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Fri, 28 Mar 08 - Episode # 4605

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I Have A Point …. Stewart’s Point “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 28 Mar 08 - Episode # 4605]

Note – this had GOT to be one of the FUNNIEST eps of H&A, perhaps EVER!!!


Morag gets a tad frustrated as Alf & Martha keep on butting in, asking her various questions as she tries to read the diary entry made by Alf & Morag’s mum that revels that Colleen is their half sister. Morag tells the others that, in 1939, because of the uncertainty because of the impending war, ppl were acting for the moment, which is how Colleen’s mum & Alf’s dad just together temporarily. Alf & Morag’s mum forgave their father on the even of the wedding, and it was agreed to get colleen’s mum to tell the man that Colleen believed was her dad that the child was his. After the war, there was talk about telling the truth, but all agreed the scandal would be too much. Alf & Morag; mum writes that, when the capsule is opened in 2048 [the orig plan] then all affected should be dead are they she hopes that all can be forgiven.

Alf & Morag are shocked and colleen looks that way to, but when they suggest that she should have a sherry, colleen insists that its’ champagne all round, as colleen as a STEWART !!!


Aden enters the langue room, and sees his dad asleep in a lounge chai. As Aden picks up some empty beer bottles near his dad, Aden says that he could be HIV+, but his dad only partially wakes as Aden levees the room.


Roman is doing some painting when colleen enters. Colleen is looking for Leah, but she went home ages ago. Colleen can’t help herself – she tells roman that she is a Stewart.


Martha, Morag & Alf talk bout what’s happened. Morag suggest that she is going to lay low til this dies down – and theta its rally too late to bring Colleen into the family now, whilst Alf says that, when Sally goes, he’s going to head for the bush for a bit. Martha isn’t plesaed that she’ll be the one left to deal with colleen.


After colleen tells roman that this is the best night of her life, even better than wining Miss Groper, she tells him the Stewart’s used to own much of the land in the bay, and how she remembers wanting to be one of them – although roman can’t exactly picture it when colleen tell him about mop rag [as a kid] wearing the prettiest ribbons in her hair.

Roman asks Colleen about Miss Groper, and she eagerly tells him all the happened that wonderful day ages ago, but she tempers that by saying that life’s certainly never lived up to that wonderful day. Roman suggests that, with the time capsule, life HAS kept its promise to colleen. He then raises a toast – to colleen.


Next day, Roman encounters Alf, who isn’t that please that colleen has already told ppl. Roman makes Alf realise that colleen’s excitement ISN’T a bad thing, as Roman would be RALLY pleased if someone was that proud to be part of his family.

[Note – with thinking like that, and they way hew talk to colleen at the diner in the ep, I’m loving Roman more & more]


Colleen enters and maddie tells herb that AL & sally are out at the monet. Colleen tells Maddie that she has GREAT news, but that sally should be the 1st person that colleen tells. Colleen ads, as a clue, that form now ion, she’ll; be known as colleen Stewart.

After colleen bails, Ric enters the room, and maddie tells him that she thinks that Alf PROPOSED to colleen last night!!!!!


Ric approaches Alf, and wonders if what colleen said is true. Alf admits that it is. Ric is stunned, and Alf says that it took him, by surprise too, but that he should do the right thing by colleen and that they all aren’t getting any younger. Ric wants to know more, but Alf insists that he has to go and speak to colleen.


Leah approaches Irene & Belle and they comment on how well tigs are coming along with the preparations for the opening of the new business. Irene or Leah wonder if the paper would be ineterstreted if ruining a story on the new diner, but belle says that things a re still icy tween her & Gavin because Belle has ethics.

Ric walks by – about to walk onto the seaplane wharf, when Irene wonders why he’s in a daze. Ric tells them that Alf & colleen are getting MARRIED. They don't believe him.


Alf approaches Colleen and although she says that she won't cause the family any trouble, colleen is overjoyed when Alf welcomes her into the Stewart family, they tells about their father – Alf describes him as strict but fair, and agrees to go through some photo albums etc with colleen. Alf even agrees to colleen’s requset as something small of their father’s – as a keepsake for her. They hug – and the nearby [outside pier diner] Leah, belle & Irene can’t believe that Ric appears to be RIGHT!!!


After Lea, belie & prrtic Irene express their shock at what’s happened, colleen enters – and she tells them she can’t believe that it took an earthquake to bring her & Alf tighter. Irene comments that she thought it would have taken a lot more [than a quake].[Leah & Irene agree that they’ll set something up so colleen, Alf etc can celebrate their big news here at the diner today.


One of Aden’s mates talk to him about how he walked out in the middle of Cass’s HIV talk – and the nearby Maddie takes offence when Aden says that Cass deserves it because of the way she is with guys.

Maddie ask Aden about his blood tests, and although he does tell her that the results will be in today, he also fiercely add that its Cass that maddie should be worried about, as Cass will be dead soon as “she has the plaque and that she DESERVES it. The annoyed maddie tells Aden that she know hopes that he DOES have the disease. Before maddie walks off in disgust.


Morag isn’t pleased that even Alf is now wanting to being colleen into the family, and Morag rally isn’t keen when Alf gives Colleen their dad’s signet ring, which is too big for Colleen. Colleen doesn’t rally care thought – as she gleefully say once more that she is Stewart.


Irene, Leah & Belle await bto arrival of Alf & co, with a number of tables with sandwhiches etc on them. Maddie & Ric enter, and maddie comments on how cruel that Aden was today.

Alf, colleen & Morag enter, and Ric decides that he should be the one to speak up. He wishes Alf & colleen a happy engagement!!!! Alf can’t believe what he is hearing, and tells Leah & co that colleen is his SISTER!!!!!!

Alf the en explains the various things that have happened – incl giving colleen; their dad ring. Colleen sounds more than a tad tipsy as she proudly tells all the ppl there that she is a Stewart, and that Stewart's Point also now party belong to her. Belle suggests that she should get a family photo, and although colleen & Alf are keen, Morag certainly isn’t – but she agrees to be in the pic.

On a heavier note, Maddie tells Ric that she IS rally worried about Aden 0- despite her comment to his earlier.


An unknown female doctor calls up Aden’s test results on the computer. He’s HIV Negative!!!!

The doctor suggest that tis is a great thigh, but Aden starts to cry, and says that life ISN’T good!!!!



Prepare to say farewell to Sally!!!!!!!!!

The day after Sally leaves, something shocking washes up on the beach !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Irene: cream [with apricot floral motifs] plunge v neck long sleeve top/white long pants


Ric: white [gold crest on back] button up shirt/dark blue boardies


Roman: black cap [with keel like shape inside golden teardrop]/white singlet/dark [grey paw print?] boardies


Aden: black [unknown grey motif on font] t/dark long pants

Aden: SBH uniform

Aden’s dad: white singlet/dark long pants

Aden’s Doctor: red (yellow leafy motifs) v-neck top

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Alf: light blue [green check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: off white hat/brown polo shirt/olive green long pants

Belle: purple & black horizontal stripes [Emily the strange logo] top/dark skirt

Colleen: multicolour floral v neck dress

Colleen: orange (white native floral) blouse/white top

Leah: white floral mid thigh dress

Martha: stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirtdress

Matilda: SBH uniform

Morag: mustard jacket/dark top/dark long pnats

Morag: white long sleeve blouse/white top

Roman: dark singlet/brown long pants

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