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Mon, 31 Mar 08 - Episode # 4606

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Uniform Makes Me The Enemy “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 31 Mar 08 - Episode # 4606]


The female doctor tries to get Aden to get some counselling for what has happened to him in the past, but Aden insist that he doesn’t need counselling, as gets VERY angry when he tells her that if she breathes a word of this to anyone, then he’ll sue her for all she has.


Jack enters, and finds Axel there with an unknown SB High girl. Jack VERY strongly ‘suggests’ that they shouldn’t be in here. Axel and the girl bail.


After Roman & Martha enter, Morag tells that thet she has a HUGE headache – called Colleen.

Cass arrives, and she talks to Martha & Roman about Aden – Cass is very worried about him.


Jack enters, and listens a phone msg form Sam – she desperately wants to talk to Jack.

Tony arrives at the door, and is keen to talk but Jack vehemently insists that he REALLY doesn’t want to talk. Tony does go – but he looks worried about Jack.


Aden’s dad enters the main room of the house, as Aden is watching TV. Aden’s dad wonder why Aden keeps saying “nothing’s the matter” when there obviously is. Aden takes offence when his dad swithes of the YV – and “suggests” the Aden should start “pulling his weight” around here.


Jack rings Sam – and although we don’t here Sam’s voice, its clear that she wants them to talking in the city where she is, but Jack insist that Sam must come back to the bay for them to discuss things.


Aden is way angry at the world. He throws the framed pic of his grandad [in uniform] on the floor and stomps on it several times – way shattering the glass.


Sam enters and jack tells her that she has TWO days to go the poice and confess to killing Johnny. If she does that, he will destroy the letter – so she will get off ith a pretty light jail sentence [beacue of mittigately curcumstnces]. Sam camlt belive that she is hering this., and ayrges jack to change his mind. Sam REALLY REALLY canlt bliev it when jack says that he will apply for full custody of thri child once its born. Sam bails – she is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay annoyed.


Roman tells Martha that he is going to go over to Aden’s place.

As he bails, Colleen enters with a cake – she is keen for a night together with members of her new family. Morag is, of course, “overjoyed”.


Aden’s dad re enters the main room, and sees that things are a mess [the photo, a lamp knocked over etc] and has a go at Aden, but Aden fires back at him. Aden angrily, emotionally verbally attacks his dad for doing NOTHING - when he knowingly left Aden & his brother with the grandad when Aden’s dad went out. Btw, its crystal clear for the way that Aden is speaking that he was at the very least physically, but more likely sexually, abused by his grandfather. [note – it’s a waaaaaaaaaaay powerful scene, and many compliment to the dud who plays Aden]

Aden’s dad way takes offence to all that Aden has said and the fight becomes physical – and whilst they are fighting, Roman arrives at the door. He sees what’s happening – and enetrs the house and breeaks up the fight.


As Morag, Martha & Colleen are talking, Sam arrives – and verbally tears strips off Martha. Sam, insist that this was Martha’s plan all along, to get her claws into jack, and get her hands in Sam’s baby. Sam insists that Martha will have to KILL Sam before that happens. Sam vehemently insists for Martha to stay way from Jack. Sam then bails – and Martha is both annoyed, and bewildered.


Martha arrives and has a go at jack because of what Sam had said to her. A despondent jack insists to Martha that he will deal with Sam.

After Martha bails, Jack phones Sam – and insists that his decisions have NTHING to do with Martha, and that Sam now only has to tomorrow to go to the police, before Jack dobs her in.


Morag admits that she was pleased that Sam arrived for one reason – she scared away Colleen. Martha tells Morag how jack reacted when she confronted him.

Roman arrives, with Aden, and after Morag ^ Martha ails form the room, Ro [i kitchen] tells Aden that he wasn’t joking about having a job for him at the new diner. As Roman says this, Aden picks up the pic of Roman in uniform [with some other Army mates]. Aden bails – and Roman only notices theat he is gone when Roman returns to the lounge room about a ½ minute later.

Morag & Martha come downstairs, and wonder where Aden is. Roman tells that the Aden is gone, and although he knows that Aden is HIV negative, he also knows that Aden has seen THAT photo, and he now thinks that Roman is the enemy. Roman tells Martha that he is going to look for Aden.


Roman calls out to Aden, in the hope that he’ll respond [as it’s pretty late at night]. Aden then sneaks into the old diner.


Roman returns, and Martha is waiting up so him. When she comments about Sam, Roman insists that Martha must STOP leeting sam having this poer over her. Roman tells Martha tat he is VERY worried about Aden –m and just wish that he knew where Aden was right now.


Aden goes into the main areas, form where he was [n the kitchen], but then a ceiling beam collapses – and hits Aden, knocking him to the ground. His head is bleeding!!!



Prepare to say farewell to Sally later THIS WEEK !!!!!!!!!

The day after Sally leaves, something shocking washes up on the beach !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Martha: black satin (gold crest on the back) nightrobe


Jack: black [silver claw marks?] t


Sam: white [multi colour floral, with black trim] tube top/red long pants


Aden: black t/old denim jeans

Aden: SBH uniform

Aden’s Doctor: red (yellow leafy motifs) v-neck top

Axel: SBH Uniform

Cass: blue [with white lining] hoddie/red top

Colleen: multicolour floral v neck dress

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Larry [Aden’s dad]: blue button up shirt/grey long pants

Martha: red t/faded red shorts

Morag: mustard jacket/dark top/dark long pnats

Roman: blue singlet

Roman: twin tone green horiz stripes [black “G Star Original” logo] t/denim jeans

Tony: brown & white horiz striped [black swirls on chest] polo shirt

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