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Tues, 1 Apr 08 - Episode # 4607

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Madame Little Pippa” and/or “The Troublemaker Is In Trouble “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 1 Apr 08 - Episode # 4607]


As the sort through elec cables etc, - getting ready for Sally’s farewell concert, Axel comments about how Melody is keenly interested in Geoff. Miles approach Matilda – and after Matilda comments that she can’t belief that she’s spent all but no time with Cass lately, Cass enters the classroom, and although both Cass & Matilda look like they are bout to burst into tears, neither does.

Miles goes into the corridor her he encounters Mr Bartlett, who “suggest” that Miles should answer any tricky ‘ship questions ]think recent HIV stuff] with a “no comment”


Aden stirs, and tries to move the beam on him without luck. He calls out for help, but there’s no one outside to hear him.


Sally is packing her things, And tells Ric that she’ll pack the phots last.

Floss enters, and Sally is pleased to see her – floss says that she just had a felling that she should be in the bay, as is glad she is because of Sally & co bailing in the coming days.

After Sally leaves the room, Ric & Floss talks – she says tahts he senses a dark cloud surrounding Ric, and floss is keen to go to Sally’s surprise party, whilst Ric is pleased that floss hasn’t let ion to Sally about the other special guests at the farewell.


In classroom, Melody approach Miles, and suggest to him, after quoting some history [something about Henry the 8th], that she & Geoff [a protestant and a catholic] should be allowed to be togther. Miles tells Melody that he can’t answer her questions, and makes it clear that he was never asked it by her.

In corridor, Matilda tells Ric that she’s annoyed/sad that she’s not spent that much time with Cass lately.


To get Coleen out of his hair, Alf agrees that she should speak on behalf of the Stewart family at Sally’s farewell concert & party [the latter at the new diner].

When Coleen ahs bailed, Alf agrees when ric says that Alf has not been coming home lately because of the fact tat Sally’s days in Bay are numbered.


Sally enters the main room just as Floss is doing a fortune teller reading for little Pippa, but the later isn’t taking it seriously,, i.e. when floss places on cared on the table, little Pippa [in gypsy attire] puts her hand on the card and calls out “SNAP”

Colleen enters and when Floss can’t instantly tell her that floss already knows that Coleen is a Stewart, colleen suggest that floss’ “psycho” powers are fading. Floss & Coleen exit.


As Colleen & Floss McPhee walk towards Colleen’s van, colleen tells floss about the time capsule and its revelation.

Nearby. Cass approaches ric and show him some pics of her & maddie form the last few years. Cass wishes that she had a little more time with great friend Maddie [before leaving the bay].


Ric & Cass enters, and they tell Sally & lil Pip that ric has come up with a GREAT plan.


As Miles tries to get the class [incl Maddie & Axel] to rally engage in a discussion about Hamlet, Aden’s dad come to the classroom door. Miles goes oiout into corridor with him – but miles insists that he doesn't know where Aden is right now. He suggests tat Roman might know.


Aden’s dad enters and Roman makes it clear that he doesn’t know where Aden is. He also tells Aden’s dad that he doesn’t believe that Aden is just making up stories bout what’s happened in the past.


Ric, Sal & Cass tells Maddie that there’s been a change of plans. Sally is now going to FLY up to pippa’s place [with lil pip] and that leaves room for Maddie to go on a ROAD TRIP with Cass – with Maddie to fly back tyo the bay./ Maddie loves the idea.

Floss then tells Sally & co that she’s having a feeling of dread – and its all about “the troublemaker is in trouble”


As Aden tries to free himself, he also scream out for help, but Axel [who is walking passed the diner] can’t hear Aden, as Axel is listening to his I Pod or MP3 player.


Melody is very upbeat when she tells Annie that she & Geoff can be together [no protestant etc issues].

In classroom, Geoff speak to Miles about Melody’s; feelings, and miles makes it clear that Geoff does have to somehow [hopefully gently] tell Melody that he’s not interested in being her b/f.


Sally is at the bottom of the stars, she; s having issues removing the photos form the walls, but Floss assures her that they are just paper, and it’s the MEMORIES the are the big tng. This helps, and Sally starts to take the framed pics off the walls.


Ric enters and comments to roman that this place is looking great. Romans speaks to ric about Aden, and ric suggest that sounds like Aden is behaving just like ric did a few years ago. Ric suggest that Aden has probably fled the bay.


Aden cries out for help once more – but there’s no one outside to hear him.


Sally, Maddie, Cass, Colleen & Floss are heading for Sally’s farewell. Maddie & Cass tell the others that they will take a short city to the he school, but before they head off in another direction, colleen assures Cass that she will delay sally enough for all the surprises etyc to be in place.

As Sally, Colleen & Floss are alongside the diner, Floss says that troublemaker in trouble is in the old diner. Sally & colleen follow floss through a gap tween the temporary fencing.


Sally & the other 2 enters, and they are shocked to find Aden [pinned under THAT ceiling beam]!!!



Prepare to say farewell to Sally later THIS WEEK !!!!!!!!!

The day after Sally leaves, something shocking washes up on the beach !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Little Pippa: dark blue [gold lining] silk scarf [on her head like a gypsy’s “hat”/purple [multi colour fruit? Motif] cloak [with sky blue top beath]


Matilda: SBH uniform/aqua plastic headband


Colleen: purple blouse/sky blue long skirt/dark blue top


Aden: black t/old denim jeans/silver choker necklace

Alf: sky blue (white check) button up shirt/bone long pants/white wide brim hat

Annie: SBH uniform

Axel: SBH Uniform

Cass: pink hoodie [with yellow top neath]/bone shorts

Cass: yellow halter neck dress

Colleen: blue, green & yellow floral dress

Floss: black [ochre elephants] blouse/ochre [white native art] scarf/dark long pants

Floss: dark blue [with green flecks] long sleeve top/black [gold circles] silk scarf/dark long pants

Geoff: SBH uniform

Larry [Aden’s dad]: black polo shirt/bone long pants

Larry [Aden’s dad]: blue button up shirt/grey long pants

Matilda: waaaaaaay light pink wide strap dress

Melody: SBH uniform

Miles: velvety brown button up shirt/off white t/velvety brown long pants

Mr Bartlett: dark suit/blue button up shirt/black [red floral?] tie

Ric: white [red & blue horizontal stripes and black “78” on chest] polo shirt shirt/cool grey shorts

Roman: white [black "the harbinger" & 2 monkeys?] t/denim jeans

Sally: red low cut singlet top/dark shorts

Sally: white [with raised double ended triangles]halter neck dress

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