders why no ione told her bout this.

Carly then almost can’t believe it when she actually sees MILCO [Miles] – and Sally calls him over to meet the rest of her family.


Sam is still searing when jack comes home. They MASSIVELY clash- with Sam insisting that jack is the WORST cop that she’s ever met and jack telling Sam that she is delusion for thinking that ANY of this is to do with Martha. As Sam tries to get her hands on THAT letter [in jack’s hands of ALL places - you REALLY are an idiot, jack], she falls to the ground. She looks way in pain, and jack is worried about the bub. Jack phones an ambulance.


Miles calls sally up on the stage, where she gives a VERY heartfelt, emotional speech – that even brings several tears to Alf’s eyes. In the speech sally says that when she came to the bay, all she knew that it had a van park & a beach and that she’s met LOST & lots of wonderful ppl here, but she knows that now is the time to move on. She tells everyone that she believes that a piece of the town will always be with her, and hopefully part of her will always be in summer bay!!!!

After sally goes back to her seat, Miles introduces the next part of the farewell – a choir of SBH girls, led buy Annie, who sing a very emotional,moving song “goodbye… for now”. Sally and the others in the crowd are much in tears and Annie & the choir perform.

[Note – just after that, we had an ad break, starting with an interesting piece of kinda cross promoting. With images of sally in tears at the concert, we hear a Pierce Brosnan like voice saying ”it looks like you need some cheering up Sally, so join me, James Bond, and watch “Golden eye” tonight at 8.30 !!!!"]


Rachel approaches jack and tells him that Sam has “lost” the baby. When Rachel suggests that jack can go in and see Sam, he insists that he doesn’t want to – and he walks away.

Rachel enters Sam’s room. Rich tells dam what jack said, and suggests that Sam just has to give jack some time, but Sam tells rach that she just want to be alone right now. Rach exist the room.


Pippa, Steven & Carly are talking to sally, when many guests enjoying Sally’s farewell gathering. When steven comments that this many ppl didn’t get together when he left the bay, Carly jokingly comets that no one was going to miss Steve when he left.

Leah then tells everyone that Cass is about to bail - lost of hugs for Cass.


Jack phones McGrath and tells him that they need to talk, but not over the phone. Jack says that he KNOWS who killed Johnny.


In the car park, Belle, Ric, Martha & Alf are saying goodbye to Cass, hen the baby kicks. Everyone puts their hand on Cass’s tummy, before Cass & maddie head off on their road trip.

[note – all I can say is good riddance Cass. I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad that you are GONE!!!!!!

Having said that, i DO wish Sahrni Vinson all the bset, as i KNOW that she;s a GREAT actress - i just don't like Cassandra Turner]


Pippa tells sally that she wished all the family [i guessing she means esp. frank & Lynn] could be here, and Steve jokes that “aren’t I special enough”. Sally & the others call over to Miles who johns their chat/. Sally tells miles that she’s had the BEST day – and she way thanks him.


Roman approaches Rachel – he want to see aden, but rach sys that Aden’s still in a critical condition.

Lara & another male cop then approach Rach – they want to speak to Sam, and Lara isn’t taking no for an answer. Lara, the other cop & Rach enters Sam’s room, but Sam [and her clothes] is GONE!!!!


Sally & her family enter the house – but all the furniture etc in the min room is GONE. Miles insist he hasn’t arranges this. Sally, Carly, both Pippas, Stevo etc wonder what’s going on.



Sally's FINAL ep is tomorrow [03/04/08] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day after Sally leaves, something shocking washes up on the beach !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Melody : royal blue & white [royal blue top half, with white bow under bust and white lower half] dress


Carly: lime green & brown “jungle like” pattern halter dress


Sally: white halter neck dress [with raised double ended triangles]


Alf: powder blue button up shirt/grey long pants

Annie: purple mid thigh length dress/silver “wind chime like” earrings

Belle: black thin strap dress

Cass: yellow halter neck dress

Colleen: purple blouse/sky blue long skirt/dark blue top/large pearls necklace

Floss: dark blue [with green flecks] long sleeve top/black [gold circles] silk scarf/dark long pants

Geoff: green polo shirt

Irene: white lacy long sleeve top

Jack: black leather [2 white horizontal stripes on the chest] jacket/light button police uniform shirt

Jazz: red [white floral?] thin strap mid thigh dress

Lara: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Leah: red v shape straps top

Little Pippa: green [dark floral?] halter neck dress

Martha: mauve, brown & green [mauve on bust, brown on stomach, green the rest] low cut spaghetti strap dress

Matilda: waaaaaaay light pink [almost flesh colour] owide strap dress

Miles: dark suit/dark blue shirt/gold tie

Mr Bartlett: dark suit/blue button up shirt/black [red floral?] tie

Pippa: red [darker red floral] long sleeve blouse

Rachel: blue [with black lining] top/black skirt

Ric: black button up shirt

Roman: white button up shirt/dark suit

Sam: black t/old denim jeans

Steven Matheson: green button up shirt/dark suit

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